Classic edged pedicure - applying the base

How a classic pedicure is performed in 2022: technology features, photos

One of the most common and popular techniques for treating nails on the legs and feet is a classic pedicure. The technique is the ancestor of all modern techniques, since its elements appeared a very long time ago, 5000 years ago. For example, steaming and trimming the cuticle. In those days, golden tools were used, and high-quality pedicure was the prerogative of the highest nobility. Well-groomed feet and toes are not just aesthetic.

Classic edged pedicure - applying the base

Edged pedicure improves mood, allows women to gain confidence in their strength and enjoy pleasant, restorative procedures.

Classic pedicure with nail design

Bright multi-colored pedicure for summer

Classic pedicure with juicy fruits

What is a classic pedicure

The peculiarity of this technique is the use of a set of special tools for processing the skin and nail plates.

Skin softening bath for classic pedicure

As a rule, they include:

  • wire cutters or nipser;
  • file, pumice stone;
  • pusher and buff.
Classic pedicure - moving the cuticle

In addition, the trimmed pedicure includes an obligatory foot bath that softens dead skin.

Classic pedicure technology in 2022

For a quality result, it is important to carefully follow the sequence of actions and understand their purpose. Professional nail masters learn the art of pedicure, and then gain experience for a long time, because each person’s skin and nails are individual and require a special approach.

Pushing the cuticle with a pusher-shovel

At home, women of fashion often make gross mistakes. As a result, a classic pedicure does not work for them or does not have a beautiful enough appearance.

Nippers for cutting pedicure

So, how to properly perform a trimmed pedicure:

  • Feet should be washed with soap and water, rinsed and dried with a clean towel.
  • All work surfaces, hands and feet are treated with an antiseptic, and tools are sterilized or fried to eliminate the risk of infection.
  • Old decorative coatings are removed according to their type using a lacquer thinner, a special solution for gel polish or a router. In the latter case, experience in removing gel polish by mechanical means is required so as not to damage the nail plates.
  • Next comes the stage of formation of the free edge. Nail plates are trimmed or filed according to the chosen design. This is done before steaming, as working with softened nails leads to their delamination and the appearance of injuries.
  • The feet are dipped in a bath of warm water. It is recommended to add various nourishing and restorative compositions to choose from – essential oils, lemon slices, herbal decoctions or infusions, milk, foam, sea salt, etc. Steaming time – 10-20 minutes, depending on the condition of the feet.
  • Rough areas of the skin are treated with a pumice stone or any suitable tool, dead skin on the side rollers is cut off and polished.
  • The cuticle is lifted and carefully trimmed, the pterygium is removed with a spatula, the surface is polished with a buff.
Leveling the free edge with a pedicure clipper

The skin is softened with oils, after which you can proceed to the decorative nail design.

Fact about pedicure

In ancient Rome, pedicures were performed not only for beauty, but also for the health of the feet. The Romans noticed that the treatment of the feet eliminates fungi, calluses. And their massage normalizes the work of the whole organism.

Treatment of nail plates with a buff

Treatment of rough skin, calluses on the feet and toes

Varieties of treatment with a classic pedicure

The classic pedicure is wonderfully combined with various methods of processing and caring for the skin of the feet and nail plates. At the request of the client, the usual edging technique can be supplemented with useful procedures.

Pedicure with chocolate mask

Today, the following types are most in demand:

  • SPA pedicure with chocolate foot wrap, exfoliating, nourishing and regenerating masks. Socks impregnated with natural oils, fruit acids, as well as paraffin therapy are used;
  • exotic pedicure with Garra Rufa fish. The feet are lowered into a small tank-aquarium in which tiny fish swim. They effectively remove softened skin particles. The procedure itself causes pleasant sensations with a slight tickling;
  • ice cream pedicure. Ice cream balls made on the basis of vegetable oils are added to the bath. Gradually melting, they are absorbed into the skin and nail plates, nourish and restore them. Next, the softened skin is treated with a special scrub;
  • pedicure with professional foot massage relieves chronic fatigue of the legs, improves blood circulation, and tones the muscles. The skin becomes a healthier color, the legs hurt less and get tired.
Exotic pedicure with fish

For each client, the nail master chooses an individual set of procedures. Of great importance are the condition of the skin and nail plates, the presence of sufficient free time for a woman, contraindications.

Milk foot bath

So, if a person is allergic to chocolate or one of the components of a nourishing mask, it is better to refuse such a procedure.

Paraffin therapy for feet

Professional foot and toe massage

Photo design ideas 2022 for a classic pedicure

Trimming technique is an excellent basis for applying a great nail design. Neatly shaped nails and delicate, clean skin of the feet and fingers look organically with the most stylish and fantastic designs. You can use everything that will cheer you up – rubbing and rhinestones, sparkles and magnetic varnishes, charming painting or bright, amazing color effects.

Trendy summer rainbow pedicure

Classic pedicure with three-dimensional painting

Bright lilac-silver pedicure

Turquoise pedicure with kamifubuki on the sea

Delicate nude pedicure with foil

Original pedicure in pink and burgundy tones

Stylish classic matte pedicure

Pale pink pedicure with foil

Original summer white and green pedicure

Luxurious cat-eye pedicure

Golden pedicure for the holiday

Pale blue design with foil and gossamer

Office white and black pedicure

Floral print pedicure

Fashionable pedicure with kamifubuki and geometry

Delicate summer pedicure with floristry

Pedicure with a mirror rub

Classic pedicure with ombre

Multicolored pedicure

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