Мужская мода лето 2021

How a man can easily and quickly change his image: 10 stylist tips

A couple of touches: about a quick change in the male image for the summer

Men’s fashion is as changeable as women’s. True, the strong half does not follow the recommendations of designers and fashion experts so desperately, therefore they often lag behind fashion trends by 5-6 years.

In order not to shock others too much, and not to be afraid of your own reflection in the mirror, we suggest starting the formation of a modern image with slight changes. We tell you what strokes will help you look stylish, remaining true to yourself.

How to look more stylish for a man in summer: 10 tips

Men's bag
Stylish men's shoulder bag

If there is a desire to transform, it is important to remember a few basic rules of stylists:

  • We don’t change drastically. It is better to start with the introduction of “piece” trends. This will keep you comfortable.
  • We don’t experiment with prints. It is better to introduce a few plain, but bright things into your wardrobe than products with patterns. The second option is harder to style on your own;
  • We don’t go to extremes. If you have never worn formal suits, you should not start with them. It is enough to master the casual style, if before that there were only sports things in the wardrobe.

Now we will analyze in more detail the “touches” that will help a man quickly and effortlessly become more attractive, younger and more modern.

Idea 1: bright top

A man in a bright t-shirt

Most men have been wearing gray/blue/black/brown t-shirts for years. But there are so many attractive colors and shades that are by no means exclusively feminine.

Work on the image should start with the introduction of something bright in the image. We choose a T-shirt or shirt of the usual cut, but in a different color. And now the people around can no longer take their eyes off such a bright young man. By the way, this technique also works with the bottom, but it’s more difficult to force yourself to buy bright trousers or jeans, so we recommend starting with T-shirts.

Idea 2: bag

Male image with a bag

Did you know that men need accessories too? Many people wear backpacks all their lives, not suspecting that a fashionable messenger bag or messenger bag can bring so much new to the image.

Idea 3: bright socks

Men's look with bright socks

Yes, it is bright socks that can “revive” the boring image of an office employee. for such an addition, none of the bosses will “scold”, and colleagues, especially women, will definitely appreciate creativity and knowledge of fashion trends. So after all, all the main macho Hollywood do!

Idea 4: shaved whiskey to zero

Stylish men's haircut with shaved temples

Previously, short men’s haircuts involved the use of clippers in 3, 6 and 9 mm. Today the trends have changed. Now the masters shave the temple area and the lower occipital area to zero. It looks stylish and youthful, and also practical, because you can go to the barbershop less often.

Idea 5: Geometric print instead of inscriptions

Men's striped shirt

Some time ago, many men got used to wearing T-shirts and sweatshirts with various funny and not so inscriptions. Stylists strongly recommend getting rid of all this as soon as possible or wearing it exclusively at home.

Instead of inscriptions, there can be logos of famous brands, and preferably a geometric print. A strip, a cage, a diagonal, etc. will do.

Idea 6: We put on a white T-shirt under everything

How to wear a white t-shirt for men in summer

Get a pair of white T-shirts and wear them with everything except dress shirts and jackets to make your usual look stylish and stand out. The main thing is that the T-shirts should be made of thick knitwear, with a neckline and not fit the body.

Idea 7: combine different textures

Men's summer look with a denim jacket

Men are used to the fact that denim items are combined with denim, and suit fabric, respectively, with the same. However, in today’s world, the rules have long since changed. Today it is fashionable to experiment with textures. Try wearing a denim jacket with casual trousers and a blazer with jeans. Remember that all elements should be from the basic wardrobe – without decor and actual cut.

Idea 8: light unshaven

What does mild unshaven look like in men

If someone planned to grow a beard, it is worth abandoning this idea, since the image of the Viking has lost its relevance. Today, the trend is light unshaven up to 0.5 mm.

Idea 9: shirts

How to wear a shirt for men in summer

If you always had t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies in your wardrobe, it’s time to complement them with a pair of shirts, because girls love them so much. The main rule is no classic and fitted options. A modern shirt should be loose-fitting. And do not forget about the rules of socks:

  • We fill everything that has a strict collar, hidden buttons below the last one, a flat hem;
  • We do not fill short shirts with a beveled hem.

Idea 10: shorts

Fashionable men's shorts for the summer

If the dress code at work allows you to wear shorts, it’s time to start doing it. But with a couple of caveats:

  • Choose trouser-type shorts;
  • Length to the knees or 1-2 palms higher.

That’s how easy it is to turn from an inconspicuous young man into a stylish and modern office employee, with whom everyone wants to go out for a cup of coffee.

How do you look this summer, have you made any adjustments to your own style?

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