Eyebrow makeup

How Eyebrows Change Your Face: Eyebrow Shape, Face Type and Proper Makeup in 2022 with Photo Examples

Every girl wants to have a unique finished look, and eyebrows play an important role here. You can learn how to do a multi-stage eyebrow makeup with a variety of tools, choose the right shades, but this will not be enough if the shape of the eyebrows is not chosen correctly. By choosing a shape for the type of face, you can get not only the most natural make-up, but correct some of the flaws in the oval of the face.

Eyebrow makeup

The ideal shape of the eyebrows in 2022 for the type of face

To correctly determine your type of face, you need to divide the face into 3 parts: forehead, cheekbones and chin, and also draw a vertical line exactly in the middle of the face. You can do this both visually, looking in the mirror, and really, using a jumping pencil and a centimeter tape. By comparing the obtained values, you can determine the type of your face.

Eyebrow shape for a round face

With equal vertical and horizontal values ​​and wide cheekbones, we get a round face. To make soft facial features sharper and close the gap with 2 other blocks, it is worth combing the hairs up and making the tip sharp. The arch of the eyebrow is also best done geometrically to give character to the face.

Eyebrows for a round face

Oval face and eyebrow shape

An oval face is considered ideal, because the proportions of its parts are equal, and the vertical is larger than the horizontal. Classic straight eyebrows are the same, it will suit an oval face type. If the face is too long, you need to give the eyebrows a soft break, too sharp will give the face excessive severity.

Eyebrow shape for oval face

Eyebrow shape for a square face

The vertical and horizontal are equal to each other and the main feature of this type of face is a large jaw. The best option would be smooth wide eyebrows to make it more rounded and less wide. Sharp corners should be avoided so as not to make the face look sharper.

Eyebrow shape for a square face

What eyebrow shape is suitable for a rectangular face

The horizontal line is smaller than the vertical one, but all 3 blocks are approximately the same and correspond to a rectangular face. The main rule is not to overdo it with the length of the eyebrows, so as not to make the face more square. A kink is also better to choose a round one to soften the face.

Eyebrow shape for a rectangular face

Ideal eyebrow shape for a triangular face

The face can be either with a wide forehead and cheekbones, or a wide jaw and cheekbones. In any case, you need to narrow the cheekbones. For this, it is best to choose rounded arches or eyebrows with raised tips. The width of the eyebrows varies from the beginning to the tail. There should be no sharp lines to divert attention from the type of face.

Eyebrow shape for a heart-shaped face

Rhomboid face and eyebrow shape

An angular face with an elongated chin, a small forehead and wide cheekbones belongs to the type. The function of the eyebrows is to visually narrow the cheekbones and soften the oval, for which classic eyebrows with a smooth break, but a larger width, are chosen. It is necessary to abandon the sharp bend and long straight eyebrows.

Eyebrow shape for a diamond face

How to correctly define the contour of the eyebrows

For flawless eyebrow makeup, they first need to be properly adjusted. To do this, you need to determine the proportions of the eyebrow.

natural eyebrows

  • Determination of eye position. The eyes may be close-set, wide-set, or a standard distance apart. With close-set eyes, excess hairs are removed from the bridge of the nose. If the eyes are set wide, it is necessary to finish the missing hairs on her. With a normal fit, hairs that go beyond the contour of the eyebrow are removed.
Close-set eyes

Widely spaced eyes

  • Outline definition. It is necessary to mark 3 points on it, which will indicate the beginning, break and tail of the eyebrow. When they are connected, the correct contour of the eyebrow is obtained. The bend and width must be selected in accordance with the type of face. To mark points on the face, draw imaginary lines: from the nostril to the eyebrow, capturing the inner corner of the eye, to determine the beginning; from the nostril through the pupil to mark the curvature of the bend; from the nostril to the eyebrow, focusing on the outer corner of the eye, for the tip of the eyebrow.
Eyebrow Shaping

Ways to Maintain Perfect Eyebrow Contour in 2022

In order for the eyebrows to always be in good condition and please the hostess even without makeup, it is necessary to provide them with appropriate care. Here are some tips to make your eyebrows even more beautiful.

Fact about eyebrows

Eyebrows, like hair, facial skin, need nourishing and regenerating masks. It is important not to leave decorative cosmetics overnight, removing paint with micellar water.

Natural eyebrow makeup

  • It is necessary to constantly maintain the contour of the eyebrows in the desired state and remove excess hairs in a convenient way. Even if eyebrow makeup is not done, you need to comb your eyebrows with a brush to improve blood circulation.
Eyebrow correction

  • To regrow previously plucked hairs, you need to eat foods containing vitamins A, C, E.

You can apply compositions containing natural oils of rose, lavender, lemon, castor oil to the eyebrows. It is advisable to leave such funds overnight for several months until you achieve the desired effect. But getting on the eyebrows of products that are not intended for them should be limited, because. they can slow down hair growth.

You can also sign up for an eyebrow botox procedure in the salon.

Applying oil to the eyebrows

  • You can grow eyebrows without removing excess hairs some time, and then make the correct correction, based on the type of face and the 3-point method.
Not plucked eyebrows

Eyebrow makeup tips 2022 to keep them in shape

  • Before applying makeup it is necessary to shape the eyebrows with the help of an eyebrow brush, so it will immediately be clear where there are not enough hairs and you will need to finish them.
Eyebrow brush

  • Eyebrow color should not be too bright, so the main thing is to choose the appropriate color of the product that will be used for drawing. A shade is selected based on hair color and color type in general.
Natural eyebrow makeup

  • There is a universal rule of 2 tones: the shade of the eyebrows can be brighter or paler by no more than 2 tones. In addition, makeup artists advise testing the product immediately on the eyebrows, and not applying to the hand.
Eyebrow pencil shade

  • Perfect for blondes the color is 2 tones more noticeable than the roots of the hair, but you can stop at a shade to match the hairstyle. The colder the shade of the hair, the more gray pigment should be in the color of the product.
Eyebrow color for blondes

Eyebrow color graphite

  • For brunettes, the best choice would be the color is 2 tones lighter than the curls, because color in tone or brighter will make the image vulgar.
Eyebrow color for brunettes

  • Suitable for fair-haired and brown-haired women a classic cinnamon shade, but when considering the color type, you can apply the 2-tone rule and make the eyebrows lighter or darker than the roots.
Eyebrow color for brown hair

Eyebrow color for blonde hair

  • For red-haired girls, the ideal option would be leave the eyebrows in their natural form and use only fixatives. If you still decide to use a coloring product, then it is better to choose the color as neutral as possible.
Eyebrow color for redheads

In addition, it is necessary to choose the means by which we will create makeup. Most often, one product is not enough, you need at least 2.

Eyebrow pencils

  • To draw the contour and the necessary hairs Pencils or felt-tip pens are fine. Usually chosen from classic pencils, which have a wide palette of colors, but require constant sharpening, and…

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