fox effect eyelash extension

How eyelashes grow in the corners of the eyes in 2022: the choice of material and effect depending on the cut (with photo examples)

Every woman is engaged in improving her appearance. Previously, it was an abundance of decorative cosmetics, but the fashion industry does not stand still and offers us other ways to improve. The partial eyelash extension procedure is quite popular in salons, because it is less traumatic for our hairs, and the effect is amazing.

fox effect eyelash extension

The main benefits of angled eyelash extensions – the trend for naturalness in 2022

The meaning of the technique is to create volume by building artificial hairs from the middle of the eyelid to the outer edge. One of the key conditions is to avoid a sharp difference in the length of the eyelashes, otherwise the look will lose its naturalness. In order not to get into a mess, you should gradually increase the length of the cilia, moving towards the outer edge of the eyelid.

The main advantage of this method is practicality. Partial extension is carried out through 1-2 eyelashes and not on the entire eyelid, but only in the corners, so our hairs receive less stress, which prolongs the effect.

If you place the hairs in the corners of the eyes, then the look is more open.

Such a procedure can significantly save time and money, because the transformation lasts no more than an hour and, accordingly, is cheaper due to the short-term work of the master and a small amount of consumables.

The procedure will not take much time, the usual extension is done by the master in half an hour

The method is perfect for young fashionistas who have decided on the procedure for the first time, it will be possible to evaluate the effect and their feelings in order to do a full eyelash extension.

Girls can evaluate the effect and possible inconveniences before full eyelash extensions

The study of the corners allows you to emphasize the almond-shaped European eyes, give them a seductive expression or cunning, as if you resorted to building with a fox effect. Long hairs at the corners visually stretch, so they are ideal for girls with round or close-set eyes.

With the right choice of thickness, length and color of the material, you can completely correct the shape of the eyes, which in some women is far from ideal, as well as change the appearance for a short period, which will allow you to find your image.

For special occasions, you can choose an unusual effect.

Among the undeniable advantages of the technology are:

  • short time of work of the master in comparison with a full-fledged build-up;
  • the ability to adjust the shape of the eye with its own thick ciliary cover;
  • elegance and pretentiousness, which will perfectly complement your bow for a festive event;
  • approbation, that is, the opportunity to test a small amount of eyelash extensions in a sock, track the comfort of everyday use, as well as individual allergic intolerance;
  • the effect of naturalness, which is achieved due to the selection of parameters as close as possible to the thickness of natural eyelashes, the formation of a natural bend;
  • a visual stretch that will help create a slanting shape even for the closest set eyes.

Cons of eyelash extensions in the corners of the eyes

The main disadvantage is the possibility of a negative reaction to the adhesive composition, so the master must evaluate the condition of the skin of the eyelids and their cilia, and do a sensitivity test.

If the skin on the eyelids and eyelashes are healthy, then you can safely do an angular extension

The procedure does not allow going to the sauna and using mascara, so you have to be content with the natural effect. After building up, unusual sensations may occur, a feeling of heaviness on the eyelids and itching, but if you hold out for 2-3 days, they quickly pass.

Angled eyelash extensions look more natural

If your hair has a light shade, then the master will most likely advise the procedure for dyeing the eyelashes, which will make the color uniform.

The coloring procedure will give the eyelash visual density and the desired shade.

The choice of the desired extension effect according to the shape and shape of the eyes

When carrying out the procedure, two methods are used – this is a beam and a single build-up.

When building eyelashes in the corners of the eyes, a combined method is also used.

The first method gives a more voluminous effect, but it is not durable and with the natural loss of your hair, a gap appears that will have to be restored. Eyelash correction is an inexpensive and fairly quick procedure, but it still takes your time.

Eyelash extensions at the corners of the eyes are more often used to add volume.

Sticking one hair is considered the best option, which provides a more stable effect that does not require constant visits to the salon.

Single gluing is a longer procedure, but gives a better result.

The selection of the right material is done by the master, who evaluates the length and thickness of his hairs, the shape of the eyes and selects the cilia, taking into account the desired effect.

Angled eyelash extensions are a whole art, which should be practiced by a master of his craft.

If you came to the salon for the first time for eyelash extensions, then you should completely trust a professional who guarantees the desired result.

The master will immediately determine what length, thickness and color of hairs to choose

1. The correct shape of the eyes

Such women are lucky, they can use eyelashes twice as long as their own hairs. If you need to achieve volume, then the beam extension technique is used.

The correct shape of the eyes allows you to use any effect when building

To visually enlarge the eyes, you can stick longer hairs in the middle of the eyelid, and at the end a little shorter, then the look is more open.

The correct shape of the eyes does not need correction

2. Sunken eyes

To remove this drawback, the material is used in brown shades and the maximum bend, which is indicated by “L and L +”.

Sunken eyes are corrected by bending eyelashes during extension

The play of light will help visually correct the look and bring the shape of the eyes closer to the ideal. This effect is often used with lowered eyelids, which makes them visually higher.

Lowered eyelids are not a sentence, they can be corrected.

3. Bulging and big eyes

Fact about eyelashes

Paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen negatively affect hair growth, including eyelashes. They grow slowly, fall out more often, and their length decreases.

Corner extension is the best suited to this form. In this case, the “fox eye” technique is used, which corrects the incision and makes it visually smaller.

Big eyes are great, but they can be adjusted a little

The color of the cilia can be used any, but as close as possible to your own, but the hairs are used of medium length and roundness.

Bulging eyes do not need serious correction with eyelash extensions.

4. Close-set eyes

This form needs more complex correction. During the procedure, single hairs are glued to the middle of the eyelid, and bundles are used in the corners, which allows you to expand your eyes.

Close-set eyes can be easily expanded using different eyelash gluing techniques.

The bend of the cilia is taken medium, but the color is applied not one, but two or three tones. In the middle of the century, lighter hairs and with a gradual darkening towards the corner.

5. Wide-set eyes

In this case, long eyelashes are used in the middle of the century, and shorter ones in the corners. Medium bend applied.

The look of wide-set eyes is easily adjusted using the shade and length of the cilia.

The color should be adjusted from darker in the middle of the eyelid to lighter in the corners. Then the shape of the eyes will approach the ideal, and make the look deep and a little playful.

With the help of different lengths of cilia, you can change not only the shape of the eyes, but also the look

6. Small eyes

You can visually increase if you use artificial cilia of medium length and curvature. In this case, there is no need to correct the shape of the eyes with color, the material is selected as close as possible to the natural tone of the hairs.

On small eyes, it is better to use cilia of small length and thickness.

It is better not to experiment with the length, a maximum of 1 cm, then the incision will visually increase, which will look natural.

Angled eyelash extensions will easily correct small eyes

How to choose the color of cilia for corner extensions

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