Как правильно носить свитер в 2021 году

How fashionable to wear a sweater in 2021: chips and tips from stylists

Trendy stylistic tricks for those who love to wear sweaters

We don’t know about you, but we all wear sweaters from the first cold weather until the global warming of spring. Of course, images are sometimes diluted with dresses, overalls and blouses, but in most cases sweaters win. By the way, a complete review of fashionable sweaters HERE.

But even the most current models can get boring, so stylists come up with various solutions every now and then to help somehow diversify the images. Consider the options that are relevant for this season, because decorating sweaters with pins and buttons is no longer fashionable.

10 tricks to make a sweater stop looking boring

We wear a pullover in reverse: a cutout at the back
We wear a pullover in reverse: cutout at the back

So, to begin with, let’s define what a sweater is, how it differs from a pullover, turtleneck, longsleeve, sweatshirt, etc.

Fashion vocabulary for basic sweaters:

  • Sweater – this is a knitted product that has a collar above 5 cm. It can be in one, two, three or more additions. There are no special requirements for the length, the sleeves are standard or elongated.
  • Jumper – this is a product knitted from dense threads, but without a collar, or its height does not exceed 4-5 cm.
  • Pullover – a product made of knitwear, wool or other threads with a V-neck. This is its main distinguishing feature.
  • Longsleeve – non-woolen product (usually made of cotton or fine knitwear) with a neckline, “boat”, rectangular or V-shaped. The sleeves are long, the style is fitted or straight.
  • Turtleneck – a product with a collar that fits the body or rather tightly adjacent to it. A loose turtleneck is already a sweater.
  • sweatshirt – a product from a bike, which is characterized by the presence of an elastic band along the edge line, on the sleeves, on the collar. Sits freely and does not fit the body. Refers to sportswear.

Now we tell you what to wear with what to look stylish.


How To Wear a Neckerchief With a Sweater

The first idea that will help diversify the winter look with a jumper or pullover is to decorate the neck with a scarf. We choose a product in the tone of a jumper or with a print in which the main color of the clothes is present.

chain necklace

How To Wear a Sweater With a Chain Necklace

Another trendy option for styling a sweater, jumper, turtleneck is a trendy chain necklace. We choose a short product and put it on over the collar. The main requirement for jewelry is that it must be metal and not have a pendant.

Another sweater

Fashionable way to wear a sweater

To look stylish and not freeze in winter, you can use one of the current stylistic tricks – throw a jumper over your shoulders. At the same time, it should be combined in color with the main clothing and not be too bulky, since its role in this bow is to replace the scarf.


Sweater with brooch

we completely forgot about that. that there is such an exquisite accessory as a brooch. She can decorate not only a jacket, as many ladies suggest, but also an ordinary knitted sweater. Try it, it looks beautiful!


Turndown collar and jumper

Turndown collar is one of the main trends for spring 2021, which will decorate not only a blouse and shirt, but also a jumper. Moreover, they are presented in the form of removable products.

White shirt underneath

White Shirt with Knit Vest

If the jumper, sweater, pullover is loose enough and of medium length or shortened from the bottom, we put on an elongated white shirt (also oversized).

shirt top

How To Wear a Turtleneck Shirt

Pair a loose-fitting shirt (plain or printed) with a turtleneck for a trendy, relaxed look. The bottom for such an outfit should be chosen without volume – skinny jeans, slouches, ordinary straight cut, leather trousers, etc.

We do not turn the gate

How to wear a turtleneck sweater

We are accustomed to the fact that a high collar is folded into two or even three additions. But this year the fashion is different. Now it is fashionable to leave it in its natural form, with the resulting folds. If he slightly comes to the chin or completely covers the lips – even better.

edge for the belt

How to tuck a sweater into a belt

A medium-length pullover or sweater will look as attractive as possible if it is tucked into the belt. There are various options:

  • refuel completely;
  • only one side;
  • front.

In this case, it is better to wear a belt on jeans or trousers.

With belt

How to wear a sweater with a belt

It is possible and even necessary to supplement the sweater with a belt if it is long enough (below the middle of the thigh) and voluminous. We do not wear tight-fitting products with a belt.

By the way, the most successful combination for such a top would be a pleated skirt and trumpet boots. Another option is closed shoes with heels and palazzo trousers. The third look is skinny and rough boots.

And how do you wear a sweater in winter, experiment with bows?

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