Evening makeup with eyelash extensions

How long after eyelash extensions can be wetted (with photo examples)

A complete look for a social event or for every day cannot be imagined without expressive eye makeup. But what if there is not enough time for a quality make-up?

Evening makeup with eyelash extensions

The first thing that comes to mind is to permanently color the eyelashes with paint or henna. It is capable, of course, effective and for a long time will relieve you of the need for daily tinting of hairs with mascara, but what if you need to create additional volume, form a beautiful bend, improve natural hairs?

Permanent eyelash coloring

Henna eyelash dyeing

In this case, cosmetologists have already prepared a solution. In the fight against loss, dullness and brittleness, Botox eyelashes are perfect. The vitamin complex will provide deep nutrition and regeneration, and will also contribute to the activation of the growth of dormant follicles.

Botox eyelashes

Dreaming of gracefully curved velvet lashes? Then lamination is exactly what you need. Additionally, the method will give natural hairs silkiness, radiance, help restore elasticity and prevent thinning.

Eyelash lamination

When you need to achieve instant volume, eyelash extensions come to the rescue with all the variety of shapes, effects and decor options.

eyelash extension

In this article, we will discuss the rules for caring for eyelash extensions, which are somehow related to water procedures, and we will try to figure out whether it is possible to wet the hairs immediately after the salon.

Eyelash extensions in the technique of

Is it possible to wet eyelash extensions immediately after the procedure?

The recent statement by the American chemist and leading consultant for fashion cosmetic brands Doug Sean literally shocked the whole world. You can wet your eyelashes after extensions!

Sparse effect of eyelash extensions

According to the scientist, we should leave the superstitious relic of the past – the rule of not allowing eyelash extensions to come into contact with moisture for at least a day – far behind.

Classic eyelash extension

It’s all about improving the composition of the adhesive for artificial eyelashes. The updated formulation causes the substance to dry from the surface to the center, which automatically means that the hairs will not come off when washed, as they will be securely fixed.

Sparse effect in eyelash extension technology

However, washing eyelashes immediately after extension is not recommended. Lash makers advise clients to wait about five minutes for the product to finally polymerize on the bristles that were glued last.

Eyelash extensions - sparse effect

After the specified period, the expert recommends that the masters treat the client’s extended hairs with a fixative (for example, a water-based nebulizer or an alcohol-based primer) or water (preferably distilled or boiled) so that the toxic fumes of cyanoacrylate, an integral part of the adhesive, do not provoke an allergy.

Eyelash extensions - fox effect

Treatment of eyelash extensions with a water-based fixer

It is better to apply water or a fixative with a pipette. However, you can use the dispenser and immediately distribute the entire required volume of liquid along the ciliary row. After that, you will need to remove excess moisture with a napkin.

Fact about eyelashes

The first eyelash extension was performed at the beginning of the 20th century. Natural human hair was used as the material. But, an attempt to make the cilia more magnificent and longer was unsuccessful.

Washing eyelashes after extensions

Be sure to allow a five-minute interval between attaching the last lash and washing. If you apply water or a fixer to wet glue, it will become covered with white crusts and make the eyelashes brittle.

Fox effect in eyelash extensions

The effect of the method was experimentally proven by masters around the world: the number of clients who developed allergies after eyelash extensions has noticeably decreased. Moreover, studies confirm that such manipulation does not affect the performance of artificial bristles in any way.

How to wash with lash extensions

In order to extend the life of synthetic hairs, you need to follow the following hygiene rules:

  • Wash thoroughly but gently. Do not massage the upper eyelid too intensely.
Natural effect in eyelash extensions

  • As a cleanser use micellar or boiled water. The latter must be allowed to brew in order to separate the precipitate in case of precipitation. It is strictly forbidden to wash eyelash extensions with tap water. Reacting with the adhesive, chlorine destroys its polymer structure.
natural eyelash extension

  • Avoid oil based creams base and oily lotions. It is allowed to use soft foam.
Puppet effect of eyelash extensions with an arrow

  • Control the water temperature: too hot or cold destructively affects the adhesive.
  • Don’t rub your lashes with a towel. Instead, they should be gently patted dry.
  • Wait until completely dry eyelashes and only then comb them.
Washing with eyelash extensions

  • Combing hairs, move from the place of fixation to the edges. If it is more convenient for you to close your eyes, move the brush from top to bottom. With open eyelashes, you need to act the other way around. Thus, you do not risk pulling out the bristles.
Combing eyelash extensions with a styling brush

How to wash your hair with eyelash extensions

During the process, it is necessary to act as carefully as possible to prevent excess moisture from getting on the artificial bristles.

Eyelash extensions in 2D technique

Follow this algorithm:

  1. Tilt your head backwhen you shampoo.
Mink eyelash extension

  1. Avoid getting shampoo in your eyesand also do not let the foam run down your face;
Eyelashes with 3D effect

  1. Don’t put your lashes under the stream. Strong pressure can cause premature hair loss.
  2. Wrap your clean hair in a towelto keep water from dripping onto your face. Act quickly and tilt your head back as much as possible.
Wet effect on lash extensions

  1. Don’t hesitate to use the hair dryeror leave your hair to dry in a towel.

When washing your hair, you can use a cap-visor, which will prevent drops from getting into your eyes.

Hair wash with eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions with silk

Can you cry with lash extensions?

As you know, human tears contain salts. However, in small quantities, it is not able to act as a solvent for adhesives. However, the idea should be abandoned for other reasons.

Tears on lash extensions

  • First, to prevent sticking and tangling of eyelashes. In no case do not rub your eyes during an emotional outburst.
  • Secondly, stress negatively affects the condition of natural cilia. They fade, thin and fall out.
American Hollywood eyelash extensions

Finally, drive away the dark thoughts and do not allow yourself to cry. Life is beautiful, and with chic, voluminous eyelashes with a charming curve, it is completely flawless.

silicone eyelashes


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