Папулы после биоревитализации

How long do papules go after biorevitalization?

How long do papules last after biorevitalization?

The biorevitalization procedure has quite a few tangible side effects, so an increasing number of patients who want to rejuvenate their facial skin resort to it. But there are consequences, and one of them is the appearance of dermal papules – hemispherical tubercles that form at injection sites. What is this phenomenon and what does it say? Let’s figure it out.

Is the appearance of papules normal?

The appearance of papules during the injection of hyaluronate

The appearance of papules is considered an acceptable norm with biorevitalization: the injection technique itself is called “papular”. During the procedure, the doctor immerses the needle into the tissue intradermally (cut up), for which the smallest possible angle to the skin surface is selected. The resulting tubercles represent the accumulation of a liquid preparation under the skin, their size largely depends on the area of ​​the face. So, infiltrates up to a millimeter in size are usually formed near the eyelids, and, for example, in the area of ​​the cheeks or décolleté, the formation of papules 2 and 3 mm in size, respectively, is possible.

The preparation of hyaluronate is a viscous transparent substance of dense texture, capable of retaining intracellular fluid. When punctured and injected, it forms a hemispherical elevation in the deep layers of the dermis, displacing the layers of skin located on top of it. Visually, a tubercle called a papule forms on the surface of the skin.

To begin with, we want to immediately reassure those who are afraid of subcutaneous papules that appeared immediately after injections of hyaluronate. Such infiltrates in the vast majority of cases are not a complication or a consequence of an incorrect technique for administering the drug. The reason for their appearance is as follows: the density of hyaluronate injected under the skin is quite high, and it takes time for its absorption and complete resorption.

The synthesized hyaluronic acid molecules are synthesized by connective tissue cells (fibroblasts). During biorevitalization, the natural production of glycosaminoglycan is imitated, due to which the turgor of skin tissues increases, and the face is noticeably tightened, gaining the lost freshness.

There are no papules after biorevitalization? This phenomenon is quite rare, but it is also possible. As a rule, the reason is the low density of the injected hyaluronic acid, as a result of which it lingers for a short time in the dermis. The effect of such a procedure will not last long, and biorevitalization will have to be repeated in the near future. Also papules are often not visible if the patient has a specific skin structurecharacterized by increased density and thickness.

Leaked hyaluronic acid preparation at puncture sites
Leaked hyaluronic acid preparation at puncture sites

In some cases, dermal infiltrates do not appear due to the fact that during the injection of the drug the needle was inserted too deeply, and the hyaluronate got into the subcutaneous space. This is considered a violation of the technology of the procedure and indicates the low qualification of the doctor.

What do papules look like?

Papules with a diameter of 1 mm on the face

A variant of the visual norm for post-injection infiltrates is whitish elevation above the surface of the skin that is practically not changed externally. Papules may have a pink or reddish tint, this is also acceptable. Since the cosmetologist injects the drug according to a certain pattern, measuring the distance, the papules look like a uniform network of tubercles. Some compare this effect with “alligator skin”.

It should be remembered that an increase in papules in size after the first hours after biorevitalization is the norm.

By the end of the first day, they will lose about a third of their volume and, in the future, will gradually dissolve. Do not worry if during the first week some of the bumps change color, unless this is accompanied by an increase in pain symptoms and an increase in temperature. It is also possible the appearance of small bruises, pinpoint hematomas and redness: this phenomenon is more often observed in the periorbital region (near the eyelids).

How many days do papules last?

Reddened dermal infiltrates immediately after drug administration

When injected subcutaneously, hyaluronate is not immediately absorbed by the tissues. In many respects, the preservation of the dermal infiltrate depends on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body: the density of the drug structure and the depth of immersion of the needle during the injection are also important. Individual features include the following factors:

  • Speed ​​and activity of blood supply to the dermal layers;
  • Intensity of lymph flow;
  • The thickness and density of the skin, its turgor and degree of moisture.

Remember: the denser the hyaluronate preparation, the longer the papule remains at the puncture site!

The resorption time does not have a strictly limited framework. Usually infiltrates after biorevitalization disappear within 2-4 days. If the patient has thin and sensitive or dehydrated skin, the regeneration period is lengthened. The allowable period for resorption of post-injection papules is a week. Over the next three to four days, the skin of the face is completely restored and acquires a healthy appearance.

How to quickly get rid of papules after biorevitalization?

Measures to eliminate papules

Unpleasant bumps dotting the cheeks, forehead and other parts of the face are unlikely to please patients who have undergone biorevitalization, and those around them will definitely not be delighted. How to stimulate the regeneration of the skin and at the same time prevent the occurrence of complications after the injection? It turns out that it is enough to observe simple regulations:

  • In the first weeks after biorevitalization, be extremely careful with your face. Do not touch it with dirty hands and do not try to squeeze out the papules. It is recommended to sleep only on your back: you can’t bury your face in a pillow and cover it with a blanket;
  • Any mechanical manipulation of the puncture sites is a huge risk factor. Do not massage or press on subcutaneous swellingsthis will not help relieve puffiness;
  • On the first day after the procedure, the patient you can’t wash your face and use skin care and/or decorative cosmetics. It is only allowed to slightly wipe the eyelids and eyes with damp, wrung out from excess moisture cotton pads (provided that biorevitalization of the skin of the eyelids has not been carried out);
  • For 7 – 15 days, exposure to the sun is strictly limited. If possible, wear hats or panamas with wide visors. Wearing sunglasses is not recommended, as they will come into contact with injured facial skin. If you cannot do without glasses (for example, corrective ones), wipe the temples and glasses with antiseptic solutions or wipes;
  • In the first 3 – 5 days (and preferably within 1 – 2 weeks), completely refrain from drinking alcohol.

To speed up the resorption of papules, treat your skin with an antiseptic approved by your doctor every day. In order not to injure the puncture sites additionally, apply an antiseptic by tamping. For the procedure, use cotton swabs or discs, or twisted from …

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