How long can you wear gel polish without harm to

How long can you wear gel polish without harm to nails

This question worries many modern girls. Makes us think about this lack of free time, and sometimes finances. So let’s take a closer look at how long you can not go to remove or update your manicure / pedicure.

Experts do not recommend wearing gel polish on nails for longer than 2-3 weeks. Firstly, nail polish contains polymers that allow layers to stay on nails for a long time. But the downside is that they completely cover the natural nail bed, which is why oxygen does not enter it. Secondly, the nails grow back, and subsequently the old coating on the regrown nails looks, to put it mildly, not aesthetically pleasing. In addition, when the master gives you a manicure, he forms the architecture of the nail, which allows you to wear gel polish on your nails longer. In the nail service industry, there is a concept of a nail stress zone – this is the very place where the nail breaks most often. When the master correctly forms the architecture, the stress zone is closer to the base of the nail, and the probability of breaking the nail, which is about to be coated, is small. And as the nail grows, the stress zone, respectively, shifts from the base to the edge of the nail. Along with this, the risk of breaking a nail increases.

In addition to the fact that prolonged wear of gel polish on the nails looks sloppy, there are also risks to the health of the nails.

How long to wear gel polish

    • delamination of the nail plate;


    • thinning of the surface of the nails;


    • the occurrence of cracks;


    • the appearance of spots on the nail plate;


    • hyponychia.


Also, in rare cases, during careless handling of manicure, the decorative layer can move away from the bed and an air cavity appears between them. If moisture enters this area, there is a high risk of a fungal infection.

Therefore, if you notice any deterioration in the condition of your nails, do not rush to scold the master, perhaps you made an oversight and did not follow the recommendations for caring for your hands or did not remove the coating for too long.

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