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How Russian celebrities dye their hair: the names of techniques, colors

Hair color, like our celebrities: the names of the techniques and their features

Spring has come, which means it’s time to make an appointment with a hairdresser and update your hair color. But which shade should you choose?

We decided not to talk about the latest color trends for 2021, but to start with examples of our celebrities. Some of them actively follow trends and often change their own image, others (from our selection) have been faithful to their masters and hair color for many years.

Techniques for dyeing the hair of Russian celebrities

We tell you the names of the coloring techniques that are popular with our stars and have become their hallmark, like the gradient haircut for Jennifer Aniston and highlighting.

Vera Brezhneva – airtouch

Vera Brezhneva hair

The former soloist of the VIG Gra group, and now a successful solo artist, Vera Brezhneva is known to a wide audience and the most devoted fans as a blonde. However, it is difficult to call it platinum, because the roots of the artist usually differ from the main shade in length.

Previously, Brezhneva chose highlighting, but with the advent of such a fashionable technique as airtouch, I switched to it. The essence of coloring is to blow out the shortest processes with a hairdryer, and lighten the rest of the hair mass.

With this technique, the need for staining the roots disappears, and you can update the color no more than once every 4 months. Convenient, isn’t it?

Vera Brezhneva hair and makeup photo

Who will suit?

Airtouch is suitable for those who have blond hair: natural or dyed, there was highlighting. It’s also a great technique to get out of black and into a lighter shade. Masters also recommend airtouch to those who have sparse hair.

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Borodina – natural shade

Ksenia Borodina new bob haircut photo

Ksenia Borodina has a huge army of fans who admire her ability to dress beautifully and style her hair elegantly. Most often, Ksenia is asked about the shade of paint with which she tints her hair.

Borodina assures that more than two years ago she refused staining and this is her natural shade. There is no gray hair, so she can afford not to visit the stylist often.

Output: sometimes it is not necessary to dye your hair to achieve a beautiful shade. It is worth paying more attention to care and the hair will “play” in a new way.

Learn how to take care of your hair 👉 HERE.

Reshetova – toning

Anastasia Reshetova hair color

Anastasia Reshetova after her divorce from Timati became very popular. The girl got a job on television (host of the show “I’m a Top Model”), develops her own beauty salon, launches a line of underwear.

Despite her busy work schedule, Nastya always finds time for herself. She goes to the master once a month to tone her hair. Reshetova chooses a shade darker than her own natural color.

The peculiarity of toning is that it is a gentle procedure. A low percentage of oxidizing agent is used, so there will be no split ends and dryness if a professional dye is used. All about how to tone hair at home in 👉 THIS ARTICLE.

Buzova – building up light strands

Olga Buzova hairstyle

Olga more often than other celebrities experiments with her hair, so the request is “a haircut like Buzova’s” or “hairstyle like Buzova“, is always relevant in salons.

For example, now Olga has gorgeous long hair: dark at the roots and light at the ends. The secret of this hairstyle is simple – these are extended strands in the ombre style.

Asmus – going from black to natural blond (wash)

Christina Asmus hair color photo

After the divorce, the ex-wife of Garik Kharlamov decided on one of the main experiments in her life – she dyed her hair for the first time. The black shade, as it turned out, was needed by the actress for the next role. After that, she returned to her native blond color. This can be achieved if you ask the master to make a wash.

Washing is a long and complicated procedure that affects the quality of the hair, so professional care is recommended after it, even at home.

Ekaterina Klimova — paint Garnier Color Naturals

Ekaterina Klimova hair color

Ekaterina Klimova delights fans, as she looks much younger than her years. And believing that she has 4 children is even more difficult.

The actress has been faithful to the Garnier Color Naturals brand and the shade of rich chocolate for many years, which she has repeatedly told subscribers about.

It is easy to repeat such staining at home, if you adhere to classical scheme for applying dye to the hair.

Sobchak – total blond + highlighting

Ksenia Sobchak hair color

From a distance it may seem that Ksenia Sobchak is a platinum blonde. However, this option does not suit her for one simple reason – her hair is sparse. To hide such a flaw, Ksenia chooses one of the classic methods – very fine highlighting. Thin strands visually add volume to the hair.

Which color option would you choose?

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