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How to apply eye shadow correctly [пошагово с фото и техникой нанесения]: a review of 4 products from Maybelline NY.

How to choose the right shades of shadows

how to choose eyeshadow shade

Don’t be afraid to experiment with makeup and try out the shades that you like. However, there are some win-win “formulas” that always work. So, for girls with green eyes, shadows in pink, purple and copper tones are ideal. Blue eyes – peach shades and, of course, all shades of blue and blue. If you have brown eyes, make-up artists suggest taking a closer look at the blue and emerald tones.

The Best Monoshadows and Eyeshadow Palettes from Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York shadows are very popular with makeup artists and makeup fans around the world. This is not surprising: they are easy to beautifully make up your eyelids, even if you do not know professional techniques.

The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

  The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Such a universal palette of shadows should be in every makeup bag! 12 classic shades that are ideal for both daily and evening eye makeup. The palette is rich not only in different colors, but also in different effects – so do not limit your imagination!

The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette

The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette

The mini eyeshadow palette is perfect for taking with you. Six variations – each with six shades that are perfectly combined with each other. The shadows are very pigmented and blend well.

Nudes of New York Eyeshadow Palette


16 practical shades in warm colors will suit girls with any eye color and any taste in eye makeup. Matte, with small and larger shimmer – such a palette of shadows makes it possible to try different, but always perfect makeup (after all, all shades are perfectly combined with each other).

Eye Shadow Color Strike

Eye Shadow Color Strike

Eye shadows in an unusual and innovative cream powder format. The tool is very easy to apply thanks to the practical applicator. With it, you can experiment with eye makeup – make it natural or bright or even draw arrows (this is possible thanks to the pointed tip). A separate like for durability: shadows last up to 12 hours! Available in six shades.

Shading areas

Shadows can be applied not only on the moving eyelid! We understand in more detail.

Under the eyebrow


Professionals advise applying light shadows or shadows with a slight shimmer in the area under the eyebrow to visually make the look more open and raise the eyebrows.

Upper eyelid

how to apply shadow on the upper eyelid

Apply shadow to the entire moving eyelid for a complete eye makeup. Depending on the intensity of application, as well as the selected shade, the effect can be completely different.


Professional makeup artists love to draw arrows with shadows. This works especially well with ultra-pigmented shadows.

lower eyelid

applying eye shadow on the lower eyelid

Lightly darken the lower eyelid for a deeper look. Tip: Don’t choose black or a very dark shade for your lower lid line. For this, lighter shades are better suited.

The sequence of applying shadows

make-up with shadows Color Tattoo 24 hours

To keep the shadows as long as possible and remain saturated throughout the day, you need to apply a few simple beauty hacks. We apply funds step by step! Before applying, use the base under the shadows – many makeup artists choose the Color Tattoo shades from Maybelline New York in a light shade for this purpose. A concealer can also replace the base under the shadows. Apply it in a thin layer and blend thoroughly. Important: choose a concealer with a matte or classic effect, but without the effect of radiance.

Preparatory work completed! Now you can apply your favorite shadows on your eyelids.

How to apply loose eye shadow

photo how to apply shadows beautifully

When creating eye makeup, do not limit your imagination! However, there are a few rules for creating traditional eyeshadow makeup (remember, but follow at will). First, apply a primer (read more about skin preparation above). Light shadows, including those with a light shimmer, should be applied to the area under the eyebrows – this light beauty hack visually raises the corner of the eyebrow and makes the look more open. If you are going to combine several shades, then apply lighter shades at the corners of the eyes and on the moving eyelid, and darker ones as if you are going to draw an arrow. For the design of the lower eyelid, you should not use black or very dark pigments – makeup will look sloppy. But brown, dark gray shades are perfect for classic makeup and blue, soft pink, light green for bright.

How to apply liquid eye shadow

Liquid shadows usually come with an applicator, so application should not be difficult. The main thing here is not to overdo it: apply a little and blend it with the applicator. If you want to brighten up your makeup, it’s always easier to add more pigment.

Cream eyeshadow technique

how to apply cream eyeshadow with fingertips

Cream eyeshadows have many advantages, and they are ideal even for beginners in eye makeup. Firstly, they can be applied in any way – you want with a brush, you just want with your fingertips. Secondly, unlike crumbly shadows, they do not crumble. Thirdly, cream shadows can be used – as a highlighter (if they have a shimmer) and as a blush (if they are presented in pink or peach colors). Worried about the durability of cream eyeshadows? Then arm yourself with waterproof shadows. These are in the Maybelline New York collection: Color Tattoo shadows last up to 24 hours!

Features of applying shimmer shadows


Shadows with a shimmer – depending on the intensity of application – ideally fit into both daily and evening eye makeup. In order not to worry about the fact that the sparkles can crumble, first apply a primer to the skin of the eyelids.

The right eyeshadow brushes

flat brush

flat brush

A dense flat rectangular brush is the main tool for applying shadows. Thanks to the convenient spatula shape, you can layer pigment and adjust the intensity of makeup.

By the way, you can try to draw arrows with the same brush – for this, choose ultra-pigmented shadows.

Blending brush

Blending brush

Soft, fluffy brush is a must-have for creating eye makeup. It helps to distribute the pigment over the eyelid, blend out all the boundaries and even correct mistakes (for example, if you applied a little more product than planned).

Barrel brush

barrel brush

The barrel brush is great for blending shadows in the “difficult” area of ​​​​the crease of the eyelid. Pick up the shadows on the brush, shake off the excess, apply to the crease of the upper eyelid and, moving from the outer corner of the eye to the inner, distribute the shadows in the crease along the entire length of the eye.

Life hacks from professional makeup artists

It seems that now you know everything about eye makeup with shadows! But no: we are in a hurry to share a few more useful beauty hacks that will help you create the perfect eye makeup.

What can replace the base under the shadows


You can replace the base under the shadows with a dense foundation or concealer. Another option is powder with a matte effect. It will perfectly fix the shadows.

What to do if shadows roll down on the eyelids

pink shadow

You will be surprised, but shadows can roll down not only because of…

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