Properly done makeup is a guarantee of self-confidence

How to apply makeup on the face in 2022: step by step instructions with photo examples

The ability to use makeup correctly will allow you to look perfect in any situation. With its help, you can hide the imperfections of the skin and facial contours and emphasize its dignity. To do this, you need to purchase everything you need to create a daily and evening make-up, competently organize a place where masterpieces will be created, study technologies and put them into practice. This approach is the key to a harmonious appearance and healthy skin.

Properly done makeup is a guarantee of self-confidence

What you need to create the perfect makeup

The art of makeup is built on basic principles. One of them is the use of only high-quality cosmetics. When choosing it, you need to take into account the characteristics of the skin – its type and tone.

Washing before applying makeup

You also need to pay attention that cosmetics are applied only to cleansed skin with properly selected tools in good light and in a good mood. It is important to follow the logical sequence of actions.

  • Cleanliness first

Before applying makeup, you need to wash your face, even if it seems that your face is clean. In any case, it contains fragments of sebum and dust that must be removed so as not to harm the skin.

Preparation for the make-up procedure

A simple washing with water at a comfortable temperature, wiping with a cleansing gel or lotion will prevent inflammation of the epidermis and provide a well-groomed appearance after applying cosmetics without signs of unevenness and uneven coverage.

  • Skin care

Even the highest quality cosmetics have the ability to penetrate into the pores. You can prevent this by applying a base or cream to your face before using foundation or powder.

Applying makeup base

They will also even out the skin and ensure the safety of makeup throughout the day.

  • Lighting

In order to look neat and as natural as possible after applying makeup, you need to pay attention to lighting. It is better to evaluate your art in natural light.

Proper lighting for makeup application

If this is not possible, a special lamp should be turned on, from which the light falls on the face evenly from all sides.

  • Zoning

Applying makeup is an art, so the process must be treated with a creative approach. To do this, you need to create in the room intended for this process, a special atmosphere in which it is comfortable to work. Any little things that can affect the mood are important here.

Convenient location of cosmetics for makeup

Every woman should have a corner of the house where her makeup is folded. To do this, use separate compartments of furniture. It is important that everything is in its place, so as not to waste time looking for what you need and not spoil your mood if you can’t find anything.

  • Tools

Decorative cosmetics is applied to the face with specially adapted tools. In the arsenal of every woman who cares about her appearance, there should be brushes, applicators and sponges.

Makeup tools

They require special care, consisting of regular cleaning and processing, to prevent the growth of bacteria and their transfer to the skin when applying makeup.

  • Cosmetics

The list of cosmetics for creating a flawless face tone is determined by each woman independently, depending on personal preferences and skin characteristics.

It can include:

  • tone cream;
Foundation creams for make-up

  • primer;
Base makeup

  • concealer;
Consistency of liquid makeup concealer

  • blush;
Different types of blush for makeup

  • highlighter;
Makeup highlighter

  • powder.
Loose face powder

Compact Face Powder

The sequence of actions when applying makeup

In order to look great and at the same time not spend a lot of time on beauty, you need to properly care for your face and, when applying makeup, follow such a sequence of actions so that the layers of cosmetics do not overlap and are not smeared.

To quickly put yourself in order, you need to follow the algorithm:

  • cleanse the skin and moisturize it, which can be done by applying a special product to it, and it is better if it is in the form of a spray;
  • apply the base with a primer, and in its absence, you can use the cream;
  • apply a foundation and, if its layer is not enough to even out the tone, then work on your own beauty with a concealer;
  • outline the contour of the face and those areas that need to be highlighted with loose blush, which need to be fixed on the skin by applying powder;
  • draw up a line of eyebrows – it may be necessary to remove excess hairs, paint on missing areas or change their shape;
Eyebrow painting

  • use shadows, not forgetting the shading technique;
  • decide on the issue of focusing attention on the eyes – draw their contours, draw arrows, make up eyelashes;
eyelash makeup

  • lip liner and lipstick.
Applying lipstick on lips

Makeup Sculpting Technique: General Rules

It is focused on visually changing the shape of the face through the technique of working with chiaroscuro. Properly done, sculpted with cosmetics emphasizes advantageous positions and makes invisible areas that a woman would not want to focus on.

By darkening or brightening certain areas with powder or foundation, using corrector, bronzer and highlighter correctly, you can achieve visual correction.

Recommendations for applying tone for makeup of different types of face

Technically, the contouring procedure is carried out in several stages, in each of which attention is paid to a separate area, each of which has a special approach and methodology.

General rules for sculpting a face:

  1. Draw a corrector along the sides of the bridge of the nose to its tip. The more you need to lengthen the nose, the higher it is and can even begin at the eyebrows.
  2. Darken the depressions under the cheekbones with a bronzer, located on a line drawn from the ear to the edge of the lips.
  3. Darken the forehead with a bronzer, starting to draw a line from the hairline to the sides of the oval, which will give it clear features.
  4. Apply bronzer to the upper eyelids.
  5. Highlight the bridge of the nose, the central part of the forehead, the cheekbones above the bronzer and the corners of the eyes with a highlighter;
  6. Blend the applied products to remove sharp edges and give the face a natural look.

A separate approach is required to the T-zone, cheekbones, chin and neck.

How to properly apply makeup on the T-zone and cheekbones, depending on the type of face

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at the face of a representative of the beautiful half of humanity is her face shape.

How to determine the shape of the face for the correct application of makeup

It can be:

  • round;
Round face

  • square;
Square face shape

  • triangular;
Triangular face shape

  • oval;
Oval face

  • heart-shaped.
Rectangular, oval and heart-shaped faces

Determining the shape of the face is not difficult, it is enough to estimate its proportions. The purpose of sculpting is to soften sharp features and visually correct individual zones.

Scheme to simplify the identification of the shape of the face

1. Round

The geometric figure of a round face is drawn because of the cheeks, which need to be paid attention to by its owners. It will be possible to remove the emphasis from them by transferring it to the cheekbones and lengthening the side lines.

Secrets of contouring with a round face shape

To do this, you need to brighten the bridge of the nose by drawing a line on it with a highlighter from the middle of the forehead, and draw light triangles under the eyes near the nose and lighten the chin. The contouring will be completed by applying blush to the cheekbones, which, when shaded, are displayed in the direction of the lower chin line.

2. Square

In this face shape, sharp angles in the chin area are softened and…

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