Индекс массы тела у женщины

How to calculate body mass index for women?

How to calculate body mass index for women?

Body mass index – an indicator developed by a Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet. You can calculate the body mass index using the indicators of the WHO table. Excess weight prevents a person from leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying it. To prevent obesity, you need to monitor a normal BMI.

Why do you need to know BMI?

Body mass index

Body mass index (BMI) – This is an indicator by which the level of compliance of a person’s height with his weight is assessed. The index is used to give a general assessment of a person’s weight – whether it is normal, underweight, or overweight.

Adolphe Quetelet for 20 years (from 1830 to 1850) worked on social physics. During this period of time, he developed a formula for calculating the normal weight of a person. The BMI formula became known only after the death of the scientist. The first to use it was nutritionist Ankel Case. He published his first article on proper nutrition with BMI subtraction in 1972.

BMI is used by doctors when prescribing a diet, in combination with which a disease can be cured. The formula is popular among people who want to lose extra pounds and look slimmer.

Formula for calculating body mass index

BMI calculation

You don’t have to go to a nutritionist to calculate your BMI. To get the value, it is enough to square the height indicators (in meters). Then the weight must be divided by the result to get the body mass index.

BMI = weight (kg) : (height (m))2.

Given these indicators, nutritionists came up with a basic table that helps determine the BMI and its norm for a woman. Before you calculate the body mass index using a certain formula, you need to consider that it is not suitable for everyone.

For example, the calculation does not need to be carried out for people with a height below 155 cm and above 174 cm. Otherwise, you will need to subtract or add 10 percent to the indicator obtained. Also, it is not necessary to calculate the body mass index for people who are actively involved in sports: running, swimming, cycling, weightlifting, and so on.

What is a normal body mass index?

Healthy and happy woman

If a person wants to feel good, he must watch his weight. There are final figures by which the presence of excess kilograms is determined:

  • 30 units or more. If the value is included in this indicator, the doctor will diagnose obesity. In this case, it is necessary to contact professional nutritionists or, if possible, go in for sports and improve nutrition. If you do not follow a diet, then there is a risk of developing diseases;
  • From 25 to 29 units. If the calculated value is within this range, the person is overweight. To solve the problem, proper nutrition and exercise will be required;
  • 19 to 24. The numbers indicate the ideal weight of a person. There is no need to lose weight. The main task of a woman is to maintain her current form;
  • 19 and below. If, when calculating BMI, the value turned out to be below 19, you need to gain weight. Preliminary consultation with a doctor is carried out to find out the reasons for the lack of weight.

The human body works differently at 25 and 45. In this regard, the BMI norm may differ. To calculate it in accordance with age, you should use a different formula. If the woman’s age is less than 40 years, then for the calculation you need to subtract 110 from the height in centimeters, and if more, then 100.

BMI Calculation Example a woman is 39 years old and height is 167. We subtract 110 from 167 and get 57. We compare the obtained indicator according to the table and conclude that there are or are not extra pounds.

Body mass index for children

Normal weight child

Children do not fit the standard table of BMI indicators. They have their own, which you need to carefully check. First you need to calculate the child’s body weight in kilograms and divide by his height squared, expressed in meters. The result obtained is compared with the table.

The indicators of a normal body mass index in a child are from 13 to 21, depending on his gender and age.

For example, a child of 5 years old, weighs 40 kilograms with his height of 1.4 m. You will need to divide 40 by 1.1 \u003d 28.5. The final indicator in the table below indicates that the child is obese.

Table of BMI in a child

The health of the child is the main concern of parents. Regardless of how old he is – 2 or 18, his health must be monitored. The BMI indicator can tell the mother if the child has a tendency to obesity and whether the issue of underweight should be addressed.

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