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How to choose a concealer [корректор] from circles or bruises under the eyes: TOP-3 from Maybelline NY

Which is better to cover dark circles under the eyes: corrector or concealer?

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Concealer and corrector – like Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley. They get confused all the time!

concealer (from English to conceal – hide) are used when you need to hide bruises under the eyes, small imperfections and mimic wrinkles (by the way, they are characteristic not only of aging skin). Reflective particles are often found in the composition of the product.

  • Apply concealer over foundation.
  • The concealer palette includes different shades of beige.
  • Can be applied to wide areas and even used in place of foundation. A liquid concealer is best for this: for example, Fit Me!

Corrector (from English to correct – correct) – this is heavy beauty artillery that will help mask more serious skin imperfections: acne, post-acne, age spots, inflammation, etc. For this reason, the density of the corrector is usually higher than that of the concealer.

  • Apply concealer under foundation.
  • Proofreaders come in green, yellow, orange, purple, pink… Each task has its own color!
  • Due to the high density, the corrector is best applied pointwise.

So concealer or corrector will help from bruises under the eyes? To answer this question, evaluate the “scale” of the problem:

  1. If a slight shadow is visible under the eyes, concealer is enough. As a rule, it dries the skin less than the corrector, and therefore it is great for everyday make-up.
  2. If bruises appear under the eyes (purple, blue, greenish), it is better to first neutralize them with a color corrector, and apply the concealer over the foundation to slightly lighten and refresh the problem area. This will greatly improve the appearance of the skin!
  3. To cover the bags under the eyes, pat the concealer on the area of ​​swelling. Put the lighter shade in the crease under the bag.

How to choose a concealer for bruises under the eyes?

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How to choose a concealer for bruises under the eyes? Consider several important parameters:

skin type

  • For dry skin, a liquid or cream concealer with caring components in the composition is suitable. Instead of accentuating dryness and flaking, they hydrate and soften the skin. One hundred percent must-have – The Eraser Eye.
  • Oily and problematic skin will love the stick format or dry concealer. Mattifying components will help to cope with oiliness, and thanks to the dense texture, the concealer will not spread. Try Superstay!
  • Normal skin can afford any experiments.


Well, if the composition of the concealer will solve additional skin care tasks. For example, tea tree oil soothes inflammation, hyaluronic acid moisturizes, and natural oils nourish, which is especially important for dry skin around the eyelids. Also useful are haloxyl (it lightens dark circles) and goji berries (normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands, rejuvenate, synthesize collagen production).


Everything is simple here: the denser the texture, the more covering power the concealer has. And the more important it is to carefully shade the boundaries of the application of the product (this will help to avoid the effect of the mask).

A dense concealer (for example, Superstay) can be used instead of a corrector – for spot masking of cosmetic defects.


The finish of the concealer can be matte (like Fit Me!) and natural (like The Eraser Eye). Choose the option that matches the finish of your foundation!


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Concealer is a concealer that can successfully hide bruises under the eyes from several hours to several days (although it must be washed off before going to bed, like any other cosmetics)! Long-lasting Superstay concealer is also useful for evening make-up.

What color should the concealer be?

Choosing the Right Concealer Shade

Concealer for dark circles under the eyes is better to choose a tone in tone with the skin or 1-2 shades lighter. In the second case, it can be used for nonturing (delicate contouring).

Eye correctors for dark circles have a wider palette:

  • Yellow useful if your bruises have a purple tint.
  • Pink or salmon will cover greenish shadows.
  • Green The corrector will perfectly cope with inflammation and redness.
  • Violet the corrector removes yellowness, and also masks age spots and freckles.

Which concealer format is best?

First of all, the one that suits your skin type! We have already written about this, and now we will reveal a few more important nuances:

  • Liquid concealer has the weakest overlapping ability, but it easily lays down and blends with a brush or sponge. Produced in bottles with a convenient applicator.
  • stick – a dense concealer for masking not only bruises, but also other imperfections. Blends best with fingers as it melts slightly with heat.
  • Cream concealer is usually produced in pucks. Not the most hygienic option, since you will have to climb into the jar with your finger every time. But the texture is dense enough to hide dark circles.
  • Pencil Can be used to cover up blemishes. It is not always convenient to apply it under the eyes, as “hatching” can stretch delicate skin.
  • concealer palette – a convenient option, especially if you are a beauty beginner! Shades can be mixed and used to correct the shape of the face.

How to apply concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes?

How to cover up bruises under the eyes with concealer? Use our step by step guide!

STEP 1: Prepare skin

Preparation includes cleansing and moisturizing. Without it, the concealer will roll and accentuate peeling or dry skin.

STEP 2: Apply foundation

If you have not used corrector, do not apply cream around the eye area, so as not to overload this area.

STEP 3: Apply concealer under the eyes

The most common mistake is to apply concealer strictly on bruises! The application area should be in the shape of an inverted cone. Makeup artists recommend not smearing, but as if driving concealer into the skin with light patting movements.

STEP 4: Blend

Blending is best done with fingers or a damp sponge.

Maybelline NY Best Concealers Review for Dark Circles

Choose your Maybelline New York Concealer to tackle dark circles under the eyes!

The Eraser Eye

concealer The Eraser Eye photo

The main attraction of this tool is the patented pad applicator, which is ideal for applying concealer to the area around the eyes. There are 13 shades in the palette at once, and in the composition – haloxyl and goji berries. Suitable for all skin types! Has a natural finish.

Don’t miss out on Marvel’s The Eraser Eye Limited Edition!

Fit Me!

concealer Fit Me!

A liquid concealer with a matte finish and light to medium coverage. It blends flawlessly and is suitable even for sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions. Does not rub off, does not imprint and does not clog into pores and mimic wrinkles. Among the ten shades there are options with different undertones.


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This concealer has a waterproof formula that lasts up to 24 hours! Finish…

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