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How to choose a mirror with light for makeup?

Illuminated makeup mirror: types, features

In professional beauty salons, makeup artists apply makeup in stages, while looking not only at the model herself, but also at her reflection in the mirror. This allows stylists from outside to evaluate the result. To get the perfect make-up, not only high-quality cosmetics are important, but also the competent organization of space and the correct selection of a mirror.

Benefits of Makeup Mirrors

Makeup mirrors are versatile in that they can be placed on a dressing table or mounted on a wall. Models are equipped with special magnetic clamps. The main distinguishing feature of makeup mirrors is that they are equipped with LED-backlight.

The advantage of illuminated mirrors is that you can immediately see and correct makeup errors such as:

  • imperfect shading of foundation lines, shadows or powder;
  • uneven tone of the face;
  • even the smallest peeling of the skin;
  • lipstick imperfections.

Types of makeup mirrors

Makeup mirror surfaces mainly differ in shape and size. Most often, in professional beauty salons for applying make-up, medium-sized oval or rectangular mirrors are preferred. As noted, make-up products differ from ordinary ones in that they can be used to notice the imperfections of the applied makeup. There are several types of mirrors, each of which has unique properties that can be used to retouch imperfections.

Mirror with outdoor lighting, which is placed inside the glass in the form of neat insets. Due to the high power of the lamps, you can recognize the uneven tone of the face, the presence of gaps when drawing eyebrows. Furniture is also equipped with outdoor lighting – spots, spotlights and small sconces.

Mirror with outdoor lighting
Mirror with outdoor lighting

Mirror with internal lighting characterized by the fact that LED lamps are used, which are installed under frosted glass. Thanks to this setting, the light is soft. Such lighting helps to make the most natural, daytime makeup. Products with internal lighting are expensive, so only exclusive studios can afford it.

Mirror with internal lighting
Mirror with internal lighting

Mirror with decorative lighting, the illumination of which does not carry a special function when applying makeup. The main purpose of this type is a non-standard, decorative decoration. Lamps are located both inside and outside the glass.

Mirror with decorative lighting
Mirror with decorative lighting

In addition, mirror surfaces can be panoramic or magnifying. Most often, panoramic ones are used for makeup, when most of the space is occupied directly by the mirror. Magnifiers are sometimes built into panoramic ones. Due to the fact that the picture is getting closer, it helps to make a clearer contouring of the face, as well as to carefully consider the imperfections.

Mirror Models

When choosing a mirror model, first of all, you should pay attention to the substance applied to the back surface of the product:

  • titanium;
  • silver;
  • aluminum with an admixture of copper;
  • amalgam.

The quality of the reflection will depend on it. Different types of coatings have different color rendering.

The cheapest and most unsuitable is an amalgam coating made from an unstable alloy. To maintain it, you have to additionally fix it with building varnish. The amalgam coating does not tolerate moisture, therefore, the product cannot be installed in the bathroom.

Aluminum with an admixture of copper is also a budget option, but the quality is slightly higher than in the previous case. Aluminum conveys colors well, but the image itself is not clear, but somewhat distorted. Therefore, in order to get high-quality makeup, makeup artists do not recommend buying wall or table mirrors made of aluminum coating. From such a coating, you can purchase an ordinary pocket mirror.

Silver-plated makeup mirrors are significantly more expensive than the previous two options. However, these mirrors are highly resistant to high humidity. Therefore, the product can also be installed in the bathroom. Silver-coated mirrors are recommended even by makeup artists. Since the price / quality ratio is justified.

The most expensive is titanium coating. Products made from it are durable and transmit the image as accurately as possible. However, one should not hide the fact that titanium-coated mirrors have a slightly bluish reflection tint.

Mirrors can be:

  • wall-mounted – mounted on the wall with a bracket;
  • desktop – have a stable stand;
  • with light bulbs;
  • touch.

When choosing an illuminated makeup mirror, pay attention to its distortion class marking. For applying make-up, the marking must be M0 and M1.

When choosing a desktop mirror model, you can experiment with its functionality:

  • Rotating 180 and 360 degrees;
  • With double reflection. On the one hand, a mirror surface with the real size of the object, on the other – with an increase;
  • Mirrors with an accordion mount, which allows you to zoom in and out of a mirror product without the help of both hands.
Mirror product with double-sided reflection
Mirror with two-way reflection
Accordion-mounted mirrors
Accordion-mounted mirrors

You should pay attention to illuminated magnifying mirrors, as they will not give a real reflection. In order for the makeup to turn out natural and not rough, one of the two should be preferred: either highlighting, or the magnification effect.


Table view mirror

Table mirrors are attached to the table or fixed with a mobile stand. Many makeup artists recommend this type of product, as they are compact and multifunctional. Illuminated desktop mirrors have 2 reflective sides, one of which has the characteristics of an optical lens. Enlarges up to ten times the size. Due to its small and compact dimensions, this mirror is suitable for travel.


Wall product model

At the wall mirror, the bulbs are located permanently around the perimeter, and fixed on the wall without the possibility of movement. With the correct fixing of the product, you do not have to adjust the angle of inclination or installation height each time you apply makeup. Some wall mirrors are additionally equipped with an accordion mount. This allows you to move the mirror closer or further away from the wall to change the angle of inclination. Soft illumination well illuminates the face, while not having an allergic effect on the eyes. The backlight is either battery powered or mains powered.


touch mirror

Sensory mirrors are an innovative product, with the help of which the most accurate and accurate make-up is obtained. Backlit touch products are equipped with 22 LED bulbs that can change the degree of illumination of the room. These features help…

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