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How to choose a warm sweater: recommendations, tips, features

A warm sweater for more than one season: the nuances of choice

Whatever the fashion in the autumn-winter season, the main element of the women’s and men’s wardrobe remains a knitted sweater. It can change shape, color, lose or gain length. But the main condition is that the sweater should look decent, although the style of the homeless also takes place, but now it’s not about him.

Shirt under sweatshirt example
How To Wear a Sweatshirt With a T-shirt

We tell you what you should pay attention to when choosing a knitted sweater, if you plan to wear it for more than a year.

Composition has a maximum value

Sweater with stand collar
Fashionable knitted sweater

When choosing a sweater, it is important to study the composition, since the desire to purchase something natural is not always true, as well as the choice in favor of acrylic. So, we reveal the nuances.

Acrylic, polyester, polyamide

what to wear with a light green sweater
How to wear a bright sweater

Sweaters, which are dominated by acrylic, polyester, polyamide, look pretty on a hanger in a store. In their socks many cons. First and foremost, they do not keep heat well, so even in an immense sweater you can freeze. but there is a life hack – we put on a cotton T-shirt or longsleeve underneath.

Another disadvantage of a synthetic product is that it promotes increased sweating. They also stretch quite quickly, lose color, acquire spools and hooks.

But there is also advantages of sweaters made of synthetic fibers — low cost, actual design. Many mass-markets work with inexpensive materials, as this is the surest way to satisfy the needs of the widest possible audience. Such sweaters are called “one season”. Hoping that in a year they will be just as attractive is not worth it.


Victoria Beckham in a skirt and sweater photo
Victoria Beckham in a skirt and sweater

Old school people are sure that there is nothing better for cold weather than a wool sweater. However, these products also have limitations. For example, many of them are prickly and unpleasant to the touch. After a long stay in them on the body, there may be an allergic reaction in the form of redness and itching. And some cannot last even a minute in products made from a certain type of wool.

Another minus is that if washed incorrectly, they “sit down”. It is almost impossible to save such a thing, no matter what folk advice you use.

From pluses: long lasting with proper washing and color retention.

Merino wool, alpaca, cashmere

Over the knee boots and long sweater
Light dress and knitted sweater

The most optimal type of wool for sweaters for the winter is merino or alpaca. pros: have a soft and smooth surface. They are quite warm and fresh. There is no “steamy” feeling like in acrylic and nothing causes itching.

Minuses – high cost, a large number of fakes.


Knitted skirt and sweater
Fashion short sweater

Angora sweaters are soft and warm, but spool up quickly. Therefore, you should not count on the fact that they will serve you for several years. After 20 washes, the product can be safely transferred to the “dacha” shelf.


When choosing a sweater according to its composition, it is best to take a product from mixed materials. This option will last a long time, and the price will not be as frightening as real cashmere. The ideal ratio is 70% natural fibers and 30% synthetic.

Straight seams – good

Fashion sweater with accent sleeves
Sweater with zip

When choosing a warm sweater, it is not the design that matters, but the quality of the seams. It is on how the individual parts of a thing are sewn together that its fate depends.

If the seams are crooked, with protruding threads, gaps and creases, we put the sweater on the shelf in the store. This one won’t last long. The main disadvantages are that it does not sit well on the figure, quickly stretches, deforms.

Tight knit will last longer

Sweater with lantern sleeves
Sweater with ruffles photo

If large gaps form in a sweater when stretched, do not hope that it will last long. Typically, this problem is typical for products in which artificial fibers are more than 60%.

Elasticity is essential

Neck-stand sweater photo
Brown sweater for every day

A winter thing simply must be able to keep its shape. The fibers should be elastic and return to their original position after being stretched a little. If this does not happen, the sweater will not last long.

Softness – pleasant and durable

Autumn look with sweater and skirt
Cropped sweater top

The sweater must be soft. First, it’s nice. Secondly, such a product will retain its original appearance longer. If you run your hand over a thing in the store and a little fluff remains on it, be sure: after a few washes, the thing will no longer be soft and fluffy.

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