When building eyelashes, masters use several types of glue.

How to choose eyelash glue in 2022 and avoid allergic reactions (with photo examples)

At first glance, a simple procedure that makes the look expressive and bright should not cause negative manifestations and affect our health. But eyelash extensions are the use of a chemical composition that any moment can cause an unwanted reaction.

When building eyelashes, masters use several types of glue.

Most women do not react to the components, but there are ladies who are looking for a hypoallergenic glue, so you should know if there is one and what you need to prepare for during the procedure.

Modern adhesives rarely cause allergies, but sometimes it happens.

Before proceeding with the extension procedure, the master must do a sensitivity test

Components of eyelash glue 2022 that you may be allergic to

  • It should be noted right away that there is no completely safe glue. Any of the components of the composition can cause unwanted reactions of the body, so the masters immediately ask their clients for a possible allergy.
Any composition, regardless of the basis, can cause allergies.

  • An allergic reaction can occur to any component of the adhesive composition.
During the initial procedure, the master not only does a sensitivity test, but also glues a few test hairs to detect a negative reaction.

  • Be sure to do a sensitivity test to the components, and only then proceed to eyelash extensions.
The choice of eyelash extension glue for a woman is strictly individual.

  • There is no completely hypoallergenic glue that is suitable for any woman. All our organisms are different, so it is impossible to say with certainty what will cause undesirable consequences.
Usually the glue stays on the eyelashes for 20-30 days, but if the procedure is carried out incorrectly, the duration of the socks is reduced.

  • Manufacturers are working on formulations, improving them and offering us several options that will minimize the manifestation of allergies.

Is latex eyelash glue safe in terms of allergy manifestations during extensions

Latex glue does a great job, but often causes irritation in women.

Latex glue does a great job, but often causes irritation in women

The composition contains rubber powder, which can irritate the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes. If even the smell of this material is unpleasant for you, then it is better to refuse to use latex glue.

If the smell of rubber makes you uncomfortable, then it is better to refuse latex glue.

At the same time, the composition has excellent elasticity and resistance to water, therefore it is often used in eyelash extension salons. An allergic reaction may occur hours or days after eyelash extensions

How hypoallergenic is rubber glue for eyelash extensions?

The glue is made on the basis of natural wood resins, so the composition is considered safer than rubber. The rubber-based composition contains fewer chemical components.

Rubber is a natural resin of trees, so it is dangerous only for women with individual intolerance.

But this does not mean that rubber cannot cause an allergic reaction, it is simply made from natural ingredients that are less irritating to the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes.

The most hypoallergenic for 2022 – silicone glue for eyelash extensions

It is considered the safest composition, which rarely causes allergic reactions, but such manifestations are also possible. Silicone glue dries quickly and can be used for both single and volume eyelash extensions, so salons often use it in their work.

Most salons use silicone adhesive

In addition, the compositions are divided into categories according to the duration of setting. Ultra – has a longer drying time, but also fewer aggressive components in the composition in the form of cyanoacrylate.

The faster the glue sets, the more professionalism the master must have

Extra – sticks cilia in 2-3 seconds, and premium instantly fixes the hairs.

Fact about eyelashes

Changing eyelashes is a natural process. If the body lacks nutrients, the hormonal balance is disturbed, the hairs become thinner and more brittle, and the bulbs “fall asleep”.

Glue that dries longer has a lower concentration of active substance that can cause allergies.

Glue that dries longer has a lower concentration of active substance that can cause allergies

What Can Cause an Allergic Reaction to Glue in Eyelash Extensions?

  • main substancewhich can irritate the skin and mucous membranes, is considered cyanoacrylate, it is in all adhesives.
Allergies during eyelash extensions may not appear immediately, so you need to carefully monitor your well-being

Too thick eyelash extensions can also cause a negative reaction.

  • But its concentration depends on the setting category, if your body reacts negatively to this component, then it is better to spend more time on eyelash extensions and glue the hairs with an ultra-category composition.
When starting hair extensions, start small, then your eyes will gradually get used to more voluminous effects.

It is worth noting that the less cyanoacrylate in the glue, the less resistant it will be to negative external factors in the form of water and sun, so you will have to carry out eyelash correction much more often.

It is better to start building with less resistant formulations so as not to be treated for allergies

  • Second component, which can cause allergies is a stabilizer. The concentration of the substance in the composition determines what consistency the glue will be: liquid or thick. The resistance of the composition to temperature extremes depends on this indicator, so the presence of this component is mandatory.
The stabilizer in the composition can also irritate the mucous membrane of the eye, like the main component

  • third substancewhich can cause unwanted reactions of the body to eyelash extensions, there will be formaldehyde-based dyes and it is better to refuse them.
Use eyelash extensions only with certified formulations

Such a composition often causes allergies in women, so it is better to use compositions dyed with ordinary ash – it is safe.

Clear glue is safer than black compound

How to Minimize the Risk of Adhesive Allergy with Eyelash Extensions

  • Negative manifestations from the components of the composition can occur both in the client of the salon and in the master, so the sensitivity test is a mandatory step in the eyelash extension procedure.
The first question a professional will ask is what you are allergic to.

  • If a woman first seeks such a modification of her appearance, then a professional always conducts a trial gluing of several hairs at the corners of her eyes in order to initially eliminate allergies.
Partial hair extensions can reveal allergies

  • If unwanted reactions occur already during the period of wearing artificial hairs, you should immediately contact your master to remove the extended eyelashes.
If no negative reactions were detected during testing, you can safely carry out the procedure.

  • To minimize negative consequences, salons carefully monitor the quality of the materials used, observe the storage regimes and terms. Be sure to regularly ventilate the working premises and carry out antibacterial treatment with special lamps.
You should not wait for obvious manifestations of allergies, if there are unpleasant sensations, it is better to remove the cilia

  • To get rid of glue fumes, a good ventilation system must be installed in the salon, which removes the allergen in a few seconds, then you can be sure that the eyelash extension procedure is conditionally safe.
Antibacterial treatment should be carried out in every salon

Ventilation is the removal of allergens from the premises

The occurrence of irritation of the mucous membranes and skin after gluing artificial hairs is a rather rare phenomenon, but it exists. If you want to protect your health, then apply for a procedure in salons that have proven themselves to use safe and high-quality materials.

To minimize allergic reactions, apply for eyelash extensions only in proven salons

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