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How to choose foundation for skin color

How to choose the right foundation

Exercises in the art of makeup are familiar to every representative of the fair half. Where does it all begin? Of course with skin care. If we talk about makeup, the main thing is the ability to hide possible defects (unevenness of color, pallor, disguises age spots, circles under the eyes and fine wrinkles, etc.). Foundation or powder is actively helping with this. But which foundation is the best (reviews)?

How to choose the right foundation

When choosing a foundation, it is important to pay attention to several factors:

• age-related skin changes;
• type of makeup;
• skin type and condition.
The choice of shade is also important.

Young girl product

Experts give young girls the following recommendations:

• in winter it is better to use light colors;
• during the off-season (autumn, spring) – warm;
• in summer – a tone darker.

If we talk about the natural color of the skin: for dark skin, with a good tan, use tones close to beige, and for light skin, slightly pinkish shades.

Almost every self-respecting manufacturer has such creams: Avon, Max Factor, Yves Rocher, etc.

The best foundation for aging skin (reviews)

Cosmetologists and makeup artists advise women who have begun to show age-related manifestations to use creams with a lifting effect. They include: ivy and corn (extracts), caffeine and glycolic acid. These components improve blood microcirculation and make the face more toned (smooth fine wrinkles), and therefore young. Considering the increase in sales in the market of age creams, we can note positive feedback from consumers.

The best foundation – analysis by skin type

The right approach begins with the choice of cosmetics, according to the type of skin. The most complex variant is a mixed type, i.e. in places oily (usually the T-zone), in places, on the contrary, dry (cheeks, cheekbones). Therefore, it is worth choosing a product for combination skin.

Which foundation to choose for dry and sensitive skin

Dry skin requires careful attention. She informs her mistress about the lack of moisture, respectively, her owner should choose creams with additional moisturizing ingredients. They are more liquid than regular creams, but this is only an additional plus – it will not be difficult to apply a thin layer.

For problematic (sensitive) skin, you should use special rulers designed specifically for these purposes (anti-allergic, for example). They contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components, which reduces the risk of new foci of inflammation or irritation. Note that these creams are not intended for use around the eyes.

Products for oily skin

The main problem of oily skin is that it constantly shines, which causes discomfort for its owners. Fortunately, manufacturers have not bypassed this problem. Cosmetic manufacturers have eliminated any oils from this product line, replacing them with special particles that absorb sebum. therefore, mattifying products are made especially for you. During the day, you can wipe your face with matting wipes, so you will always be fresh and beautiful.

What does a face with enlarged pores require?

With porous skin, you need a foundation with the addition of microscopic grains of powder, which will not accumulate around the pores, but will be evenly distributed throughout the face. It is better to select the bases, which include anti-inflammatory components. This will help to avoid even more problems when masking existing ones. Such cosmetics are applied with a light sponge slightly moistened with water.

Before application, you can lubricate with an alcohol-containing solution and narrow slightly enlarged pores.

What do you recommend for those with normal skin?

Happy owners of the normal type are advised by makeup artists to use light creams with nourishing ingredients with a light texture. Do not forget about the type of makeup and the lighting of the room in which the mystery of reincarnation takes place. A prerequisite for the correct application of cosmetics is good lighting, ideally free access to daylight.

How to apply the tone on the face

To make the face look natural after makeup, you should apply the cream in a thin layer, otherwise it will look like a theatrical makeup (we only want to emphasize the natural beauty, and not sketch it). The method of application does not matter, i.e. it can be applied with a sponge (or beauty blender), brush or fingers. The main thing is that the result is achieved, and the layer is as thin as possible. It is only important to follow the sequence (do everything in stages): starting from the center, moving to the periphery. Make sure that the borders between the end line and clean skin are not noticeable (careful shading is required).

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