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How to choose glasses according to the shape of your face: 8 tips

8 tips to decide on the shape of summer glasses

Everyone needs sunglasses, and not just in summer (after all, we have to squint all year round, as soon as the sun blinds us). So, we tell you which models to choose in order to be not only fashionable, but also to hide flaws.

Choosing the right glasses for the summer

Glasses with chain

It is not always worth chasing trends and buying sunglasses, like bloggers, models, celebrities. Many of them have worked hard on their own facial features, so they can afford to wear the most problematic models. At the same time, they do not worry about the fact that some glasses increase the nose, others expand the oval, and still others create an unnecessary emphasis on the forehead.

The most fashionable massive glasses 2020

Ordinary women should be careful when choosing sunglasses. Gathered practical and working recommendations.

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Tip 1: If you need to enlarge your nose

Glasses with a thin frame photo

The bridge is the connecting bar in the center of the frame. If you need to visually enlarge the nose, then we prefer glasses, in which it is as thin and high as possible.

The thinner and higher the bridge is, the longer and more massive the nose looks.

Tip 2: make your nose smaller

Glasses with a wide bridge photo

To visually make the nose elegant and small, we prefer glasses with a wide and low bridge. The frame is non-metal and the lenses are tinted.

Tip 3: narrow frames for a narrow face

Who are narrow glasses suitable for?

Remember that the narrower the glasses, the wider the face will look. Such models are contraindicated for owners of a round face shape and a “rhombus”.

Tip 4: a massive frame for a wide face

Wide glasses how to wear correctly

If the face is wide. you should not wear fashionable thin glasses, like bloggers in the form of ovals, fire and rectangles. This option will draw additional attention to the problem area.

Women with a wide or round face should choose massive glasses. They will distract attention and visually adjust the shape of the face.

Tip 5: round glasses – for chubby

Who suits rounded glasses

If the face has more rounded features than angular ones, choose sunglasses with a predominantly rounded shape. These features include: a round hairline, a rounded tip of the nose, cheeks, and a lip line.

Tip 6: For an angular face – glasses with angles

Fox glasses who go

Sunglasses with geometric shapes and angles are suitable for women who have angular features. Prominent cheekbones, chin, thin and pointed nose.

Tip 7: Correcting a Big Forehead

Glasses for a wide forehead example

To hide a large forehead, it is not necessary to cut the bangs, it is enough to choose sunglasses of the correct shape. Suitable wide and high, covering the eyebrows.

Tip 8: Expand the forehead

Suitable glasses for a narrow forehead

If the forehead is small, in no case do not cover the eyebrows with an accessory. Choose sunglasses with a V-shape to visually lift your eyes.


We choose glasses based on the similarity of the shape of your face. We pay attention to the oval, hairline, chin, shape of the nose, lips, cheekbones, cheeks.

  • If there are more angular features in the upper part of the face, it is better to choose glasses with pointed and angular details on top.
  • If there are more rounded features in the lower part of the face, then we choose models with rounded glasses.

Everything is simple, and most importantly, understandable! Did you like the post?

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