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How to choose the right decoration for the neckline

How to choose a decoration for a neckline: tips from stylists

The success of any image depends not only on large elements, like a dress, jeans or a blouse. but also details. These include bags, belts and, of course, jewelry. Most of the difficulties and misunderstandings among fashionistas arise with neck jewelry. We tell you how to choose a chain or pendant to match a specific neckline shape.

Features of the compatibility of jewelry and cutouts

What to wear with a chain necklace
metal necklace

To choose an ornament for the neckline of a dress, T-shirt or blouse, you must be guided by standard stylistic techniques.

The main thing is the length of the jewelry and the shape of the pendant. Then we adapt everything to fashion trends and choose the most relevant options.

For round cut

Crew neck dress
Crew neck dress and embellishment

If the dress or blouse has a round neckline, it is necessary to give preference to an ornament that repeats its shape. Of the modern options, a choker and a chain are suitable.

❌ Do not choose an elongated and single decoration. It will contrast with the cutout.

A neutral option for clothes with a round neckline (also called a crew neck) is a multi-layered decoration that contains round and elongated shapes. The balance will be preserved with such a decision.

For square cut

Square neck dress
Dress with a square neckline photo

Dresses and tops with a square neckline in 2021 are the most popular. Many women, due to lack of knowledge about their compatibility with jewelry, make the wrong choice. We reveal the nuances:

  • Layering in any form is completely unsuitable;
  • A thin or thick chain with a pendant, up to or below the neckline, is completely unsuitable.

A turtleneck or choker is the only matching option. Although stylists recommend not to overload the image with a square neckline with a neck decoration, preferring large earrings.


Decoration on the neck under the neckline
Decoration for a shirt

V-neckline is quite common on evening dresses and blouses. In order not to spoil the festive look, it is important to choose an actual decoration. Stylists do not recommend single round jewelry of any thickness and chokers.

Under the V-shaped neckline, an elongated jewelry with a pendant or a multi-layer one is suitable.

Fully open shoulders

Off Shoulder Top Embellishment
Decoration under the top with bare shoulders photo

If an outfit is chosen that fully reveals the shoulders, a rounded decoration is necessary. Can be multi-layered with several pendants. the main requirement is that it should not come into contact with the outfit, and even more so be longer than it.

Asymmetrical cut

How to wear a top with an asymmetrical neckline
How to wear a top with an asymmetrical neckline

Today, tops and dresses made of knitwear with an asymmetrical top are in trend. Under such an outfit, stylists recommend wearing large earrings, and leaving the neck “empty”. It is believed that any symmetrical decoration will negatively affect the outfit.

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