How to choose the right haircut and hair color according to the shape of the face photo

How to choose a female haircut according to the shape of the face

“Beauty” is very capricious and changeable. And the easiest thing you can do to fit into the modern canons of beauty is to have a good figure. Because makeup trends change faster than you can draw “another face.” But it’s better not to listen to the “fashion legislation” regarding hairstyles, but to choose the haircut, hairstyle and styling that will favorably shade or frame the features of your particular face. Because, even if you make a super trendy hairstyle, but it will not be in harmony with the proportions of the face, the general appearance can be characterized as “simple or plain”. And vice versa, even an elementary haircut or styling, but perfectly fitting into your image, can turn you into a beauty queen.

A well-chosen hairstyle can visually, better than a talented plastic surgeon, correct facial features, correct the length of the nose, highlight cheekbones, and focus on the eyes or lips. In addition, today, in order to turn into a beauty, it is not necessary to take a queue to a mega-popular stylist or makeup artist. Digital technologies and special applications quickly and free of charge, online, will help any beauty to choose the perfect hairstyle or haircut on the computer. It remains only to print the photo and bring it to life with the help of a hairdresser.

So how to choose a haircut according to the shape of the face on the computer? Our stylists with rich experience and a huge store of knowledge will help you online for free.

How to choose a female haircut according to the shape of the face

There are many parameters that you should focus on when choosing a haircut or hairstyle. You can remember everything and correctly apply it at the right time if you have rich experience as a stylist-make-up artist. But there is a set of simple ruleswhich will help you get “in the bull’s-eye” with the choice of hairstyles:

1) When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to consider not only the length of the nose, but also the shape of the face as a whole, as well as the length of the neck, body structure, and even height.

  • The Nordic nose is best covered or masked with thick bangs. A wide or snub nose will look more attractive if the hair is combed up. Small curls will look good with small features.
  • Closely spaced eyes can be visually removed with the help of lush styling at the temples and smooth strands on the cheeks.
  • It is useless to mask a short neck with hair, but protruding ears will hide well under the lush volume of the hairstyle.
  • And small growth should not be increased with a large volume on the head – it will look very fun.

2) Hairstyles that are ideal for thin hair are not suitable for thick hair. Therefore, we realistically evaluate both the density of the hair, and the fat content, and the structure.

  • For oily hair, short haircuts or voluminous ones are suitable, the main thing is that the hair does not touch the scalp tightly, then they will keep their beautiful appearance longer.
  • Dry hair is characterized by haircuts that do not require styling, and the best style is “light tousled” and flowing hairstyle.
  • For thin and sparse hair, torn haircuts with aligned bangs will be the best solutions, the recommended length is from medium to minimum. It will look good on such hair caret, bob, curls.
  • For thick hair – medium length with oblique, angular, straight bangs is ideal. This type of hair will not go well with curls and voluminous styling.
  • Curly hair can decorate almost any face, the main thing when shaping hairstyles is to take into account the natural direction of hair growth.

3) Hairstyle is an important element of style, so you need to take into account both the novelties of the season and how they will be combined with your personal style.

4) Sometimes it is not necessary to make the maximum haircut, a new vision of the image can be made with minimal means: bangs, styling, hairstyle, using decorative elements.

5) You should also not give up your own priorities in favor of a fashionable look: if you like braids, and your soul requires braiding courses, then it will be simply uncomfortable with a boyish haircut. And vice versa, if you are a true fan of “bean” or “pazhik”, then you should not torture yourself with hair extensions.

6) When choosing a haircut using a special application, remember that how you see yourself is very different from how others see you. Therefore, conduct a total survey of all girlfriends, acquaintances, relatives and friends on the subject of: “Do you think this hairstyle will suit me?” and demonstrate the options you have chosen (yes, there should be several).

7) It is also important to calculate the parameters of your face very accurately: using a centimeter tape, you should measure the distance from the bottom of the chin to the hairline on the forehead, the resulting number should be divided by three. Then we measure the distance from the bottom of the chin to the tip of the nose. And compare the results:

  • If the numbers are equal and the chin is rounded, then the face has an oval or rectangular shape.
  • The first number is greater than the second – then the face is elongated.
  • When the first number is less than the second, then the face is round or square.
  • If the second number is larger, and at the same time a pointed chin, then the face is heart-shaped; and if the chin is wide, the face is pear-shaped.

Fashionable hairstyles for a rectangular face

The hairstyle in this case should smooth out the corners. For example, you can make an elongated bob. Curls, layered or angled haircuts will look good. Do not make short or asymmetrical hairstyles.

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We select beautiful options for a square face

A haircut in which the strands end with curls or with ends of different lengths can soften the “heaviness” of the chin. Great femininity will give the appearance of elongated or stepped hairstyles. And bangs are best done round. It is strongly not recommended to make a bob, cut like a boy, or any other haircuts with a length to the chin. And in general, the owners of such faces should hide flaws behind long curls.

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Choosing stylish ideas for an elongated oval face

For an oval face, any haircut option will look universal. And curls, and straight long hair, and even a “ladder” – everything will look cute and original. Careless waves, a smooth bob, torn strands will add elegance to the image. But straight haircuts will not always be appropriate.

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How to choose a hair color for a woman

To choose the right haircut and hair color for the shape of your face, it is not enough just to use a hairdressing application. After all, one result is not always correct. Therefore, you can take a test to determine the ideal hair color, go to the wig department and try on all the available colors, or you can just consult a stylist. The main thing is that in the end there is a feeling – “I …

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