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How to choose the right lipstick

How to match lipstick color to your face

Every woman paints her lips. By choosing the right color, she can emphasize her individuality.

Stylists believe that a lady with painted lips attracts the attention of men and makes the image brighter and sexier. And if the tone on the lips is “not yours”, then you can only worsen your appearance: add a couple of years to yourself, make your complexion dull, emphasizing possible flaws.

As you can see, it is very important not to make a mistake in the choice. How to choose the color of lipstick to face a test or advice from stylists can be found for free on the net. There are many videos where experts provide good advice on this matter. You can also see which lipstick to choose using Photoshop for free. The program allows you to try different shades of lipstick with the help of a photo and a couple of clicks.

How to choose lipstick color

Choosing a lipstick, you must be able to evaluate its shade visually. At the same time, it is almost impossible to accurately determine its tone by the packaging itself. Therefore, stylists recommend applying lipstick on the inside of the arm. This is the most common way to determine hue. But even he does not give one hundred percent guarantees that the lipstick will suit you perfectly.

Apply lipstick to your lips – here’s a real test online to determine whether the shade suits you or not, without staining the lips. But if there is a tester and you do not disdain, it is better to put on makeup and really evaluate the result.

If, nevertheless, the product was not perfectly matched, do not rush to get rid of it. This lipstick can be mixed until the desired color is obtained. Sometimes this makes it possible to find your ideal tone.

When choosing lipstick in stores, be sure to consider the lighting in the room, as it has green lamps that neutralize red imperfections on the face. Be especially careful when choosing matte and very bright lipstick. Consider the detail that these shades have a faded appearance in a room with normal lighting.

Mini summary for all occasions.


What suits a blonde

The color of lipstick for girls with blond hair also depends on the color of the hair and eyes.

Experts distinguish three types of blondes:
1. Fair-haired blondes.
2. Blondes with honey-colored hair.
3. Women with ashy hair color.

Fair-haired blondes pastel colors and classic red are suitable. Natural colors look good. But at the same time, it is necessary to choose the right nude lipstick (it should be a little brighter than your own lip shade). The same shades will suit a brown-haired woman with gray eyes. During the day it is better to use pink shades, and in the evening – coral (but in no case).

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Pastel shades are ideal for women with copper hair.

7 eight 9If you are the owner of ashy hair, you need to opt for peach and pink shades.

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The right shade for a brunette

Experts distinguish several types of brunettes:
1. Women with jet black hair.
2. With chestnut color.
3. Women with a light chestnut tint.

Women who have natural charcoal hair usually have expressive brown or green eyes. Almost all women with black hair and full lips are ideal for bright (especially matte) lipsticks.

13 fourteen fifteenFor girls with chestnut or dark blond hair, lilac-crimson and hot pink lips are most suitable.

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Brown-haired women can choose coral and pink products. Evening makeup may consist of a dark pink product.

19 twentyAs already noted, it is very important to pay attention not only to the hair, but also to the eyes. For example, girls with brown eyes are suitable for orange, coral, cherry and dark pink palettes. For girls with blue eyes and fair skin, a gentle warm palette will do.

Choose red lipstick by color type


It’s safe to say that red lipsticks are the hit of the season at all times. The stereotype that red belongs only to the fatal lady is less and less relevant. Today, even at official events, it looks harmonious and not defiant. Some girls paint their lips in a bright color every day, and this is considered the norm.

But not all girls know how to choose it correctly so that it looks harmonious and appropriate on the lips.

There is such a definition as “classic red”. This name appeared after the masters created a unique color of red, which is suitable for absolutely any lady (there is a little blue in it, so with strong shading it becomes pink).

It looks like this.


One of the most common ways to determine a color type is by looking at the wrist. Its essence lies in the fact that you need to look at the color of the veins. If they are blue, then your color type is “summer-winter”. If olive – “spring-autumn”.

Note that a red product on the lips of a red-haired lady will look very impressive.


Stylists recommend owners of fair skin to opt for carrot and brick red.

22Owners of a neutral skin tone can use classic red.

23Women who have olive skin can use a very bright red, and when talking about tones: crimson and blood crimson.

24For owners of dark skin, burgundy and dark cherry are ideal.

25Remember that nutritious is most suitable for winter. After all, it is in winter that the body suffers from a lack of vitamins. Lips are no exception. It is not bad to use hygienic during this period of the year.

Today there is a very wide choice of manufacturers of this product (Avon, Oriflame, etc.). All of them differ in quality, composition and cost. Therefore, before making a purchase, read the reviews and characteristics of a particular cosmetics.

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