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How to choose the right t-shirt so that it fits well

Which t-shirt to choose so that it fits well and is fashionable

T-shirt is a universal spring-summer clothing that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. True, many undeservedly attribute it exclusively to the sports elements of the wardrobe, but this is a basic item that can be combined with almost all clothing.

When choosing a T-shirt, it is important to pay attention to 3 main points:

  • gate;
  • shoulder line;
  • the presence of a print.

Rule 1: Look at the gate

Stylish summer look with a t-shirt

T-shirts with a tight collar keep a neat look longer. This is the first thing to remember. Also pay attention to the cutout. Now the most fashionable T-shirt is with a tight collar and a cutout under the throat.

V-neckline and free-cut T-shirt are also in trend. These visually lengthen the neck, so if this is the task, we choose it. But tight-fitting T-shirts with a V-neck or a semicircle are unfashionable. Such shoulders are made wider, and the neck is shortened. Yes, and the sides with the belly in such a T-shirt do not look the most attractive way.

Rule 2: Look at the sleeves and shoulders

Victoria Beckham in a T-shirt and jeans

Today, the T-shirt with shoulder pads is considered the most trendy. It should be loose-fitting and tucked into a high-waisted shorts/pants/skirt. Also relevant is the model with free sleeves almost to the elbows.

T-shirts with tight sleeves are out of fashion. In them, the arms acquire additional volume, and the shoulders grow in breadth.

Rule 3: Look at the picture

Pretty girl in the city

Today, plain t-shirts are in trend. It can be white, gray, olive, khaki, pastel yellow or blue. Huge humorous inscriptions on T-shirts have lost their relevance, but brand logos or obscene expressions are in vogue.

Also, a rectangle placed on the chest is considered an actual print for a T-shirt. It can depict your favorite cartoon character, actor, politician, landscape, abstract drawing, etc.

Keti Topuria in the most fashionable T-shirt of 2020

On a note: has sign and t-shirt length. If the task is to highlight the waist, choose a cropped loose t-shirt and a high-rise bottom. Additionally, we emphasize the waist with a belt. If the T-shirt is long, it is better to tuck it in. She will be able to create a waist provided that there are tucks on the trousers or jeans in front.

Summer images with a T-shirt for inspiration: photo

Summer look for the office with a t-shirt

T-shirt and leopard trousers

V-neck T-shirt

Pants with T-shirt

Fashionable midi skirt with a T-shirt

Short T-shirt with trousers

Stylish bow for the summer

Red summer image

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