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How to combine a down jacket, jacket and boots: fashion rules

Jacket, shoes and bag – stylish combinations

In winter, it is most difficult to find a suitable pair for a down jacket. On the one hand, these are practical and warm outerwear, and on the other, they are immense, not combining with almost anything from the list of “elegant” things. It is especially difficult to figure out which shoes and bag to choose for a down jacket.

We have prepared a small cheat sheet for you to make it easier to understand what to wear with jackets, down jackets and puffy coats.

Selection rules: jacket + shoes + bag

Dress with down jacket
How To Wear a Down Jacket With a Smart Bag

This season, down jackets without any decorative elements are in trend.

The only accent is the pockets. They are usually overhead. We choose a gate with a stand or, like a coat. Hood optional. And the belt that comes with the kit can be replaced with a classic belt if you want to highlight the waist.

Down jacket for winter 2021 photo
The most fashionable model of a down jacket winter 2021 photo
A bag that does not fit a down jacket
Stylish winter look with a down jacket and a bag
Quilted cropped down jacket
Quilted puffer shirt

A complete review of fashionable down jackets fall-winter 2021-2022 in THIS ARTICLE.

And now consider the rules for combining winter jackets with boots and bags. ⠀

We select shoes

Mulberry down jacket
Puffy down jacket

So, shoes for a down jacket should be chosen, given the volume of outerwear. Length, by the way, also matters.

If a down jacket looks like a coat

Down jacket in the form of a black robe
Plain down jacket with a belt

The more a down jacket looks like a coat, the more formal shoes will suit it. Basic ankle boots or boots with heels are needed. Distinctive features of these models are a steady heel, a narrow or medium shaft. Color: beige, white, brown, black. Even leopard will work if the jacket is neutral in color.

If the down jacket is bulky

Saddle bag and down jacket
Fashionable image with boots and a down jacket photo

If the model of the jacket is sports, put the basic shoes aside and choose a more trendy option. Suitable boots with tractor soles, hikers, timberlands, dutiks, snow boots.

If the down jacket is very long

Fashionable down jacket for women winter 2021 photo
Beige down jacket women's photo

In the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season, maxi and mini down jackets are in trend. The middle option is considered neutral and not the most relevant. In order to somehow “revive” outerwear to the middle of the buttocks, it is recommended to complement the image with a stylish belt.

Shoes for a quilted maxi coat are suitable, as in the previous version. Its main characteristics: lacing, massive sole or heel. The presence of inserts made of rubber bands or rubber is welcome.

If the short model

Wrong bag for a down jacket
Stylish winter look with a down jacket and a bag

We wear shortened models of down jackets with coarse boots or basic ones. The main requirement is not to visually shorten the silhouette. To do this, we try to match shoes to the color of the trousers, avoiding contrasts.

We select a bag

Cloud bag with chain
Baguette bag for every day

On the one hand, it seems that not a single bag can be combined with down jackets, so you immediately want to buy a practical backpack. But after all, not all models of winter coats are similar to those in which it is customary to spend holidays in the mountains. Many look elegant and stylish.

Quilted coat bag

Quilted coat
Quilted long coat for winter

Two types of bags are combined with a puffy winter coat – basic, able to keep their shape, and trendy quilted, the shape of which has no clear boundaries.

Bag for “dutik”

An image with a red down jacket and an unusual bag
Winter look with a blue down jacket

If outerwear is voluminous and bulky, leather, suede or patent leather handbags with a thin strap should be discarded. Such a contrast is an antitrend. Any bags with a stitch, nylon, soft are suitable for sports options. The size is medium or large.

To shortened

Navy blue down jacket
Stylish down jacket

A mini down jacket is most harmoniously combined with a backpack. We choose a product of medium size and a neutral shade, if the outerwear is accented.

If it’s still difficult to find a bag and shoes, there are life hack: take the trends of the season. It’s very hard to guess in this case. The most fashionable boots, down jacket and bags always make a good set.

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