Как носить вещи с принтом

How to combine things with a print: 6 main rules

To look bright: simple schemes for combining things with drawings

A print is a specific image applied to a fabric.

A print on clothes can occupy not only the entire area, but also show off only in the central part, decorate only the chest, complement the back, be applied to sleeves or patch pockets. Lots of options.

How to combine things with a print?

Things with a print
Things with a photo print

It is believed that there is no difficulty in combining monophonic things. There you can be guided by both the basic principles of color, combining adjacent and opposite shades, and more complex schemes, like color blocking. But the combination of things in a sprint often raises questions, because it seems that they do not fit anything.

How to wear a zebra blouse
Beautiful striped blouse

Stylists often notice: people who are far from the world of fashion opt for plain clothes, assuring that they like the basic elements of the wardrobe more than one-day trends.

We offer you to learn how to combine prints with each other so that things in the closet sparkle with new colors.

Pattern 1: single print

Things with drawings can be combined according to the principle of single lines. Having chosen such a scheme, it is important to understand that neither the color nor the size of the print matters. Only the pattern is important: stripes with stripes, a square with a square, hearts with hearts, and flowers with flowers.

In this case, it is important to remember the main properties of any prints:

  • Large ones add volume, so women in the body should pay attention to small peas or a cage;
  • The large print makes the figure more rounded, so it is ideal for those who want to add volume to their hips or chest.
Striped look
Striped skirt look
Multicolored tiger print outfit
Multicolored image in peas
Striped skirt and shorts

Scheme 2: same color but different print

You can combine a floral skirt and a striped blouse with each other according to the principle of a single color. If both things have the same shades (neutral ones are allowed), feel free to put them on. And remember that:

The more contrasting the pattern, the more it will add volume. Therefore, if the task is to visually reduce the hips, we prefer not a burgundy-raspberry combination, but a gray-white one.

Light summer look
Light summer look photo
Outfit with print
We combine prints
How to wear a printed skirt
How to combine black and white prints
Combination print look
Combining prints in a summer look

Pattern 3: uniform size and shape

Combining things with colors / circles / unusual shapes is easy if they are the same size. For example, a skirt with large rosebuds and a T-shirt with small daisies depicted are incompatible wardrobe items. They can also be arranged according to the principle of a common color. (More on this principle below 👇)

How to combine things in peas
How to combine things in peas photo

Scheme 4: only one unit with a pattern

The simplest scheme that allows you to harmoniously fit a thing with a pattern into the image is to choose a pair of the color that is present in the print. For example, we combine black and white trousers with a white or black bottom. And the skirt, which depicts flowers of pink, purple, green and blue, is worn with the top of one of the listed shades. Shoes are neutral (black, white, beige).

How to wear a bright sweater
How to wear orange
How to wear orange pants
Outfit for spring photo
Printed pleated skirt
Purple print look for summer
How to wear tiger clothes
What to wear with a black and white skirt

Diagram 5: geometry to geometry

Stylists assure that things with a geometric print are harmoniously combined with each other, even if their shades and scale do not match (it is better that the color still matches). Therefore, striped trousers can be worn with any polka dot blouse or plaid jacket. By the principle of combining geometric prints, they will not conflict.

Important: Floral print is not compatible with this scheme. In order for the flowers to look harmonious, we must take into account the principle of scale: the drawings must be the same size.

Bright look for spring in stripes
Things with a print
Outfit with print
Women's printed bow
How to combine things with geometry
How to wear colorful clothes
Things with a photo print
Spring outfit with print

Diagram 6: add denim

Denim, as you know, comes in different shades, but stylists assure that it is compatible with all prints in any version. The main requirement is that denim should be free of scuffs, decor, stripes, etc.

Striped blouse
Blouse with flowers
Denim sundress
Beautiful striped blouse

Scheme 7 (optional): one part of the image is neutral

If there is no thing with a repeating print or a shade that is present in the picture, do not rush to despair. For this occasion, there are clothes of neutral colors – black, white, gray, beige. Such a detail can be added to any image, the main thing is that the cut is simple and without decor.

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