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How to create a cozy interior in an apartment, house: designer’s advice

Cozy design: what simple interior items create it

It happens that the long-awaited repair in the apartment is completed, carried out in accordance with the latest trends, but the soul is joyless, because the room looks uncomfortable. Someone will say: it is enough to scatter things and get rid of the ideal post-renovation order, but we suggest paying attention to the recommendations of interior designers and “living in” the rooms correctly.

Checklist for a cozy apartment

Beautiful living room interior

Turning to the interior designer, we expect that he, as a specialist, will be able to realize all our wishes. In fact, many craftsmen pay attention to the main elements of the repair, missing important details. But it is the little things that make the room special and cozy.

We tell you how to bring comfort to the rooms on your own, without spending a fortune on an “upgrade” of an apartment or an interior designer who will impose his own vision.

Fireplace instead of TV cabinet

Fireplace in the living room photo
Decorative fireplace ideas

Most apartments have a TV cabinet, which has been preserved since the times when there were no thin plasmas. Now there is no special need for such pieces of furniture, since modern TVs look much better on the wall.

But what about empty space?

In order not to empty the wall, many people leave the cabinet in the same place. But it looks boring, and even a vase located on it does not save the situation. Someone decides to replace the old cabinet with a rack, but designers recommend choosing a fireplace. He may not be real. A decorative element (bio-fireplaces, false fireplaces) is enough, which, like a cabinet, will become an excellent niche for placing photo frames, vases and souvenirs. Only the fireplace in the living room looks much more comfortable.

A mirror is needed not only in the hallway

Unusual mirror in the interior photo
Round mirror in the dining room

Many apartments have a large mirror only in the hallway. But this is not only a functional item, but also an excellent element of decor.

Today, rounded edges are in trend, so if you decide to add coziness to one of the rooms – a bedroom, a living room, a living room, hang a round or oval mirror on the wall. If there is also a frame or lighting, it will be very good.

Combine invoices

Living room with textiles
Textiles in the interior

A cozy atmosphere in the apartment is most easily created with the help of textiles. Add a couple of pillows to the sofa, place a basket with a blanket near, and curtain the windows, getting rid of the old blinds.

Remember that you should not order pillowcases, curtains and sofa upholstery from the same material. This is way too outdated. Today, combinations of textures are considered cozy and trendy.

Photos like paintings

Photos in the interior
Photos in the interior ideas

Not everyone can afford expensive art objects, and a low-quality painting will not only add comfort, but also tell about the lack of taste of the owners of the house or apartment.

Modern designers recommend instead of paintings of dubious quality, hang framed photographs on the walls. Only family members should not be depicted on them. A huge portrait of anyone against the background of a cornfield or in a wedding dress is the last century.

Today, the trend is photos in a minimalist style, combined with the overall design of the room. ⠀

Lots of lamps

original lamps
Original lamps on the ceiling

To make the room feel cozy, you need to add light. To do this, instead of one chandelier in the center, we hang small lamps above each zone. It is important that the lamps do not turn on at the same time. This will allow, as necessary, to create a different mood: dimmed the light – romance, added – a banquet. ⠀


Plants in the interior ideas
Plants in the interior photo

Outdoor volumetric plants can refresh the environment. Moreover, it is not necessary to choose real ones, it is enough to purchase a couple of artificial palm trees that do not require any maintenance, except for wiping them once a week.

What would you add to this list?

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