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How to do a chemical peel at home

At home facial peeling recipes

Peeling is a procedure that affects the skin of the face, with its help the skin is cleansed by exfoliating dead cells.

At home, facial peeling can be done on your own without throwing money at expensive beauty salons, after which, judging by the reviews, the desired is often not achieved. Peeling at home is not only cheaper, but also more effective than cosmetologists and will help you say goodbye to problem skin.

Peeling at home for the face – recipes

All procedures carried out independently, using recipes that have become popular, are divided into chemical and mechanical. The latter are carried out with the help of: scrubs, gommages and peeling masks. During the chemical peel, various acids are used to improve the condition of the skin. There are many photos on social networks showing changes in the condition of the skin of the face.

Facial peeling with salicylic acid


Salicylic acid is the strongest antiseptic. Acid peeling differs from other types of peeling in that it dissolves dead skin cells, allowing new, healthy cells to develop. This type of peeling is absolutely safe and will help get rid of:
– acne;
– inflammation;
– scars;
– Acne scars.

Recipe using this acid: You will need: an aspirin tablet (effervescent will not work), a fat face cream (7 ml).
It is necessary to mix the crushed tablet with the cream, apply it correctly on the face, avoiding the hypersensitive area around the eyes, hold for about an hour. Then wash off with warm water.

How to do a chemical peel


If you use a purchased mixture as a peeling composition, it is important to test the susceptibility of the components of the product before the procedure – on the elbow bend.

Before carrying out the peeling itself, you should cleanse the skin of the face with milk or gel. Then spread the peeling mixture evenly over the face, try not to get it on the sensitive areas around the eyes. Hold for five minutes and rinse with warm water (during the procedure there should be no unpleasant sensations: tingling, discomfort, burning).

Soft peeling – how to do at home


The simplest recipe for gentle peeling is oatmeal peeling.
Take two tablespoons of oatmeal, add some milk, wait until a thick mixture forms and apply it on your face. Hold for 10 minutes and rinse. If you regularly carry out such a procedure, the result will be noticeable after two weeks, this is evidenced by the reviews of women using this peeling.

Professional acne treatment

The acne peeling procedure will help you:
– remove the keratinized layer of cells, which in turn is the cause of acne, blackheads, blackheads;

– gradually completely get rid of unwanted rash due to the antibacterial effect of the procedure;

– prevent recurrence and the appearance of new acne.

Reviews of many women say that the vaporization procedure effectively helps in the fight against acne. During it, the skin is treated, the dermis is fully nourished with ozone, calcium and is cleansed of inflammation. The same result can be achieved with chloride peeling, or with soda.

There are the following types of facial cleansing to combat acne:
— vacuum cleaning;
– ultrasonic;
– peeling.


Recipe for peeling against acne with badyaga

It is necessary to purchase a badyaga (in a pharmacy), a solution of hydrogen peroxide 3%. Mix all this in equal amounts – apply to the skin, wait 5 minutes and rinse with cool water.


Home peeling with acids

Popular and effective among women is lemon peeling. You will need one lemon and cotton pads. It is necessary to squeeze and strain the lemon juice, soak one cotton pad with it and wipe the face – without rinsing for 10 minutes, then wash off the remaining juice with warm water.


Peeling by skin type

Recommendations for peeling based on skin types:

1. In the presence of oily skin – mechanical peeling is possible daily, chemical peeling is possible periodically, as women write in reviews – the main thing is to moisturize the skin;

2. If you are the owner of a dry type, gentle peeling is recommended to be carried out weekly, using acids such as mandelic and glycolic acids, which maintain skin moisture as much as possible. At the end of peeling, it is desirable to apply a cream with a polyunsaturated acid;

3. Peeling frequency for normal skin is 2 times a week. As a rule, mild acids for cleaning or the use of anti-aging products are used for care.

For oily skin type:

1. You will need yogurt (you can use kefir), you need to mix it with sea salt (1 tablespoon). Apply to face and massage in circular motions, then wash with warm water.

2. Grind 3 aspirin tablets, add some water and honey. Apply to face and after 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

For dry skin type:

1. Grind one apple and 3-4 strawberries, massage your face with the mixture and wash with cold water;

2. 1:1 mix sugar and homemade yogurt, leave for 20-25 minutes and rinse with cool water;

For normal skin type:

1. Mix kefir, sour cream and sour in equal proportions – apply for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water;

2. Mix crushed red currants with grapes – 2:1. Apply the resulting mixture on the face and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

For this type of skin, peelings using vinegar, hilak forte are also effective.

Coffee scrub for oily skin

Coffee grounds must be mixed with 1 tablespoon of yogurt, applied, lightly massaging the face for two minutes and washed with cool water. There are many reviews about the effectiveness of this scrub – women are delighted!


Almond peeling for dry skin

Mix equal amounts of crushed oatmeal and almonds, add a little olive oil, wait 10-15 minutes, wash with warm water.


Fruit scrub

Scrubs based on fresh fruits or berries have all the vitamins, trace elements for healthy and radiant skin. As a face mask, you can use strawberries – it refreshes and nourishes the skin.


Strawberry Scrub Recipe: Take 7 berries and 3 tablespoons of semolina, mix until a slurry is obtained – apply the resulting mixture and massage, avoid getting into the area around the eyes. Then wash your face with cool water, this scrub has a whitening effect.

Acidic for deep cleansing

Deep peeling penetrates to a depth of 0.6 mm. damaging the epidermal layer. Thanks to him, deeper wrinkles are smoothed out, a lifting effect occurs. However, deep peeling at home is contraindicated, as it can harm not only the skin…

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