Beautiful age-lifting make-up

How to do a lifting makeup: a step-by-step technique for those who care about their appearance after 40-50 years

Women want to look perfect, regardless of age. An elegant, well-groomed appearance speaks of self-esteem, and a skillfully selected image emphasizes the attractive, mature beauty of the lady. But what to do if the skin loses its youthful freshness and elasticity, there are more and more insidious wrinkles every year?

Not every woman decides on radical procedures. However, with modern cosmetics and special techniques, there is no need for dangerous experiments with one’s own appearance.

Beautiful age-lifting make-up

For ladies aged 50+, a special kind of anti-age makeup is offered. Its main feature is a persistent, striking effect that allows you to look 10-20 years younger.

Lifting makeup for women over 50

Although all the means to create such a make-up are available to consumers, to achieve a delightful, transforming result, it is better to have a make-up done by a professional makeup artist. He will take into account the condition of the skin, select the right cosmetics, develop an individual style.

Rejuvenating effect of anti-age in lifting makeup

The relationship of age-related changes in the face and the selection of cosmetics for lifting makeup in women after 50

Despite all the efforts of beautiful ladies with the use of moisturizing and nourishing creams, massages, contrast baths and other achievements in cosmetology, negative changes become more and more pronounced with age. The aging process of facial skin starts at the age of 23-26 years. In the early years, it is almost invisible, but over the years there are more and more wrinkles, and the oval of the face “floats”. Why is this happening?

Age-related changes in the face of women 50+

Aging is an inevitable phenomenon caused by the biological characteristics of the organism. For different ladies, the process proceeds with different intensity.

The age at which negative changes become noticeable to others depends on various factors:

  • genetic and ethnic features. For example, in Asian women, the face retains girlish beauty and freshness for 10-15 years longer. The reason is the sensitivity of fair skin to exposure to sunlight, which destroys collagen fibers;
  • face oval. Elongated forms are especially prone to sagging;
How to look beautiful after 50 with a lifting makeup

  • lifestyle, healthy or unhealthy diet, the presence of bad habits. So, in heavy smokers, the skin loses moisture faster, acquires an ugly color;
  • region of residence.

By the age of 50, the biochemical processes in the body slow down. The production of proteins vital for the condition of the skin – collagen and elastin – is sharply reduced.

Makeup with a lifting effect for ladies aged 50+

The fibers made up of these proteins provide the main properties of beautiful facial skin:

  • elasticity, elasticity;
  • beautiful, silky shine;
  • tightened oval of the face;
  • fast recovery.

Aging skin becomes drier, even if it was previously oily. Persistent dark shadows are formed around the eyes, wrinkles and folds are places of risk – in the corners of the eyes and under them, in the nasolabial region, in the corners of the mouth and on both sides of the chin. Plump, full apple-cheeks sag sadly.

All these problems can be successfully hidden with the help of age-lifting makeup. But, this does not mean that you need to apply bright colors and contrasting colors, many layers of dense tonal means.

Lifting makeup for women over 50

Modern make-up for ladies over 50 is distinguished by naturalness, elegance and sophistication. For an evening look, it is allowed to use a more saturated color scheme, mascara that gives volume, various shining effects.

All cosmetics are selected individually, according to external data, skin and face color type, personal style. The result of the work of an experienced makeup artist is consistently excellent, and makes the elderly lady feel like a queen.

What are the pros and cons of lifting makeup

Modern cosmetics cannot completely remove, erase age-related changes. But, they perfectly switch attention and mask these shortcomings.

Makeup with a lifting effect transforms the face

This technique has a number of advantages:

  • maximum naturalness of the image;
  • since a foundation of special anti-aging creams is applied under the lifting makeup, the skin becomes more elastic, even, toned;
  • only cosmetic, safe products are used, unlike injections, plastics and similar procedures;
Evening look with lifting makeup

  • the inexpensive cost of the tools and tools necessary to create a high-quality effect makes them affordable for all ladies.

Moreover, the technique of applying anti-aging makeup is very simple. If you wish, you can master it yourself, following the recommendations of experts and practicing creating an elegant daytime look several times.

Facial transformation with lifting makeup

It is worth noting the disadvantages of the method:

  • the effect of cosmetics is short-lived, even if waterproof formulations are used;
  • it is not recommended to apply lifting makeup daily, as the skin needs to rest periodically.
A beautiful look with lifting makeup is a good mood for the whole day

If you need a real “wow effect” for a wedding or an anniversary, New Year, it will be difficult to create a great image on your own. It is better to contact a specialist in a beauty salon.

Rules for applying lifting makeup: tips from the master

There are a few secrets that make anti-aging makeup really amazing:

  • the face is intensively moisturized with specialized creams, balms;
How to do lifting makeup

  • choose products with a radiance effect, or mix with a highlighter;
Applying lifting makeup

  • be sure to use contouring, highlighting the cheekbones;
Fixing lifting makeup with powder

  • refresh the face with blush with shine;
  • for lips, only liquid, gel-like, transparent products, gloss are used.
Amazing result of lifting make-up

When adjusting, all lines are directed upwards, revealing the cut of the eyes, making the cheekbones visually higher.

What tools and tools are needed for lifting makeup

This type of make-up does not require large expenses for cosmetics.

Lifting Makeup Gel

All products are available for sale, you just need to choose the right ones in terms of composition, effect and shade.

  • As a tonal basis, they choose not a powder, but a cream. It helps to make the skin softer and radiant.
  • For lips, delicate, pastel and nude shades, lilac and brown tones are used. Liquid lipsticks, balms, lip gloss are preferred, creating a moisturizing effect, adding radiance and volume.
Lipstick for make-up with a lifting effect

  • Eyelashes must be curled with a curler. Beautifully curved eyelashes visually lift the face, make it more toned.
eyelash curler

  • For eyeliner, eyebrows use softer, brown pencils. It is better to refuse black eyeliners or a liquid liner.
Brown pencil for eyeliner, eyebrows

  • Shadows are selected in a basic, beige and brown palette, with a shimmer.
  • Mascara should be with the effect of lengthening and fixing a graceful bend.
  • Highlighter – only liquid and only in a small amount, no more than 1-2 drops.
Correction of the area around the eyes with a lifting effect

  • Blush should not be too bright, with a shimmery shimmer. Also, you can use lighter, creamy formulations. They allow the skin to shine without the use of reflective particles.
Thoughtful look when applying lifting makeup

For ease of application, a variety of brushes, applicators are used.

Step-by-step technique for creating a professional lifting makeup

To do the right age anti-aging, you need to understand it …

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