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How to do a manicure with a needle

For those who do not yet have much experience in creating a manicure, a fairly simple option that can be easily done at home is suitable. This is a nail design using a regular needle. The result is an interesting and unusual manicure.

To decorate your nails in this way, you need to prepare varnishes of three tones, a needle or a toothpick and a fixative. It is best to take varnishes of similar shades. Then the nails will be decorated with a nice gradient transition. But nothing stops you from experimenting and using completely different colors to add contrast.

Blue manicure

How to make a light manicure with a needle

    1. First you need to apply the main varnish and wait until it dries completely.


    1. The second step is to apply the same varnish again, but this time you do not need to wait for drying, but you must immediately proceed to the next step.


    1. On the edge and center of the nail, you need to apply vertical stripes with other varnishes chosen for this manicure. With a toothpick or a needle, it is necessary to draw horizontal lines along the entire plane of the nail. Movements should be light enough, otherwise damage to the nail plate can be caused.


    1. After the coating has completely dried, it remains to protect it with a fixative. In addition, thanks to this tool, the nails will acquire a pleasant shine.


With the resulting manicure, the nails will look very beautiful and original.

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