How to do a pedicure: step by step instructions with a photo

Pedicure at home: step by step for beginners

Girls always want their legs to look beautiful and well-groomed – both in summer and in winter. But, few people know that it is not necessary to go to the salon for a beautiful pedicure, you can do it yourself at home. This is especially true for those who like to walk in sandals in the summer – beautiful and well-groomed toenails are especially important for them.

If a girl has beautiful well-groomed nails, then she feels confident. And how to do a pedicure step by step, our article will tell you. We will not use special equipment to do it at home, which will allow you to enjoy this activity at any time.

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Pedicure at home: instructions

This is a very simple procedure, it will not take you much time, and the result will make others admire you! There are many ways to do a DIY pedicure at home. We will look at step-by-step instructions on how to do it right!

before and after

Required Tools


For this you will need:

  • quality scissors and tweezers,
  • orange stick,
  • wire cutters,
  • brush,
  • nail file,
  • cotton pads,
  • and nail polish remover.

In addition to the above tools for pedicure at home, you must have bath, scrub, remover calluses and corns and of course cream for legs. You can use any cream you use daily, be it moisturizer or deodorant.


If you have all these tools, then you can easily repeat the salon pedicure process. The main thing is to store them correctly. It is better to do this in a special cosmetic bag, in a clean and dry form. Thoroughly sterilize each item after each use.

Pedicure: step by step

When creating a pedicure at home with your own hands, you should follow the instructions. So, consider all the stages of the procedure.

Step 1: Start with a foot bath. Before performing which you should remove all varnish from the nails. For it, you can use sea salt, soda, tinctures of calendula or chamomile. And you can buy a ready-made softener with an antibacterial effect. As the water in the bath cools, it must be filled with hotter water so that the feet are well prepared for the pedicure process. Steam your feet for about 20-30 minutes, then wipe dry with a towel.


Step 2: Removal of corns. Next, you need to deal with the feet, removing all corns and calluses. They can be removed with a pumice stone or a razor specially designed for this purpose. Walk the pumice stone in a circular motion over the entire foot – this will help get rid of dry skin. To give a more well-groomed appearance to the legs – use a scrub. Spread and massage it on the foot, fingers and the distance between the fingers. After this procedure, the cream should be rubbed into the feet.


pumice-1 scrub


If there is calluses and cracksyou can remove them using tweezers.


Step 3: Preparing the nail and cuticle. In no case should you cut the cuticle, just push it back with a stick. You can apply a softening cream or oil for this. Next, the nails should be trimmed and filed, but do not round their edges. This can lead to an ingrown nail and without the help of a specialist you can no longer do it.


Don’t forget the dirt under your nails! Clean it thoroughly!

Step 4: Apply varnish. The first layer is a transparent base for nails. It will protect the surface. Apply colored varnish in one or two layers, allowing each of them to dry well. Apply a fixing varnish on top so that the color does not chip off.


On this do-it-yourself pedicure at home is over! There is nothing complicated, the main thing is to learn how to do it right!

Features of a pedicure for the elderly

Medical pedicure for the elderly at home, it is performed in the same way as a regular do-it-yourself pedicure at home. The most important thing here is compliance with the rules of antiseptics at the highest level. Because for them – it’s not just putting nails in order. This is an opportunity to move painlessly.

The duration of such a procedure will be from forty to eighty minutes.

A hardware pedicure is best for the elderly, because it does not require steaming the legs. Many older people suffer from varicose veins and other diseases in which steaming is not recommended. This method can be done to you any day, the best specialists work in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

How to do a hardware pedicure?

Care should be taken to properly perform a do-it-yourself hardware pedicure at home. But learning this lesson is quite easy. The main thing is to choose the right device for this.


The main advantage of this type of pedicure is that the legs do not need to be steamed in advance, it is enough to treat them well with an antiseptic.

Hardware pedicure step by step:

  1. Cuticle. Here the work of the apparatus must be very careful. With light movements, the cuticle must be lifted from the center to the edges. And then carefully sand;
  2. Sinuses of the lateral ridges. Move in the direction of nail growth, away from the cuticle. It is better to use the edge of the cutter;
  3. Nogtevth rollers. Light non-stop movements with soft grinding;
  4. Treatment of the skin around the nail. Similar movements, but already using a nozzle specifically for this operation;
  5. Grinding of the nail plate. This is where sanding and polishing tools come in handy. This will help remove all the bumps and polish the plate to a shine.

As you can see, do-it-yourself hardware pedicure is quite simple to perform. Hardware manicure is performed in the same way.

Performing a hardware medical pedicure is prescribed when an ingrown nail, foot fungus, calluses, corns appear, or to improve the blood supply to the foot or treat and prevent cracks.

Such a procedure should be carried out by a person with a medical education, because it requires special knowledge. Wound healing creams and gels, disposable nozzles are used, which eliminate the risk of infection.

The most popular devices for hardware pedicure and manicure:

  • Saturn 3565 by Planet Nails;
  • RM-25000 from Runail;
  • Combi by Planet Nails.


professional equipment will allow you to reduce the time of the procedure and improve its quality.

Gel polish pedicure at home

Do-it-yourself pedicure with gel polish at home is very easy. It lasts more than 3 weeks, and its color does not lose its saturation over time.


For this you will need:

  • Gel polish,
  • Base and cover
  • nail degreaser,
  • cotton pads,
  • UV lamp.

Application steps:

  1. To begin with, we will remove the old varnish, cut the cuticle and take care of …

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