Билли Айлиш прическа с Оскара 2020

How to do coloring like Billie Eilish

Why Billie Eilish’s Weird Coloring Could Become a Trend

American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish stands out from her peers. She not only dresses outside the box, but also makes herself a defiant manicure. Although most of all attracts attention, of course, her hairstyle, or rather an unusual hair color.

Someone says that this is terrible, others believe that she has not been to the stylist for a long time, others are already asking the master to make them the same hairstyle. I propose to understand what is the secret of this staining.

It looks unusual and helps to stand out

Билли Айлиш в Шанель

We are already used to rainbow coloring, and to colored ombre, and to completely dyed hair in a bright color. But Billy’s version is something new.

In fact, such staining is a complex work that is performed in several stages. First you need to either grow your own hair at least 3-5 cm if there was a black or dark brown hair color. Then the master performs bleaching at the roots and only after that paints in a bright green color. As a result, the color needs to be constantly updated, since not only the roots grow back, but the shade itself fades.

Bright colors on trend

Billie Eilish

The fashion for neon this summer promises to regain its leadership position again, which means that bright hair is one of the options to be in trend. You can, of course, dress like a grasshopper, but we strive for originality, and this is a much surer option. Yes, and the option with bold makeup is outdated, so now we don’t touch the face, but we conjure over the hair.

Billy has a lot of fans

So, there are a lot of those who want to look like an idol. Remember, the image of Avril Lavigne in the 2000s, when all teenage girls wanted colored strands, like the singer’s, and it looked rather strange.

Today, top stylists predict the same popularity for Billy’s hairstyle. Perhaps not everyone will choose a light green shade for the roots, but the fact that the coloring in the style of the roots of one color and the length of another is gaining popularity for sure.

Decide on such a hairstyle or look after another option?

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