Массаж лица в домашних условиях

How to do facial massage for wrinkles at home?

Facial massage at home

The benefits of facial massage can be learned from many sources. Its main purpose is to rejuvenate the skin by gentle action with the help of hands or massage brushes without interfering with the structure of the epidermis. And the call “Facial massage – become 10-15 years younger” is quite justified. Most of the massage variations provided by the specialist come from the basic teachings (Japanese, Chinese and classical facial massage) and it is quite possible to perform them at home.

Benefits of facial massage

The benefits of facial massage

Facial massage is a preventive therapeutic method of skin rejuvenation and relaxation. It also has an effect on the muscles of the face, stimulating them and keeping them in good shape.

The main purpose of the facial massage procedure at home is to improve blood flow, stabilize the sebaceous glands and relieve muscle tension.

The main advantages of facial massage:

  • Prevention of wrinkles;
  • Increase skin tone;
  • Improvement of blood supply in the epidermis;
  • Removal of edema;
  • Improvement in skin color.

If you follow the technique correctly, you can push age-related changes into the background. The dermis will also be perfectly saturated with oxygen, retaining plasticity and elasticity for a long time.

Rules for the procedure

Facial massage along the lines

Almost all types of massage can be done independently, without outside help, in comfortable home conditions. In addition, massage has no contraindications. With very rare exceptions, a cosmetologist can prohibit it if you have inflammation, irritation, burns, eczema on your face and it is better not to disturb your skin. Therefore, before starting a facial massage, it is better to consult a specialist.

When conducting a massage, it is only important to follow simple rules:

  • Prepare for the procedure – wash off makeup and pick up hair;
  • Choose the right time frame;
  • Choose a cream or a special composition for facial skin massage.

Learning to do self-massage is not difficult. Regular use of procedures (at any age and preferably before the onset of age-related manifestations) has a positive effect on the appearance of a woman. Most techniques are easy to use, so self-use at home will not cause discomfort.

According to cosmetologists, the most important is the selection of an auxiliary composition, which should be chosen based on the type of skin:

  • For dry, using avocado, apricot, wheat germ, banana or honey is great;
  • Essential or other oils (sea buckthorn, olive, etc.) go well with the normal type;
  • For oily skin – a mixture of herbs (thistle, St. John’s wort, chamomile, etc.) or peach / apricot pits.

You can use homemade recipes or buy ready-made products (creams, for example). To make a choice, cosmetologists recommend trying several of them.

Facial massage lines

Facial massage lines

Movements during facial skin massage are carried out strictly along special massage lines. It is following this rule that allows you to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time. Failure to follow the lines can lead to the exact opposite effect.

Basic facial massage lines:

  • From the center of the chin to the earlobes;
  • From the central point under the lower (and under the upper) lip to the earlobes;
  • From the corners of the lips to the middle of the ears;
  • From the center of the forehead to the center of the temples and the line of the eyebrows;
  • From the outer corners of the eyes to the inner and vice versa (along the upper and lower eyelids).

How to do a facial massage yourself

Massage at home

Different massage techniques have their own movements. The main thing is to follow their order correctly. We suggest starting with the classic version (anti-aging), which is easy to do on your own at home. It is carried out in several stages:

  1. Stage 1: cleansing. The skin of the face must first be cleaned of cosmetics, dirt and dust. It is also recommended to remove hair so as not to interfere with the procedure;
  2. Stage 2: preparation. Light stroking with increasing pace, turning into rubbing. This process allows you to prepare and slightly warm up the skin before the main process;
  3. Stage 3: massage. During this period, the top layer of the skin is kneaded. Move your fingertips in a spiral, increasing, then weakening the pressure. Relaxes muscles.
  4. Stage 4: vibration and patting. This stage is final. Patting can be done both with the whole palm (edge) and with the fingertips.

In addition to the technique itself, it is important to observe the technology of movements – along certain massage lines and directions. According to cosmetologists, it is advisable to apply a cream (nourishing or moisturizing) after the session, since at this moment the skin is most receptive to additional care.

Types of facial massage

Self facial massage

There are many types of facial massage. However, most of them are based directly on classical Japanese techniques, which contributed to the emergence of new techniques.

In facial massage, there are several main areas:

  • Cosmetic classic, rejuvenating (plucked Jaco);
  • Japanese lymphatic drainage or Tibetan shiatsu;
  • Chinese reaffirming sculptural or gouache technique (canned);
  • Spanish chiroplastic myofascial;
  • Ayurvedic buccal;
  • Spot, spoons, honey modeling;
  • Ultrasonic sculpting (hardware LPG) and other techniques.

All these techniques are useful for the skin in their own way and have an incredible effect if you properly follow the recommendations: they keep you young, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, relieve flabbiness, tighten the oval of the face without surgical assistance and give excellent results (improve skin condition) after the first sessions. .

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

The technique of lymphatic drainage facial massage will help get rid of puffiness (for example, bags under the eyes or jowls), get rid of wrinkles, correct asymmetry, i.e. rejuvenate the face. At the same time, it has a lifting effect (natural skin tightening). It is also used for weight loss.

Instructions for conducting lymphatic drainage massage:

  • Peeling of the skin of the face, it is preferable to use a product with fruit acids;
  • Warm up the skin by rubbing the face;
  • We strengthen the forehead area by moving the palms from the temples to the center of the forehead and back. We repeat the movements three times, holding the hands in the middle for 3-5 seconds;
  • We get rid of edema and circles under the eyes by slowly swiping two fingers from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer ones. The action is repeated five times, then we change the direction from the outer corner to the inner;
  • From wrinkles around the mouth, a stronger effect will help – we press with our thumbs on the middle of the chin and lead to the upper nasolabial folds. We repeat ten times;
  • We tighten the skin around the lips and nose, pressing the index fingers of both hands on the nasolabial folds …

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