Glitter eye makeup

How to do glitter makeup on your face 2022: instructions with photo examples

Shiny textures and shiny accents have been in fashion for several seasons in a row. Bright and extravagant makeup with glitter or shimmer is not just a beauty trend, it is a special direction in make-up that does not fade even under the pressure of nude trends.

Glitter eye makeup

Fancy glitter makeup

Glitter eye makeup for green eyes

Glitter and shimmer for glitter makeup: what is it and what is the difference

  • Shimmer – This is a tool that gives the skin a shimmering effect due to the finely ground sparkles included in the composition. Glitters are already larger sequins that can have any shape and size.
Eye makeup with glitter shimmer

They are rarely used in everyday makeup, only if the image requires it. The main use of glitters is in creating spectacular and creative make-ups. Often used by artists to create a stage image.

Face makeup with shimmery sequins in a natural shade without a color base

Shimmers can be found in the compositions of natural makeup products – shadows, bronzers, highlighters, lip gloss, blush, etc. They give a mysterious glow, are used to mask skin imperfections and highlight areas. Makeup shimmerrom is a dosed and moderate shine that can be used every day.

Everyday Glitter Makeup

Loose pigments are a relatively new beauty discovery in makeup. This is a shimmer concentrate, dry fine glitters that can be used alone to achieve a dense, shiny layer on the skin.

Glitter day makeup

  • Loose glitter It is applied practically in all spheres of beauty spheres. Glitter manicure, iridescent freckles, shimmering curls – glitters are indispensable where there is not enough shine and attention.
Loose Glitter for Glitter Makeup

Unlike shimmer, glitter is not used on its own. It needs a base to apply.

Loose sequins for makeup

It can be a special glue or any sticky base – lip gloss, eyebrow gel, hair wax and others.

Glitter eye makeup

Glitter eye makeup: how to do it right

Glitter is a versatile makeup tool. They are suitable for both daytime and evening wear. Of course, it all depends on the concentration of shine. Even an ordinary make-up can be transformed in a few minutes by adding brightness with a shimmer or glitter.

Evening eye makeup with sparkles

For example, after a working day you have a party planned. There is sorely not enough time for a full-fledged make-up with all the stages of skin preparation.

yellow glitter eye makeup

How to create a festive look quickly and correctly:

  • To make your makeup last longer, apply a light eye shadow or base to the entire moving eyelid. The base will help the sparkles to be better distributed and fixed;
  • Using a brush or sponge, apply the main shade of the shadows. Blend them all over the eyelid. The crumbled particles can be quickly removed by soaking the skin under the eyes with a cotton pad with a thin layer of non-greasy cream;
Glitter and shimmer in glitter eye makeup

  • Darken the corners of your eyes with darker shades. The color is selected in accordance with the color type of the skin;
  • emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, eyeliner on the upper eyelid. It can be done with black or brown pencil. The color is selected depending on the shades already applied. There are two facets here – if you plan a light make-up, close to daytime, you need to shade the eyeliner, if evening, you can make a clear, expressive arrow with a shiny eyeliner.
Multicolored eye makeup with glitter shimmer

Advice: The shimmer can be applied to the entire moving eyelid. This will make the image catchy and flashy. It is important to choose high-quality cosmetics so that at the most inopportune moment all the shine does not gather into lumps.

Bright eye makeup with sparkles

You can also emphasize the lower eyelid with a mysterious shimmer. For him, it is better to choose a shimmer with a natural color or use any other product containing reflective particles.

Shimmer on the lower and upper eyelids

Glitter lip makeup

For a daytime look, lipstick with a shimmering effect of a warm shade is perfect. Remember, nude tones with gloss on the lips look brighter, giving them visually extra volume and grooming.

Glitter lip makeup

For a brighter and more daring look, you can go for an experiment and mix two lipsticks with a gloss effect. The red shade with purple looks especially stylish. In combination, the color is saturated, dark. The ombre of these flowers looks amazing. From such lips it will be impossible to tear off attention.

Light lip gloss lipstick

You can combine any colors – from delicate pastel shades to bright juicy colors. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve and produce.

Pink lipstick with shimmery effect for lip makeup with glitter

Glitter Lip Makeup

Glitter in lip makeup

On a note: everything should be in moderation, especially sparkle in makeup, if we are not talking about a stage image that requires abundant shimmer. If a bright accent is already focused on the eyes, the lips should be made more calm so that attention is not scattered, and the makeup looks concise and appropriate.

Ombre glitter lips

Ombre lips with shimmer

If the abundance of shimmer is focused on the eyes, lips barely covered with gloss balm and nude lipstick with reflective particles are perfect to complete the look, where there will be nothing superfluous.

Blue glitter ombre lip makeup

If it seems to you that the shine is not enough, make some bright accents with large glitter at the outer or inner corner of the eyes. This is the beauty trend of 2022. For a bold look, cover your lips with a bright shade of glitter.

Glitter Lip Makeup

Steps for applying lip gloss makeup

  • Blot your lips with a dry paper towel. This will help remove the remnants of balm or lipstick and absorb excess oily sheen;
  • apply lipstick on your lips. The color is selected in accordance with the shade of glitter that will complete the image;
  • using a flat brush, spread the glitter on the lips, as if gluing it, with pressing movements. Sequins should be evenly distributed, fill in any gaps and voids so that the coating looks even.

Shrinking glitter can be removed with adhesive tape, a sticky side or a brush with a hard bristle.

Bright glitter lip makeup

In this image, be prepared for the fact that the sparkles will crumble. Eating and drinking is not very convenient.

Silver glitter on lips

Working makeup tips so that the sparkles do not crumble

Glitter makeup is beautiful, bright, unusual. It can adapt to the everyday look and make the festive make-up unforgettable. But, sequins have one problem – after some time, they begin to crumble.

Glitter Freckle Makeup

If this is a daytime makeup and light colors are used, then the problem is not very noticeable. But with the evening image, everything is more complicated.

Glitter in stage make-up

How to securely fix glitter in makeup, a few useful and working lifehacks:

  1. Use eyelash glue to fix large sequins. It is important that the composition is transparent in color and hypoallergenic. If you do eyelash extensions, it is better to use the same glue that has already been tested and does not cause you discomfort.
Autumn glitter makeup with shimmer

  1. For better fixation, glitter can be applied to liquid shadows. It is important to have time to do makeup before the foundation has dried up. This method is ideal for pressed and dry sparkles.
Bright and unusual look with glitter makeup

  1. If you often wear glitter makeup, a setting spray is a great investment. It should be applied at a distance of 20-25 cm from the face. After use, wait a few minutes, the product needs to dry a little, and only then complete the make-up. Spray…

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