Особенности нанесения японского макияжа

How to do Japanese makeup?

Basic rules of Japanese makeup

Japanese make-up is the application of decorative cosmetics to the prepared skin of the face using Japanese techniques. When creating it, you must adhere to the basic rules and recommendations that will be described in the article.

Features of Japanese makeup

Japanese makeup

The Japanese are always the first in everything, and the invention of cosmetics is no exception. They focus on the quality of products and thanks to this, the make-up is spectacular and special. Next, we list the characteristic features of Japanese makeup.

Kissed lips effect gives them volume. Japanese women prefer berry and natural shades of lipstick. To create the effect of kissed lips, red or pink lipstick is applied in the center (concealer is used) and shaded around the edges. Also, they do not completely paint over the lips, leaving them blurry.

Kissed lips effect

Cleansing the skin in several stages gives it perfect smoothness. On clean skin, make-up lays down much more successfully and more beautifully. Thanks to this feature of Japanese makeup, it seems that Japanese women have the elixir of eternal youth.

Hydrophilic oil used by every Japanese girl. It is used to cleanse the face, and when mixed with water, it becomes a make-up remover milk.

Hydrophilic oil is used to cleanse the face

Before applying Japanese makeup is used primer. Its use allows you to create a line between foundation and moisturizers. This gives Japanese makeup durability.

Facial primer is used to make makeup last

The main criterion for choosing a primer is a woman’s skin type. If the skin is dry, then choose a moisturizer, and if oily, then mattifying.

When applying Japanese makeup, use thick consistency foundation. When applying makeup, the foundation is not noticeable on the face, but before use it must be warmed up in the palm of your hand. A feature of Japanese makeup is the use of a tonal base with a matte effect.

Foundation thick consistency - a feature of Japanese makeup

Bright blush emphasize the shape of the cheekbones when applying Japanese makeup. Among Japanese women, an image called “Me no shiita shiiku” is considered fashionable. Its feature is the application of bright blush under the eyes. Japanese women specifically create the effect of red and sleepy eyes. According to them, it makes them younger and more attractive.

Applying bright blush under the eyes

When applying traditional Japanese makeup, the emphasis is on drawing the eyes. Satin shadows – the main accessory when creating the image of a Japanese girl. Shadows with satin shimmer make the look more expressive and deeper. In Japan, girls apply shadows up to the eyebrows and, thanks to the natural shape of the eyes, this technique makes the makeup on their face expressive and attractive.

The use of satin shadows opens up the look of a woman

Eyeliner used to visually enlarge the eyes. When creating a Japanese image, its presence in makeup is a prerequisite. Preference is given to eyeliner in the style of “cat eyes” (cat’s eye). A small arrow is applied to the upper eyelid, and on the lower one it is drawn slightly away from the lash line.

The use of eyeliner is the main criterion for Japanese makeup

Japanese girls have short eyelashes and therefore, when applying makeup, they use overhead. To create a doll look, they are applied to the upper and lower eyelashes.

False eyelashes create the effect of doll eyes


Japanese makeup gives a woman a special charm and mystery. Before applying it, you need to decide on the look.

Traditional – the most popular and sought-after type of Japanese makeup. His clear features are a white complexion and a beautiful complexion.

Traditional Japanese makeup
Traditional Japanese makeup

casual japanese makeup, the hallmark of which is naturalness. When applying decorative cosmetics, the emphasis is on the eyes. The task of a woman or a makeup artist is to give them an almond shape. It is also necessary to emphasize the cheekbones (fell down) and the white tone of the skin of the face.

Japanese daily makeup pattern
Everyday Japanese makeup

japanese anime style makeup gained popularity after the advent of animated cartoons. It is applied in order to create a character you like.

japanese anime style makeup
japanese anime style makeup

Geisha image. When applying this type of Japanese makeup, a special makeup is used. The main criterion is compliance with the color palette. Applicable: red, white and black. Features of the image of a geisha:

  • small red lips
  • eyebrows dyed red should be strictly circled along the contour;
  • black arrows are drawn on a snow-white face.
The image of a geisha is one of the types of Japanese makeup
Geisha image

Japanese gyaru makeup. Its application gives the woman a puppet look. The purpose of makeup is to visually expand the eyes.

Japanese gyaru makeup
Japanese gyaru makeup

Necessary cosmetics

To create the image of a Japanese woman, it is necessary to prepare special decorative cosmetics and auxiliary materials. A woman will need:

  • hydrophilic oil;
  • eyebrow pencil;
  • blush;
  • tonal base;
  • pressed eyeshadow;
  • eyeliner;
  • pomade;
  • lip pencil;
  • eyelash curlers;
  • makeup brushes.

A selection of cosmetics suitable for applying Japanese makeup.

Eyebrow Pencil Hard Formula is drawn only when in contact with the eyebrows. This unique cosmetic product gives them a rich shade, but at the same time retains naturalness.

Eyebrow Pencil Hard Formula

Huda Beauty Pressed Eye Shadow suitable for any eye color. They do not crumble and do not roll. Shadows are applied easily on the eyelids and look spectacular.

Pressed eye shadow

Shu Uemura Foundation suitable for any type of skin. It contains 5 oils, which helps to improve the skin of the face. Foundation moisturizes and adds shine to Japanese makeup.

Shu Uemura Foundation

Japanese makeup: step by step

Japanese makeup step by step

Japanese makeup combines three primary colors – red, black and white. Each of the colors has its own meaning. All three shades symbolize good luck and prosperity.

Since ancient times, colors have been obtained as follows:

  • a white hue was obtained from deadly lead powder, and later from rice flour;
  • a black solution was prepared from mercury and ferrous sulfate;
  • red was obtained from orange.

How to do Japanese makeup correctly? Let’s consider the process step by step.

Creation of skin tone

Even skin tone

To create a beautiful and even skin tone:

  1. A tonal base is being prepared 1-2 shades lighter than the skin color of the face.
  2. All irregularities are masked with a corrector, and then the base is evenly applied.
  3. You can also use powder if needed.

Applying blush

Peach blush is a great option for Japanese makeup

The second step in applying Japanese makeup is applying blush. With the help of them, cheekbones stand out and relief is given.

In Japanese countries, it is popular to apply blush under the eyes, but this method is not suitable for European girls. But with this type of makeup, you can experiment and try which shades are suitable for creating the desired look. Recommended colors for application are pink and peach.

Eye drawing

Drawing eyes when applying Japanese makeup

When applying Japanese makeup, special attention is paid to the eyes. They are rendered as follows:

  1. Light matte shadows are applied to the upper eyelid. The shade can be pastel…

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