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How to draw arrows on the eyes of a photo step by step for beginners

How to draw arrows on the eyes with a pencil and eyeliner

One of the components of a successful make-up is attractive arrows. Clearly drawn arrows give the eye a bewitching look. Makeup with arrows can be found in almost every star and famous model. But how to draw them so that they are symmetrical and add a touch of sexuality to makeup, and not vice versa? All the secrets about how to draw arrows in front of the eyes with eyeliner in stages, we will tell in detail in the article.

Unique eyebrow pen "Music Flower"
So, in order for the makeup to succeed, you need to use good cosmetics. Be sure to have a quality eyebrow pencil in your home cosmetic bag. For example, you can use Music Flower. With its help, the effect of a tattoo-eyebrow is obtained.
Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette
You also need a good eyeshadow palette, as the arrows are often applied to the shadows. This allows you to make makeup more expressive.
KYILE Eyebrow Shaping Stamps
Not everyone has voluminous and beautiful eyelashes, but it does not matter. You can use magnetic cilia, which are easy to attach if necessary. And you don’t need to go to the correction every month.

How to draw arrows on the eyes

Before proceeding with the technique of drawing arrows, you should determine the shape of the eyes. After all, a certain technique of arrows is suitable for each shape of the eyes. Classic arrows are suitable for almost every girl, but it’s quite difficult to accurately and correctly portray them. If you are drawing an arrow for the first time, then you should consider one rule: the hand that will hold the arrow must be stable. But, in the case of an asymmetric line, there is always the opportunity to use shadows, thanks to which you can easily obscure the unsuccessful arrow and transform the makeup with a new highlight.

For beginners, it is better to use the so-called double arrow. The first line should be drawn close to the cilia growth line, and the second should be drawn on top. Thus, the arrow will look spectacular and no one will notice that you are new to this business. It is worth remembering that the tail of the arrow should always be sharp. It depends on how well the arrow is drawn.



Photo for inspiration

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How to draw arrows with a pencil

An eyeliner is a very useful tool. With it, you can draw both thin arrows and wide ones. A pencil with a hard texture is suitable for drawing thin arrows. Its color will not be very saturated, but its durability during the day will impress.

For thick arrows, a soft pencil is useful. It leaves wide lines of rich color, but the downside of this pencil is its durability. Makeup with such an arrow will not last throughout the day. Before applying makeup with an arrow, you should make sure that there are no cosmetic products left on the face from the previous makeup. When starting to draw an arrow with a pencil, you need to remember that the line is drawn continuously, so you do not have to correct bumps.

The line should start from the middle of the century, in this place it should be the most dense and wide. To the outer and inner corner of the eye, the arrow should go to nothing. Not always makeup with an arrow can work the first time. If there are irregularities or thickening of the arrow line, they can always be corrected with a cotton swab.


Lesson for beginners “eyeliner arrow”

Drawing an arrow with eyeliner is quite difficult. After all, the technique of execution requires incredible precision and accuracy. For the first time, the arrows may turn out to be either low-set or uneven. There are three types of eyeliner: liquid, gel, and felt-tipped. But, before you master the lesson of drawing arrows with eyeliner, you need to confidently draw arrows with a pencil. Without this method, application with eyeliner is unlikely to succeed.

The first application is better to start with the use of a felt-tip eyeliner, because in liquid and gel eyeliners, the brushes are quite soft, which will make it difficult to apply the arrow for the first time.

Drawing with eyeliner is basically no different from a pencil. First clean your eyelids with a make-up remover. Then apply your favorite eyeshadow color. Next, start applying the eyeliner. The line should be drawn from the inner corner of the eye, expanding it to the middle of the eyelid and again reducing it to the outer corner of the eyelid. The tail of the arrow must be left sharp. Many step-by-step lessons for drawing arrows using eyeliner can be seen both in the photo and in the video.

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How beautiful to draw arrows on the eyes – video

There are numerous photo and video lessons on the Internet, thanks to which you can learn how to draw correct and neat arrows. With the help of the video, drawing arrows is much easier, because the lesson shows step by step how to hold the tool, what slope to draw and what to do if the arrow is flawed.

There is an opinion that it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. This saying is perfect for girls who want to learn how to draw arrows correctly. Nothing is impossible, so if a clear line does not come out once or a couple of times, then you should not be upset. A lot of video and photo lessons will teach you how to draw arrows amazingly and with high quality.

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