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How to draw arrows with eyeliner: gel and liquid

How to draw arrows with liquid eyeliner

There are many types of underlays. And there are even more arrow options! The lightest arrows are, perhaps, classic, of normal (that is, medium) width. They can be drawn with any eyeliner, but liquid eyeliner has its own nuances:

• It is better to apply it over the shadows or the base, so as not to tighten the skin.

• If you are a beginner, draw a “draft” with a brown pencil.

• After application, let the eyeliner dry and set.

Ready to learn how to draw arrows with liquid eyeliner? We just compiled a simple and understandable tutorial:

  1. Apply eyeshadow or eye makeup base.
  2. Draw a small “tail” of the arrow. Make sure the ponytails on both eyes are symmetrical.
  3. Draw a thin line along the ciliary contour of the upper eyelid. Connect it to the “tail”. Adjust the width of the arrow to your liking.

That’s all! If the wing is a little uneven, apply the concealer to a small brush with a beveled tip and touch up. By the way, it is convenient to draw thin arrows on the eyes with gel eyeliner.

How to learn to draw smooth arrows in front of your eyes with a felt-tip pen: step by step for beginners

How to draw eyeliner arrows evenly? For beginners, the ideal option is a felt-tip pen (marker). The application scheme is simple:

  1. As always, we start with a makeup base.
  2. Don’t close or squint your eyes while you draw the ponytail! If in doubt about which shape of the arrow is right for you, use our short beauty instruction:
  3. • For close-set eyes, a long arrow is suitable: it visually “spreads” the eyes.

    • Round eyes also need a long “tail”, but thick. And it is better to start the arrow from the center of the eyelid.

    • If you have small eyes, start the arrow from the outer corner of the eyes and make a long “tail”.

  4. Draw a straight line from the tip of the arrow to the inner corner of the eye. If drawing a line without breaking off is too difficult, try doing it with strokes.
  5. Use the tip of eyeliner or a black pencil to fill in the space between the eyelashes.

Review of the best eyeliners

Now you know how to draw eyeliner arrows. It remains to choose “the one” among the Maybelline New York eyeliners!

Hyper Easy Liquid Eye Liner

Arrows drawn with liquid eyeliner

Briefly about the main thing: it does not print, does not crumble and remains resistant up to 24 hours! The flexible applicator leaves no gaps, and the handy hexagonal body fits comfortably in your hand.

Hyper Precise Eye Liner

Girl paints her eyes with eyeliner

This liner has five shades at once: black, brown, matte black, blue and green. Among the main advantages are durability up to 24 hours, deep rich color and an ultra-thin 0.4 mm applicator. What you need to draw perfect thin arrows on the eyes with eyeliner!

Master Drama Lightliner Gel Eyeliner

A metallic finish is one of the trends, so Master Drama Lightliner is indispensable. It creates the effect of a translucent radiance and gives the look an alluring expressiveness! The long-wearing gel formula does not smudge or smudge and can be applied to both the inner and outer eyelids.

There are five shades in the palette, but “Glamorous Pink” is a 100% must try.

Master Ink Metallic Liquid Eyeliner

Silver, gold or noble dark green? This eyeliner has a rich shimmery texture, a rich metallic finish and a comfortable applicator that makes it easy to draw both thin and wide lines. Durability 24 hours!

Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner

girl with insoles

Thanks to the double-ended applicator, the liner is suitable for creating both graphic arrows and foggy smoky eyes. The high concentration of pigments provides durability and deep color up to 24 hours! And drawing arrows with this gel eyeliner is a pleasure.

How to learn to draw arrows on the eyes with eyeliner: step by step instructions and video

To learn how to draw arrows on the eyes with eyeliner, watch the video tutorial from Dasha Kay @darya_key!

So, you will need:

  • Fit Me foundation, shade 105.
  • Fit Me concealer, shade 16.
  • Blush Fit Me, shade 40.
  • Powder Fit Me, shade 105.
  • Bronzer City Bronzer, shade 200.
  • Highlighter Face Studio Shimmer Highlight, shade 009.
  • Tattoo Brow Pomade, Medium Brown.
  • Eyebrow mascara Brow Drama, shade Dark Brown.
  • Eyeliner Tattoo Liner, shade 901.
  • Hyper Precise eyeliner, shade 01.
  • Mascara Lash Sensational.
  • The City Mini Palette.
  • Superstay Matte Ink lipstick, shade 50.

With the help of our instructions, you will easily learn how to draw perfect eyeliner arrows and repeat the star make-up at home!

  1. Even out the tone of the face with the Fit Me foundation. Apply it even on the eyelids to make the eye makeup more expressive.
  2. Conceal individual imperfections with the Fit Me concealer. It is also suitable for delicate contouring: add a few drops under the eyes (shape of an inverted triangle), on the chin and the center of the forehead. Blend with a fluffy brush, making light driving movements.
  3. Fix the make-up with Fit Me powder.
  4. Add blush to your cheeks! Layer blush until you get the shade you want.
  5. Apply some City Bronzer to the outer parts of the face.
  6. Use the highlighter to create a wet glow effect: apply it just above the cheekbones, parallel to the blush.
  7. Shape your brows with Tattoo Brow Pomade. They should be wide and almost straight.
  8. Style your brows with Brow Drama mascara.
  9. Paint over the space between the eyelashes with a Tattoo Liner pencil, emphasize the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid.
  10. It’s time to figure out how to draw arrows on the eyes with eyeliner in stages. Especially in this make-up they are so unusual!

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