Eyebrow makeup with a pencil

How to draw eyebrows with a pencil in 2022: a detailed photo instruction for beginners

Learning to do the right eyebrow makeup is not difficult, the main thing is to choose a tool that is right for you. Professionals advise starting acquaintance with a pencil – a product known to all, affordable, every girl used it to one degree or another. You need to accurately choose the shape of the eyebrows, choose the shade of the pencil and you can proceed to action. And our tips and detailed instructions with photos will help train your hand for first-class makeup.

Eyebrow makeup with a pencil

Choosing the Right Eyebrow Pencil

There are several types of eyebrow pencils. They are divided according to their appearance:

  • Classical with a hard lead, periodically requiring sharpening. The color palette is extensive, so choosing a shade is not difficult.
  • Auto does not need sharpening, the shape of the stylus resembles a beveled eyebrow brush. But a modest number of shades, usually brands produce 3-4 colors.

By texture, you can choose from wax or powder products.

  • Waxin addition to giving color, fixes makeup and additional funds are no longer needed.
  • Powdery so called because of the velvety effect it gives on the eyebrows when used.

There are also eyebrow markers that are more resistant than pencils, with a felt applicator or in the shape of a trident. But for beginners, they are difficult to use, since you need to apply with a perfect movement, and it is difficult to wash off the blots.

Classic eyebrow pencils

To choose a shade of a pencil, and indeed any other product for eyebrows, there are several universal rules:

  • eyebrow color should not differ from the natural hair color by more than 2 tones;
  • it is necessary to pay attention to the color type, thereby selecting the shade temperature;
  • to choose the right color, you need to test the product directly on the eyebrows.

How to choose the color of the eyebrows for drawing, depending on the color of the hair in 2022

  • For blondes the color of the eyebrows can be 2 tones brighter than the color of the roots of the hair, you can make eyebrows to match the curls. The best colors are graphite, taupe, coffee from light to dark.
Eyebrow color for blondes

  • Brown-haired and fair-haired girls you can apply the rule of 2 tones in one direction and the other. The classic brown shade is the best choice for brown-haired and fair-haired women.
Eyebrow color for brown hair

Eyebrow color for blonde hair

  • brunettes they cannot afford to make the eyebrow color match the hair or a little brighter, otherwise the image will look vulgar. You need to choose a color 2 shades lighter than the roots, for example, dark brown. For blue-black hair, anthracite is suitable, if the skin is not too pale.
Eyebrow color for brunettes

  • redhead girls with natural hair color, they may not dye their eyebrows at all, almost any color will seem unnatural. It is necessary to correctly adjust the shape of the eyebrows and use the gel for styling them. If color is still needed, you can look at neutral brown or terracotta shades.
Eyebrow color redhead

  • For gray hair smoky eyebrows with a predominance of gray tones are best suited.
Eyebrow color for gray hair

  • For creative girls with unusual hair color make-up artists recommend choosing a shade to match the roots of natural hair, brown eyebrows will look good.
Eyebrow color for unusual hair color

You can dye your eyebrows in the color of the curls, but do not use decorative products for this, but do the coloring in the salon.

Eyebrow color for hair color

How to choose the right eyebrow shape before drawing

The correct shape of the eyebrows is the key to good makeup. To choose the right shape, you need to determine your type of face. It is necessary to visually divide the face into 3 blocks: the upper part (forehead), the main part (cheekbones) and the lower part (jaw). Also vertically the face is divided in half. Now you can determine the ratio of the proportions of the face and the length of the drawn lines.

  • Round face

If the horizontal and vertical parts are approximately equal, a low forehead, a narrow jaw and wide cheekbones, then your face is round. Most likely, facial features are softened and need to be made sharper. To do this, you need to comb the hairs up, and sharpen the tip, resulting in a characteristic break in the eyebrow.

Eyebrow shape for round face

  • Oval face

The equality of all blocks among themselves and a long vertical line compared to a horizontal one are characteristic of an ideal oval face. Classic eyebrows “straight” are perfect for this type. If the face is too long, rounded eyebrows with a smooth break will help to make it visually more rounded.

Eyebrow shape for an oval face

  • Square face

A low forehead, wide cheekbones and jaw, and the horizontal and vertical are equal, which means the face is square. To make it less geometric, you can use wide eyebrows with a soft bend. By the way, in this case, you can experiment with a broken eyebrow in order to find the ideal shape that softens the oval of the face.

Eyebrow shape for a square face

  • Rectangular face

A wide forehead and cheekbones, an elongated chin, a vertical line more than a horizontal one correspond to a rectangular face. Thick eyebrows of medium length with a natural curve are the best fit for this type of face. When correcting, it is better not to touch the ponytails, but to get rid of the vegetation closer to the bridge of the nose.

Eyebrow shape for a rectangular face

  • triangular face

With this type of face, the lower part is noticeably larger than the upper, or vice versa, massive cheekbones and forehead, but a narrow chin. The function of the eyebrows here is to narrow the face around the cheekbones. Eyebrows should be raised high, wide at the beginning and narrow at the tips, the curve is noticeably pronounced.

Eyebrow shape for a triangular face

You need to try not to repeat the sharp lines in the eyebrows, so as not to draw attention to the shape of the face.

Eyebrow shape type inverted triangle

  • diamond face

If the main emphasis is on the cheekbones, and the jaw and forehead are approximately the same, then the type of oval is diamond-shaped. The task of the eyebrows is to soften the oval and visually narrow the zygomatic part, for which classic eyebrows with a smooth break are best suited, but their width should be slightly larger than the standard one.

Eyebrow shape for a diamond face

After determining the type of face, you need to determine the contour of the eyebrow in order to remove excess hairs that are knocked out of the borders. Professional browists, when correcting the shape of the eyebrows, mark 3 points, by connecting which you can get an accurate contour.

It is also easy to do this at home, having 2 contour pencils: lines are built with one, dots on the skin are marked with the other.

Fact about eyebrows

In Japan in the 8th-12th centuries AD, beauty standards meant the complete removal of natural eyebrows and drawing them high on the forehead. Around the same period in Europe, thin eyebrows-strings were in fashion.

  • The point at the bridge. We draw a line from the outer edge of the nostril to the eyebrow arch through the inner corner of the eye. At the intersection of the line with the eyebrow, the starting point is marked.
  • The highest point of the eyebrow, from which the tail originates. The line must be drawn from the outer edge of the nostril to the eyebrow through the pupil. The point is placed on the eyelid under the eyebrow.
  • Eyebrow end. The line should be drawn from the outer edge of the nostril to the eyebrow arch, using the outer corner of the eye as a guide. The point is placed towards the temple.
Eyebrow shape

Now you can draw the architecture of the eyebrow point by point. All hairs that are behind the contour are removed with tweezers or in another convenient way. It should be noted that only dots are placed, respectively, the shape of the lines can be made according to …

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