Как одеться в школу

How to dress for school and university: trends fall 2021

Schemes of images for study if there is no form

Not all educational institutions have introduced a school uniform, which means that you can experiment with images and stand out from your classmates.

We tell you how to stand out correctly so as not to annoy teachers and peers, but to arouse interest and admiration.

How to dress fashionably for school / university: trends

Modern school uniform

We have collected the most popular wardrobe items that you should wear to study this season. They can be supplemented with the basic elements of the wardrobe, mixed with each other, combined with other trends. The main thing to remember is the basic rules of school and university images:

  • The main color of the set is basic, muted;
  • Classic print – stripes, plaid peas. Tropical, animalistic, floral – not for study;
  • The percentage of the “naked” theme is minimal, hence the need to hide the legs;
  • The shoes are comfortable and versatile.

Short pleated skirt

Pleated skirt for school

One of the main elements of the school wardrobe is a skirt. Women aged 25+ are advised to pay attention to products made of eco-leather, denim and thick suit fabric, but students and schoolgirls need short pleated skirts. It is best to wear them with dark tights.


How to wear a vest to school

Loose vest in granny style with rhombuses or a cage remains in trends. You can wear it with a white shirt, over a knitted pullover or turtleneck.

By the way, it goes well with the aforementioned short pleated skirt.

Socks and loafers

How to wear socks to school

One of the stylish tricks for those who are not yet 20 years old is loafers and socks. Such a detail will refresh any outfit, and will also show others that you are on “you” with fashionable novelties and can advise on bows.

A-line skirt

What skirt to wear to school

Short can be not only a pleated skirt, but also a trapeze. Buttons in the center of the product are suitable as an element of decor.

A-line skirt is combined with rough boots, socks, dark tight tights. Outerwear should completely hide the skirt, or be shorter by 2-3 cm.

Knitted set

Knitted suits for school

We recently talked about what knitwear is in trend in the autumn-winter season 2021-2022. Many of the presented models are suitable for study.

For example, a set consisting of trousers and a jumper. You can also get new knowledge in a midi skirt and a turtleneck. The main thing is that the color of the knitwear should be basic: black, brown, beige, gray. Set aside bright combinations for walking with friends, going to the movies and restaurants.

Black jeans

Black jeans for school

The absence of a school uniform allows you to wear jeans to study. True, in order not to stand out and avoid comments from the teaching staff, you should choose the black version.

The most versatile are considered black jeans with a medium or high fit. They widen slightly downwards. They do not have decorative elements. The lines are made with black threads, and the buttons are simple – without gold or silver elements.


Sundress for school

A black denim or velveteen sundress is a stylish wardrobe item for a schoolgirl or student. You can wear it with a thick knitted sweater with a collar or a cotton shirt. Shoes preferably with rough soles with lacing or elastic inserts (chelsea and high chelsea).


Too bright images, color blocks and a combination of opposite prints are not the best solution for studying. Firstly, such an outfit will attract excessive attention, and, secondly, it does not fit into the established color palette.

The main colors for school outfits are basic and classic: black, gray, brown, white, beige. They can be supplemented with something accent of the following tones: red, blue, green, yellow. The main thing is that the percentage of the accent thing or detail in the image does not exceed 30%. For example, a yellow turtleneck under a white shirt is a good option. A red skirt and a red beret – no.

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