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How to enlarge breasts at home: tips, ways

How to enlarge breasts at home?

Many women want to have a beautiful and lush bust. Someone has it by nature, but most daily dream of increasing or correcting the shape.

Breast enlargement at home is possible! The main thing in this matter is proper nutrition and a certain set of exercises.

You can rely on the instructional video offered to us below, or start simple: proper nutrition and healthy sleep. Of course, this will not make your figure perfect, and your chest will not increase on its own, but you will have strength, the right weight and health for further transformation.

Ways to help increase breasts at home quickly and without surgery

If you are not satisfied with the size of the breast, you will need to be patient to correct it. Indeed, to fulfill this dream, you will need more than one month – there is a large number of trainings ahead that will help you achieve your goal.

There are several ways to increase breasts at home:

  • folk remedies;
  • taking hormonal preparations – of course, in this case, be sure to consult a doctor – only he will be able to tell you the correct intake of hormones;
  • following a certain diet. This step is very important not only for breast enlargement, but also for the health of a woman in general;
  • making a systematic massage using special creams;
  • choosing special clothes or a bra;
  • with the help of cosmetics such as highlighter and bronzer.

And of course, the most serious and difficult step is plastic surgery. But this method has nothing to do with home options, so let’s skip it.


Exercises to make your breasts bigger

A natural way to increase the mammary glands at home is to pump up muscles. The chest muscle, like the rest of the human muscles, will easily become elastic after the systematic performance of certain exercises.

Chest trainer EasyCurves

EasyCurves chest trainer – will help you pump up your chest

To make your breasts bigger, you need to exercise with the EasyCurves simulator daily. The principle of the exercise is as follows: the handles must be pulled to the sides and returned to their original position.

Push-ups and palm squeezes are another way to enlarge your breasts at home. Girls should do push-ups up to 15 – 20 times with a flat back on their toes. Squeeze your palms in front of you, as if praying with maximum strength. Hold this position for at least 20 seconds. Repetitions – 5 – 7 times.

You can also perform special sets of exercises developed by professionals. Watch video tutorials:

You can increase your breasts at home by a size without plastics and creams of dubious origin using a set of special exercises. This, by the way, will not only allow you to acquire the desired volume, but also generally improve your physical condition.

Such exercises are especially useful after childbirth, when it is necessary to bring the body into shape.

How to increase breasts with folk remedies


So, girls who want to enlarge their breasts should pay attention not only to a set of exercises that help to “pump” the pectoral muscles, but also to their own nutrition.

There are several products that should be consumed if you want to increase your breasts on your own and not spend money on operations:

  • More protein! Chicken meat, fish, seafood, milk, linden tea are excellent helpers in this matter.
  • Where without cabbage? Everyone knows – if you eat cabbage – it will cleanse the body of toxins and contribute to the beauty of the skin.
  • Eat a teaspoon of turmericdrinking it down milkevery time before meals.
  • A hormone such as estrogen is very important for breast enlargement. It is contained in walnuts and honey. Pour the peeled nuts with honey and leave in a cool place for a week. There are two to three spoons every day!
  • Infusion – intoxicated. To prepare it, take a tablespoon of hops and one glass of water. Boil this mixture for about 20 minutes. Drink three tbsp. before every meal.
  • Grain cocktail: corn, millet, oats, barley. All ingredients take 1 tbsp. and pour 500 ml of water. Cook until cereals soften. Strain before use! Take as in the recipe above!
  • Strawberry leaf tea very useful not only for breasts, but also for improving health. They can be brewed like regular tea, left for a while and drunk whenever you want!

Important! Do not use iodine for breast augmentation at home as this is all a myth. Only burns on the skin will remain.


How to visually enlarge the chest?

So, if breast augmentation is required urgently and there is no time for exercise, diet, and, moreover, no operation, do not despair. Choosing a dress with a deep neckline, it is quite possible to impress everyone. To do this, use the right bra.

Bra for breast correction Rabbit Bra

The Rabbit Bra breast correction bra is a great option!

This bra helps lift your bust and adds volume with silicone in the cup. It is comfortable to wear, and under clothing it is completely invisible.

BreStick invisible bra

Another option is the invisible BreStick bra.

It perfectly maintains the shape, creating the effect of a visual increase in the bust. also it is a useful bra for those recovering from nursing.

Additional tips for visual breast augmentation without surgery:

  • you can use a regular push-up bra;
  • wear T-shirts with a V-neck or chest pockets more often;
  • high-waisted dresses and pastel-colored sweaters will also visually add volume to the chest.

In addition to such techniques, the chest can be visually enlarged. with the help of cosmetics. To do this, apply highlighter to certain areas. Watch the video tutorial.

How to quickly enlarge breasts?

It is believed that compresses made from natural blue clay or essential oils are good at helping to enlarge breasts at home.

  1. Recipe One: Mashed Blue Clay put on the chest at night. Wash off in the morning with warm water and moisturize the treated area with cream.
  2. Recipe two: ylang oil – ylang, almond and geraniums mix 1 tbsp. Apply to fabric and leave overnight. Remove the rest of the compress with a cotton pad in the morning.
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“GormoBust” spray – another option for breast augmentation

The preparation “Gormobust” contains phytoestrogen, which is responsible for stimulating the growth of the mammary gland.

How to enlarge breasts with massage

At home, you can not only do sports exercises that help increase breasts, but also massage. Do a daily massage in the shower in circular motions, or from the nipple to the shoulders and armpits, applying a rich cream. You can’t push too hard…

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