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How to extend the life of gel polish: 4 secrets from the masters

4 easy ways to care for your manicure to keep it looking neat for longer

How many days after a visit to a manicure master do you enjoy his work?

It is believed that the gel polish coating retains its original appearance for 5-7 days. By the way, it is for this period that experienced craftsmen give a guarantee. No one promises a perfect manicure longer, because a lot depends on how you treat your nails. After a week, the shade may fade, there is a high probability of cracks and chips. And the cuticle grows.

Gel polish photo

The standard period for wearing gel polish is 3-5 weeks (by the way, we wrote about this in detail HERE). But in order not to dream of correction and not to walk with sloppy nails in 7 days, we suggest you follow the recommendations of experts and take care of your own nails and hands.

We tell you what simple manipulations will help keep the manicure neat 👇👇👇

Secret 1: lifesaver in the form of an orange stick

Orange sticks for nails

A week after the manicure, the cuticle begins to grow a little, spread along the nail, dry and coarsen. Every day it becomes more and more noticeable and you no longer want to admire the manicure, like a week earlier. Someone at this time grabs scissors, others grab wire cutters and, of course, spoil everything that was carefully processed by a specialist. And they can make a wound, bring an infection. There are many negative scenarios for the development of events, so we suggest immediately eliminating them by choosing the right solution.

We grab not a manicure set, but an orange stick. With its help, you can significantly slow down the growth of keratinized skin. To do this, you need to move it at least once a week.

With mechanical action, the cuticle slows down its growth and remains neat for a long time.

Pushing back cuticles with an orange stick is easy. With the bevelled side, gently push it in the opposite direction. It is recommended to do this after a shower. By the way, you don’t need to specially steam your hands before the procedure, since hot water negatively affects the gel polish coating (more on that below 👇).

Secret 2: “no” to hot water

Nails and a glass of water

To prolong the wearing of a manicure with gel polish, it is recommended to avoid hot temperatures, or rather, steaming your hands. Spa for pens is a great idea, provided that the nail plate is without a long-term coating.

With prolonged contact with hot water, cracks and chips are likely to appear on the gel polish. They can appear after the skin and nail plate dry out.

Secret 3: Regular Moisturizing

How to apply cuticle oil

Do not confuse moisturizing with creams and oils with steaming hands in baths. The second option will ruin the manicure, and the first will extend the period of wear.

Every day we apply hand cream on the skin, and rub the oil into the cuticles. You can use a special one that slows down growth, or a universal one – for example, coconut.

Secret 4: Cleaning and washing dishes only with gloves

Black hand gloves

Even if you do not wash the dishes or the floor with hot water, it is recommended to wear gloves on your hands.

  • Firstly, they protect the skin from the negative effects of household chemicals (dries, dehydrates, contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and redness).
  • Secondly, they extend the period of wearing gel polish, which cracks due to detergents and cleaners, moves away from the nail plate ahead of time.


The standard term for wearing gel polish is 3-5 weeks, depending on the length of the free edge. In order for the manicure to look neat and presentable throughout this time, it is recommended to minimize the contact of hands with household chemicals, hot water. It is important to regularly use products to moisturize the skin and soften the cuticles. You don’t need to do your own manicure.

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