How to get ready in the morning in 5 minutes: life hacks of stylists

Stylist tricks to make morning dressing easier

How often does an unprepared image become the reason for being late?

According to surveys conducted among women of different ages, many are late for work / for a date / for an important meeting / for negotiations – because they cannot quickly decide what to wear.

In order to somehow solve this problem, we have collected life hacks of stylists who take no more than 1-2 minutes to choose an outfit. They always know what to combine with what. And superfluous things have long left the wardrobe of professionals.

5 life hacks for quick packing in the morning and more

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Morning is a time that is better to spend in peace in order to charge yourself with positive energy for the whole day. But it’s worth forgetting to think over the image in advance, as you have to iron several dresses in a hurry, get upset because the outfit “sat down” poorly, or go to a meeting in an image that causes discomfort. What is the peace here?

To prevent such unpleasant situations from happening, we suggest using the SECRETS of stylists for morning gatherings.

Photo-cribs on the cabinet door

Wardrobe with photo

Stylists recommend once every 2-3 months to analyze the wardrobe. The main goal of such an event is to get rid of very old things and think over images from those that fit in size and are relevant in this season.

Images can be laid out on the floor and photographed. So it will be easier to understand what to wear with a particular blouse or skirt, because the ideas that came up during the analysis of the wardrobe are quickly forgotten.

Ready-made images can be distributed by events or seasons. Then, the actual photos need to be printed and hung on the cabinet door. So it’s easiest to decide on an outfit and instantly get together.

Photo-cribs for shoes

Photo of shoes on boxes

If you are lucky and have a huge closet with separate shelves for each pair of shoes, sneakers or sneakers, you can skip this step. But most often we store shoes in boxes, as this allows us to keep them in proper condition and save space in the hallway, where it is impossible to put all 20 pairs of shoes on public display.

In order not to open each box in the morning in search of the right pair of sandals, you should print out a photo of each in advance and stick it on the side. Easy and convenient, enjoy!

Store layout

Dressing room with photos

We are used to sorting things into summer and winter. But after all, in stores next to a down jacket there can be both a T-shirt and a sweater. How to be?

In fact, stylists recommend organizing things in the closet by style: sports to sports, festive to dresses, everyday to the same. This makes it easier to decide on the image and find the right thing.

Transparent cases

Transparent covers for clothes

Storing clothes in cases is a great solution. Dust and stains are excluded, and you can also steam everything in advance and prepare for the exit.

In order not to remember for a long time in which case what is located, choose transparent ones. Now such wardrobe accessories can be purchased at any Chinese store or on the website.

Special storage facilities

Jeans hanger

Everyone has heard about boxes and boxes. But besides them, there are still a lot of convenient new products. For example, – hanger for jeans and trousers. Several pairs can be located on it, while you can immediately see where which one is.

Belt hanger

Hanger for scarvesbelts and other little things with rings – another practical and affordable option (it costs a penny).

Shoe stands

There are also comfortable shoe rackswhich allow you to get rid of the boxes and the need to photograph the contents of each of them.


To save time on morning preparations, it is important to properly organize everything in the wardrobe. It is necessary not only to keep order, but also to arrange things / shoes so that they are immediately visible. pre-prepared options for images for all occasions – a life hack that has yet to let anyone down. And if you think over the makeup and hairstyle for the images, you can even set the alarm clock half an hour later. ⠀

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