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How to get rid of scars and scars from acne on the face at home

How to get rid of acne scars on face

How to get rid of scars, scars and spots on the face worries everyone, because acne, acne (acne) occurs in almost every person, at least in adolescence, and as a maximum, they accompany them all their lives, while leaving ugly marks even after they are cured and on the face and on the back.

They do not pass without a trace, especially if you yourself try to squeeze out, scratch, pick open the eel, while also neglecting the rules of disinfection.

How to get rid of red spots from acne on the face

Traces and stains remain even after the procedures performed in the salon, if they were carried out poorly or the person did not follow the safety rules, for example, after peeling he went out into the sun. In this case, the spots will not only not disappear, but new ones may appear, and the old ones will become more noticeable.

Age spots can be on the arms, legs, head, face, all over the body, due to:
• violations of the liver
• against cuts
• from chickenpox
• from burns
• with age
• from herpes and other sores, including on the lip
• removal of ingrown hairs, especially on the bikini line
• from scratching mosquito bites
• as a result of a wound from a blade while shaving
• after piercing.

In general, the list of all possible causes of age spots is quite large.
The question arises: what to do, what is the treatment and methods for preventing the appearance of new spots and how to get rid of red spots from acne on the face)? Having overcome such a phenomenon as acne, a rash, nothing more pleasant appears in their place – a spot. How to deal with the consequences and is there a universal cure for such cosmetic defects?

After finding out the cause of their appearance, in addition to internal treatment in case of diseases, modern methods of their external elimination are offered, which make the spots less noticeable, as well as home-made recipes for whitening marks on the skin. Indeed, regardless of whether a man or a woman, the presence of affected skin affects self-esteem, gives rise to a lot of complexes.

There are many cosmetic procedures, both in salons and at home, that allow you to get rid of red, brown age spots. The difference in all the proposed procedures is in the intensity of the effect on the skin, the effect, the duration of the procedure itself and skin restoration, and, of course, in price.

Based on the above criteria, you can choose the most suitable for you, although it is better to entrust the treatment to a person who has a special education.
It should be noted that it is worthwhile to engage in any whitening procedures in the period of late autumn – winter, the extreme case is early spring, when the sun is not so aggressive, it will not harm the skin thinned by the procedures and will not interfere with the achievement of the final result. In the case of gentle bleaching, it is also not worth going outside on the same day and getting into direct sunlight.

The most effective and fastest, of course, are salon procedures – laser removal, photorejuvenation, whitening peels, laser, ultrasonic and chemical peels, as well as cryotherapy.
Laser removal is based on the destruction of the pigment spot, while healthy skin is not affected.

Photorejuvenation involves exposure to heat and light, which also helps to get rid of pigmentation.
The action of peels is based on desquamation of the upper layer of the epidermis and stimulation of the growth of new healthy cells, as a result of which the skin becomes clean and spots disappear. Deep and medium peelings give a good effect.

How to get rid of acne scars on face at home

How to get rid of spots after acne on the face at home – information for those who cannot afford salon procedures, who do not trust themselves in the wrong hands, or who have contraindications to such effects on the skin. Homemade recipes and folk remedies will come to the rescue. They have a milder effect on the skin, it takes more time to achieve the result, so the effect will take a little longer, but it will be and, in addition, useful ingredients will heal the skin as a whole, help rejuvenate and improve appearance, prevent subsequent rashes.

From home remedies, masks, compresses, lotions, lotions and home scrubs, peels are effective.

Lemon, parsley, cucumber, as well as fresh berries with a high content of vitamin C (acidic) – strawberries, currants are famous for their most whitening abilities.
Compresses are made from herbs, yogurt, kefir, lemon juice – soak the cloth and apply on the face for 10-15 minutes.

The lotion also helps to get rid of age spots. For its preparation, lemon juice, parsley broth, cucumber juice are used.

Lotions made from blended or finely chopped parsley leaves, mashed cucumber or raw potatoes also help in the fight against pigmentation.

Green clay masks with the addition of rosemary essential oil, honey and cinnamon in a ratio of 2: 1 have proven themselves positively, allowing you to lighten spots and give a blush, masks from crushed berries.

Bodyagi masks do their job quite well – a stronger effect, not suitable for owners of sensitive skin. It should be noted that bodyagi masks are useful for eliminating traces left after wounds, from abrasions, cuts, blisters, bruises with varicose veins, they dissolve spots and marks.

Do not forget about hirudotherapy – the treatment of spots with the help of leeches that drink part of the blood, preventing it from stagnation in this way, and the skin condition improves after just a few procedures.

What to do to get rid of large scars

Acne, boils leave behind not only spots, but also scars. Large scars can also be after surgery for appendicitis, from cat scratches, on broken knees, forehead and other parts of the body where they are most noticeable. Scars and scars can form for various reasons: on the abdomen after a caesarean section, postoperative, after removing a tattoo or tattoo (for example, on the wrist). May appear in a child after suturing. And if on the head such scars and scars are almost invisible, then on the cheek, on the nose or on the eye they deliver a lot of complexes.

Stretch marks can be attributed to the same defects. Breaks in the skin, damaged collagen fibers that lead to the formation of depressions of red, white, blue (purple) color. Outdated stretch marks can be in the form of pits and bumps of various sizes.

You can again get rid of scars, including atrophic ones, with the help of salon procedures – peeling, grinding, laser, even skin transplantation, or you can use home remedies. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin on which the scar is located, and accordingly select the method …

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