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How to get rid of warts at home

How to get rid of warts with medication and folk remedies

If warts occur, treatment should begin immediately. They cannot be distributed. The question immediately arises: how to get rid of warts at home in 1 day? There is an answer to this question. It was known by our ancestors, at a time when there was no laser cosmetology and modern drugs.

You can get rid of them yourself at home, using any folk or medicinal method, which will be presented below. And first you need to figure out what warts are and how to cure them yourself.

How to get rid of warts fast

HPV (human papillomavirus) is one of the most common viruses. Most human carriers are not even aware of the bacteriophage lurking within themselves. Therefore, the disease may not appear on the skin surface for a long time. Where do warts come from?
Warts occur on the human body for two reasons:
• from sitting inside the human papillomavirus (HPV);
• due to contact with an infected person.

Where do they come from

A benign tumor that manifests itself on human skin as a tuberous neoplasm can be of several types:
1. ordinary;
2. plantar;
3. flat;
4. genital warts;
5. senile warts.

Common warts – occur on the upper surface of the hands and on the palm. Papular formations with a diameter of 1 to 10 mm, as a rule, pass on their own within one and a half to two years. There is no special need for treatment.

plantar – one of the subspecies of simple (common) warts. Occurs due to wearing tight shoes. Accordingly, they arise on the foot, between the fingers, on the heel.
A wart on the sole gives particular pain when walking. Some of them even become disabled for the period of their manifestation.

flat – papules with a clear structure and a smooth surface. Diameter up to 5 mm. They have an elevated look. The protruding part above the skin is 1-2 mm. These warts occur in young children or adolescents. In another way, they are also called youthful warts. It can appear on the face of young people, in particular on the forehead and nose. On the child’s knee or anywhere else on the body. Irritation and mechanical damage to the skin can contribute to this.

Genital warts – skin growths of pink color, having a soft texture. Fixed “on the leg”. The appearance resembles the appearance of hanging beads.
They occur in intimate places in the groin, on the penis in men and in women on the labia.
Condylomas are transmitted directly through sexual contact. In the future, they can contribute to the development of sexual infections.

senile – spread on the skin of the elderly. Scientists have proven that this variety does not belong to the papillomavirus. But until now, the exact answer why they appear on the old skin has not been given. It is believed that the keratoma arises from the basal epidermis. It appears on the neck, on the back, under the eye, on the eyelids, on the chest, on the head, on the lip and even under the armpits. Also, warts can occur on any other surface, with the exception of only the sole of the foot and palm.

If you find yourself with one of the types of warts, do not despair. Better start fighting this disease. Try to eliminate the disease that spoils the aesthetic appearance of the skin as soon as possible in order to overcome it once and for all at the initial stage.
Papillomas are easily treatable. Below will be presented folk and medicinal ways to get rid of warts on the hands, on the cheek, back, from genital papillomas and other parts of the body.

Medical treatment

A certain part of the population literally suffers from viral papilloma. Warts cover visible areas of the skin that cannot be hidden under clothing. You can often see people whose hand is covered with patchy bumps along the periungual plate, between the fingers, under the nail, or on the face. Some decide to fight this insidious formation with medication, finding out what it is and how to get rid of it. Others resort to folk methods that have been tested for centuries and are approved for use in childhood and during pregnancy. In any case, drug treatment of warts is carried out when the treatment is prescribed by a dermatologist. So, how to get rid of warts on the hands and other parts of the body.

There are several types of getting rid of the disease:

• Hardware laser removal – the procedure is painless. Leaves no traces;
• Cryotherapy – a method of burning papules with liquid nitrogen. Leaves no marks or wounds;
• Electrocoagulation – the technology is applied by applying an electric current to a benign nodule or group of nodules. After the procedure, there will be no scars, but small scars are quite possible;
• Surgical intervention is a mini-operation that leaves a small wound after removal of the papilloma.

Treatment with folk remedies

Folk methods can cure most diseases. And if you have a wart on your finger, grandmothers will tell you how to get rid of it.

Here are some effective ways:

1. Rowan porridge will help from flat warts in 10 sessions. Freshly picked mountain ash is crushed. The gruel is applied to steamed warts. Then the area is wrapped with a medical bandage. Be sure to do this procedure at night.

2. With the help of potatoes get rid of warts on the eyelids. Papilloma is smeared with freshly squeezed juice. It can be applied with a cotton applicator. Another option is to apply grated raw potato shavings. For 20-30 minutes. Then the juice will saturate the formation more strongly.

3. Celandine can remove nail, genital warts, as well as other varieties of insidious neoplasms. The procedure requires a weed root. From it you need to get a few drops of juice. Juice is applied pointwise to places where the skin is covered with warts. You don’t need to wash it off. The celandine fluid should soak the papule core. Over time, the wart will begin to turn black and fall off.

4. You can get rid of a heel wart with an apple. Only unripe fruits are needed. The apple is cut into slices. One part is applied to the affected area. On the third treatment, you will notice how the juice of a simple fruit works wonders.

5. It will help to get rid of youthful papillomas with the help of acetic acid, iodine or hydrogen peroxide (3%). A point with a wart is smeared with a cotton swab soaked in one of the above ingredients. The procedures continue until the complete disappearance of the wart.

6. From senile warts can be cured with millet. Groats are poured into a porcelain bowl. It is poured with water in the ratio of 1 cup of millet to 2 cups of warm water. In half an hour you can…

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