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How to grow eyebrows at home: breath, products, oils

Eyebrow care regimen to restore their density and shape

About 10-15 years ago, we all wanted to get rid of the extra parts of the eyebrows, because the trend was thin and narrow. But fashion is changing rapidly and today the current form is considered natural or slightly wider than usual.

To achieve the desired shape of the eyebrows, you can use various procedures – such as permanent makeup, henna and paint, lamination, Botox. But what if you want to “resurrect” your own eyebrows, because the most fashionable form today is considered natural.

Fashionable styling for eyebrows photo

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To grow your own eyebrows, you must follow the recommendations of eyebrows (beauty masters who create and correct the shape / shade of eyebrows). It is also important to abandon the tweezers and daily carry out a series of manipulations with your own face. We tell you what you need to do to quickly grow eyebrows at home.

Grow eyebrows: a simple and effective scheme

Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrows play an important role in shaping an attractive appearance. It is worth choosing the wrong shape or color, as the face changes before our eyes. You can become more gloomy, visually expand your face, seem constantly surprised, etc. Who needs it?

To emphasize the natural beauty, makeup artists recommend sticking to the natural shape of the eyebrows, and choose the color depending on the shade of the hair.

If at one time the tweezers were used regularly, you may encounter the problem of gaps that new hairs will not fill in any way. To stimulate growth and get the desired shape, it is not enough to give up tweezers. It is necessary to regularly care for the problem area and stimulate hair growth.

Stage 1: start the blood flow

Eyebrow shaping steps

If you decide to grow your own eyebrows, you need to follow several steps in caring for them. The first is the start of blood flow, which contributes to the saturation of the bulbs with oxygen.

Growth can be stimulated by cleansing. For this, a brush, a fine scrub, a mesoscooter are suitable. The use of these beauty products and devices helps to start blood flow and saturate the bulbs with oxygen.

Cleansing of the epidermis is necessary so that the care that will be carried out after (the application of special products) penetrates deep into the skin. This is how high-quality nutrition and stimulation of hair growth occurs.


Eyebrow brush

Eyebrow brush is recommended to be used daily. The movements are smooth, accompanied by light pressure (we move along the natural line of growth).

Fine scrub

Facial scrub

For a deeper cleansing of the epidermis, once a week you need to use a scrub. We choose a fine scrub for the face of any company. We apply the product on the eyebrows with a dense layer of any stick (for example, an orange one). Leave for 1-2 minutes. Then, with a dry cotton pad, moving from the bottom up, gently scrub the eyebrow area.

Light redness is allowed, you can’t put a lot of pressure on the skin!



A special facial massager can also be used for eyebrows. The mesoscooter is recommended to alternate with combing the hairs with a regular brush.

Without pressing on the skin, in the direction of hair growth, we perform light movements with a mesoscooter. This procedure, like the previous ones, starts the blood flow and helps to saturate the bulbs with oxygen.

Important: The methods of cleansing the epidermis with a brush, scrub and mesoscooter must be alternated. We do not perform all procedures in one day.

Stage 2: care

fashion eyebrows

Only combing with a brush or massager and cleansing the epidermis is not enough to restore the eyebrows to their former density, pomp and color. Special care products will help improve their condition and fully restore.

The most common are oil and usma juice.

It is recommended to adhere to the combined method of eyebrow care: usma oil + juice. This approach will result in:

  • enhanced stimulation of hair growth;
  • fallout reduction;
  • fortifications;
  • manifestations of natural pigment;
  • restoration of damaged bulbs.

Usma eyebrow oil

Usma oil

The course of eyebrow restoration, as a rule, takes place in two stages. The first is the daily use of usma oil. This tool has a positive effect on the hairs:

  • nourishes;
  • improves structure;
  • protects against dryness;
  • retains elasticity.

How to use usma oil for eyebrow growth and restoration?

To begin with, we comb them with a clean brush, and then apply one drop and carefully distribute it with a brush in the direction of growth.

The procedure is recommended to be repeated daily at bedtime for 1-2 months.

Usma juice for eyebrows

Usma juice

Eyebrow Usma Juice is a concentrated remedy that is a powerful growth stimulator, and also enhances natural pigment, has a pronounced antibacterial effect.

It can be alternated with oil or applied after a monthly course of oil.

Usma juice is applied according to the scheme:

  • take any synthetic brush with a beveled tip;
  • Apply the juice with a brush on the shape of the eyebrow and wait for it to dry;
  • We repeat the procedure 3 times;
  • After complete drying, rinse with water.

How to style eyebrows while growing?

Eyebrow wax

The process of growing and restoring eyebrows is a long one. It may take several months, or even six months. In order to look attractive during this period and not explain to everyone why the eyebrows look that way, it is recommended to use special decorative cosmetics:

  • tint gels;
  • transparent gel;
  • eyebrow soap.

tint the gel is applied to combed eyebrows with light movements in the direction of growth.

Transparent it is recommended to choose those who do not need to give the eyebrows additional thickness and color.

Soap performs several functions at once – care and fixation. Before applying, the brush must be slightly moistened with water, and then collect a little soap and comb the hairs. Soap allows not only to style the eyebrows, but also to fix them, creating a lamination effect.

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