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How to keep bright hair color after dyeing at home

Mistakes due to which dyed hair quickly fades

Most women are sure that a bright shade of hair is not for long. Therefore, they do not attach much importance to the brand of paint and care after the procedure, but immediately sign up for the next appointment so as not to go with an unattractive hairstyle.

Masters of such a scheme of interaction with clients are only happy, because they always have a job, and no one wants to give a ton of free advice on caring for dyed hair.

So it turns out that from the recommendations we get only the classic: use products for colored hair. But this is not only not the most correct advice, but also harmful.

We have collected the top typical mistakes of women after staining, which lead to a rapid loss of luster and brightness. Do not repeat them in order to retain the color obtained as a result of staining for a long time.

Mistake 1: choosing a shampoo according to the type of hair, not the scalp

beautiful hair photo

There are two main types of hair – straight and curly, and everything else is about the scalp. There is no oily or dry hair type, so when choosing a shampoo, we focus on the roots.
For an oily scalp type, we use sulfate and sulfate-free shampoo in turn. If the skin is dry, sulfate-free can be used on an ongoing basis. At the same time, once a week it is important to thoroughly clean the hair with a scrub or peeling.

Top best peelings for the scalp collected HERE.

Mistake 2: using oils after coloring, not before

Oil for hair ends - top 3
Oil for hair ends – top 3

Various oils make hair soft and manageable, so most women use them on a regular basis. But there are nuances.

For example, it is recommended not to apply pure oils to the hair or add them to masks for 2 weeks after salon dyeing. They contribute to the expulsion of artificial pigment.

And when to apply?

Masks with a couple of drops of oils have a positive effect on the hair before the coloring procedure. A week before visiting the stylist, it is recommended to make care masks with oils. They make the hair smoother, closing the voids. This allows the dye to be evenly distributed. There will be no spots, overexposure and “failures” of the shade.

Mistake 3: not getting a haircut

high cascade haircut

Before staining, it is advisable to agree to cutting the ends. First, it will reduce the amount of dye used. And, secondly, the split ends are porous, so artificial pigment does not linger in them. By cutting them, we leave only dense hairs that can hold the paint for a longer period.

Mistake 4: Overdoing Hydration and Nutrition

onion mask for hair growth

Dyed hair often looks dry and lifeless, so many women try to apply nourishing masks to the entire length after each shampoo. On the one hand, this helps, however, they contain oils that displace artificial pigment.

It is recommended to make masks from 2-3 weeks after staining and not overdo it. 1 time in 7 days is enough.

Mistake 5: not using thermal protection

Thermal protection for hair - top 3 popular sprays
Thermal protection for hair – top 3 popular sprays

Hot temperatures displace artificial pigment, so the use of hot styling tools should be minimized to maintain shade for a long time. We also learn to wash our hair with warm, not hot water.

Thermal protection for hair in the form of a spray, cream, mousse or gel is not just another marketing ploy. This is a really useful tool that performs a number of functions:

  • Protects hair from overheating with a hair dryer, curling iron, ironing;
  • Keeps a bright shade, as it covers the hair with an invisible film that does not allow the artificial pigment to “run away”.

Mistake 6: Ignoring leave-in care

Thermal protection for hair

Most women have a shampoo and hair mask in their bathroom. But there is no indelible care in the form of a spray, cream, mousse. But it is the indelible care that protects the hair from external factors, helping to preserve the artificial pigment.

It is recommended to choose a leave-in care that contains D-panthenol, keratin, silk and wheat proteins, collagen.

Mistake 7: choosing a household dye instead of a professional one

Hair coloring

Those who claim that they do not see the difference between professional hair dye and household hair dye are clearly disingenuous. It is recommended to use a professional dye 3-4 times in a row to make sure it is fundamentally different from the one sold in hypermarkets.

The advantages of professional face paint are a better composition, the ability to choose the desired percentage of oxidizing agent. In most cases, the same paint is used with different% oxidant – higher for the roots, low for the length. This allows you to maintain the quality of the hair, getting the desired and radiant color.

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