Уход за губами после увеличения

How to knead lips after hyaluronic acid augmentation?

How to do lip massage after hyaluronic acid augmentation?

Every woman wants to be beautiful and look natural at the same time. Not everyone is satisfied with their natural beauty, especially the shape and size of the lips. Hyaluronic acid is used to increase them. But in order to maintain a beautiful effect after a cosmetic procedure, it is important to properly knead your lips after an increase and follow the recommendations of a beautician.

When is a massage required?

Lips before and after hyaluronic acid augmentation

Before lip massage, first of all, you need to identify signs of the need for a procedure. It is mandatory to massage the skin in the presence of the following factors:

  • The use of anesthetics and fillers. These are additional components used for magnification. They are not considered biological in structure and may cause adverse reactions in the body;
  • The formation of tubercles and cones. It doesn’t matter where exactly they appeared;
  • If an amount of filler exceeding the requirements was introduced, which ceases to be proportionally distributed.

If it is necessary to massage the lips, it is carried out only a few days after the introduction of the enlargement component.

A professional cosmetologist will tell you how to perform the movements correctly and in what cases you need to massage. In this case, the client needs to listen carefully and remember.

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Rules for lip massage

Lip massage after lip augmentation

After lip augmentation, massage is done twice a day in the bathroom. One session lasts about 5-7 minutes. If the massage technique is followed, the result of the procedure will last as long as possible, and the effect of the increase procedure will meet expectations.

Instructions for massage with a toothbrush:

  • After brushing your teeth, turn the brush over on the opposite side and apply it to your lips.
  • Knead the surface with soft circular motions. We do this gently, without pressing.
  • Massage from the center to the corner and in the opposite direction. Movements should be light and smooth.
  • Then, from the center to the corners and in the opposite direction, we pat, not strong and soft.
  • We pronounce vowels with elongated lips. Their position should look like when singing a lullaby to a child.
  • We inflate the cheeks in turn. The breath should be long and drawn out. Before exhaling, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then release the air through your mouth, after making a “duck mouth”.
  • We close our lips and turn left and right. With this movement, the lower part of the jaw is involved. For convenience, you can use additional cosmetics for application.

After the massage, the lips will need to be smeared with a special moisturizing ointment. An analogue of this composition can be hygienic lipstick or cosmetic oil.

In the absence of an allergic reaction to honey, it will be an excellent medicine for relieving swelling on the lips. It is recommended to use honey of light varieties and in liquid form.

In what cases can not massage?

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

The effect of lip massage is manifested when it is systematically performed. Don’t expect instant results. There are a number of situations when massage is completely contraindicated. It is forbidden to carry out the procedure in the following cases:

  • On the first day after the lip augmentation procedure. They cannot be touched. In principle, this is impossible, since in the case of a touch, painful sensations and discomfort arise;
  • While marks from injections remain visible on the surface of the skin;
  • If significant bumps and bumps are found. In this case, you will need to immediately contact the specialist who performed the enlargement procedure;
  • With bruising, bruising and severe swelling of the lips.

After the augmentation procedure, the master instructs the client about possible complications and tells how to behave if a side effect occurs. The cosmetologist will also explain how to properly massage the lips after hyaluronic acid augmentation and in what situations it is considered necessary.

If the patient finds side effects that are not specified by the doctor, then you should immediately contact the place of the procedure.

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Rules for lip care after augmentation

Lubrication of lips with gloss

After the increase and recovery period after the procedure, regular skin care is necessary. Rules for lip care after augmentation include the following aspects:

  • Cleaning. Twice a week you need to use scrubbing and peeling according to folk recipes;
  • Moisturizing and nourishing. The procedure should be carried out after each brushing of teeth;
  • Use of hygienic lipstick. Before going outside in windy weather, lips should be protected with hygienic lipstick. If it is a sunny day outside, then a cream with UV protection is used;
  • Approximately twice a week, you can apply homemade masks to the skin.

The procedure for lip augmentation does not harm the body. If it is performed by a professional cosmetologist, the client has nothing to worry about. However, how long the result will last depends solely on the woman and the methods that she will use to care for her lips.

To prolong the effect of lip augmentation, you will need to use an integrated approach. Cosmetologists recommend developing a daily skin care algorithm.

No-Massage Lip Augmentation Mask – An Alternative Solution

Jelliez Beauty Lip Enlargement Mask

If you have not yet decided whether or not you want to increase your lips with hyaluronic acid, or maybe you are afraid of the consequences, experiment with simpler means.

For example, the Jelliez Beauty lip augmentation mask helps to achieve the effect of plump lips in just one application. The result is stored up to 2 days. That is, if “new sponges” were not needed forever, but for some occasion, this is the most suitable option.

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