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How to lay a caret at home photo

How beautiful to lay a square at home?

With the help of a hair dryer, ironing and curling iron, you can beautifully lay a short and elongated bob (bob) quickly and easily at home. To do this, you need to remember the recommendations of hairdressers with extensive experience and delight yourself with new interesting hairstyles every day.

How beautiful to lay a square at home

It doesn’t matter what kind of bob you have (with bangs, lengthening, elongated strands near the face, on the leg), you can style even the most naughty hair yourself.

First you need to add volume at the root with a hair dryer and a round comb. And only after that proceed directly to the installation.


How to curl a haircut with an iron

In order to make beautiful curls on a long or short bob, you need to rotate the iron along its axis from the root to the ends (you can hold it horizontally, you can hold it vertically, depending on what result you want to see). If desired, comb your hair to the side, sprinkle with a little varnish and dance quietly all night in a nightclub or at a friend’s wedding.

How to lay with a curling iron (options for all occasions)

A curling iron can work wonders, as you will now see.

How to lay a caret with a hair dryer – video step by step

Overgrown graduated looks good in waves, but a hair dryer is best for styling. It creates an incredible volume that will last all day.

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