Как выглядеть женщине дорого

How to look expensive and well-groomed for a woman: 8 simple tips

What expensive women look like: 8 rules

How even in the mass market to dress so as to look like a million? Buy the right things!

About what to wear to look expensive at 30, 40 and even 50+ years old we will tell and show with examples. Sit back and get ready to rethink your wardrobe as you discover a lot of new things.

How can a woman look expensive without spending?

Summer look in the style of minimalism
Summer jumpsuit in the style of minimalism

To look expensive, it is not necessary to buy things for the entire salary, constantly update your wardrobe and give preference to products that have a large brand name. All this not only does not improve the image, but also makes it tasteless.

Truly expensive women don’t chase brands. They care about the quality of the product. Neat tailoring, fashionable cut, actual color and a minimum of decorative elements are what will help to create a stylish and “expensive” wardrobe. We show examples.

Tip 1: Plus One Size

Summer pants and shirt photo
Stylish spring look for the city

Do not look at the size on the tag, do not be dependent on these figures, as the standards for each brand may differ. Focus on your own reflection in the mirror.

To look expensive for the same money as before, just add one size. Clothing that does not overtighten the figure always looks more elegant. This applies not only to work suits, but also to evening dresses.

A lady who knows her own worth will never stand out due to vulgarity and focusing on certain parts of the body. She will give preference to a comfortable outfit that has a twist.

Tip 2: Choose natural shades

Stylish spring image for the city photo
Fashionable women's trousers with an arrow

Neutral and natural shades always look more expensive, so complement your own wardrobe with them. And it’s better to compose images according to a classic and simple scheme – one bright element in the image, and the rest are neutral. Moreover, this accent can be both shoes and a headdress or jewelry.

Tip 3: Balance volumes

Brick-colored flared trousers
Classic trousers for spring for women

Combine things of different sizes. Avoid a combination of a tight top and bottom, or vice versa, all elements of the image are oversized. In the first case, the outfit will seem vulgar and will emphasize not only the dignity of the figure, but also the shortcomings. And the second option is youth, expensive women do not dress in overly large things.

Tip 4: Less naked body

White palazzo trousers for spring
Beige palazzo trousers

It is believed that closed hands and knees look expensive, and outfits with elements of an open body make the image cheaper. Of course, this does not mean that long hoodies must be worn both in winter and summer. In everything you should know the measure.

Tip 5: Be careful with prints

Palazzo pants photo what to wear
Purple Leather Pants ChangeClear

The combination of prints is not an easy task, especially for those who are not related to the fashion industry. If you don’t know how to properly combine things with drawings, avoid them. Dear ladies prefer monochrome images.

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Tip 6: Less visible hardware

Bag for bloggers
Cloud bag with chain

To look expensive when dressing in a cheap store, avoid clothes and accessories with noticeable fittings. In the mass market, it is usually not of good quality. also, you should not choose products with a large number of decorative elements – this is also not a sign of an expensive image.

Tip 7: Quality Fabrics

gray palazzo trousers for spring 2021
Victoria Beckham photo

Jeans should be tight and keep their shape, for this you should pay attention to the composition and choose the highest quality. The same applies to dresses and blouses – we prefer natural fabrics without patterns and noticeable accessories.

Tip 8: Romantic Style Elements

How to wear a summer dress in winter
Sasha Bortich in a delicate dress

There are many styles in clothing, but in order to look expensive, most of them are recommended to be avoided. Romantic elements like ruffles and frills are what women with good taste choose. And the elements of sports style, grunge, rock, punk and so on – leave the youth.

Dear woman should look so that you do not want to look away, and this is possible provided that the above recommendations are followed. Less extravagance and more simple concise elements. This will help you look classy.

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