Hairstyles without bangs for medium hair

How to look fashionable for owners of medium length hair: variations with haircuts, styling and hairstyles in 2022

Well-groomed hair of medium length is an ideal solution for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who prefer an active lifestyle and at the same time do not forget about fashion.

Hairstyles without bangs for medium hair

They will help a business woman, a creative lady, a young mother and even a grandmother on a walk with her grandson to look spectacular.

Stylish hairstyles for medium hair for any age

Depending on the chosen hairstyle, the way the strands are laid and the use of accessories, you can create any image with an emphasis on different styles. Hairstyles for medium hair are a convenient option for trendy women who prefer frequent transformation.

Hairstyle for medium thin hair

What can be done with medium length hair

Medium length hair is a universal solution, because it can be cut without changing the overall length or styled in a hairstyle. In this case, the first solution does not cancel the second.

Hairstyles for medium hair with curls

When creating a hairstyle, you can vary it with different elements:

  • coloring according to different techniques;
  • styling, the purpose of which may be to create volume, curls or a smooth surface of the hair;
  • the use of accessories to decorate or focus on any element of the image.

Fashionable haircuts for medium length hair 2022

There are many hairstyles for medium length hair. They can differ in different elements – bangs, the length of the strands over the entire head, the number of layers and coloring.

Haircut ideas for medium hair

With the right choice of hairstyle, you can always look spectacular, visually correct the shape of the face, emphasize its features and focus on yourself. A wide variety of haircut options makes it difficult to choose the right one.

Variations of haircuts for medium hair with bangs

Therefore, in order not to make a mistake with the choice, you should trust the master from the beauty salon, who will tell you what exactly will suit a certain image and appearance and will perform a haircut.

Youth version of the

Haircut Cascade for medium hair

Girls who cannot boast of thick hair should pay attention to the Cascade haircut. She has not gone out of fashion for a long time, which makes its own adjustments only in its details – in bangs, in coloring and in styling methods.

Style-changing hairstyles for medium hair

The hairstyle creates a visual effect of volume, which is clear even without styling. They have many variations, differing in the length of the upper and lower layers of the strands, which can change a woman beyond recognition.


This haircut can be performed in three versions:

  • double – emphasis on two rows of hair that differ in length;
  • graduated – the principle of double variation, in which the upper strands are of different lengths;
  • torn with a lack of clear layers, which looks like protruding feathers on a bird.

Ladder haircut for medium length hair

The hairstyle is suitable for those women who want to change something in their image, but are not ready to say goodbye to the length of their hair. It fits into any image in which you want to emphasize femininity.

The specifics of haircuts on medium hair

When creating the “Ladder” hairstyle, the strands near the face are cut off obliquely. In this area there will be a minimum length of hair, which will gradually increase, compared with the main length.

Variations with styling medium hair

long bob haircut for medium hair

The main features of an elongated “bean” are milled strands, which achieve the volume characteristic of a classic hairstyle of this type. At the back of the head, the length of the hair is shorter than at the front strands, which can reach the shoulder area.

Bob haircut ideas for medium hair

It is not difficult for the owners of this haircut to radically change their hair – just change the place of the parting or comb the strands back.

Long bob haircuts for medium length hair

Long bob for medium length hair

A feature of this type of haircut is an even cut of hair. Subject to the technique of its creation, in everyday conditions, you can do without styling. This decision is relevant if the hairstyle is made on thick and smooth hair.

Long bob on medium length hair

In this case, combing is enough. However, if the hair is sparse and thin, then to give it volume, you will have to style it, lifting it at the roots with a comb.

Graduated haircut for medium hair

In the technique of performing graduated haircuts, the strands are cut at an angle, which allows you to achieve the effect of a smooth transition in length. The hairstyle is similar to a cascade, but it lacks different layers. In graduation, the length transition is not visually visible.

Graduated strands on medium hair

There are three main areas of graduation:

  • the lower cut looks like a straight line, from which there is a smooth transition of length;
  • the total length is the same, but the volume-creating strands are of different sizes;
  • change in length from the face to the back of the head or vice versa.
Features of styling on medium hair

asymmetrical haircut

Asymmetrical haircuts will make a woman look eccentric. Their essence is to create a hairstyle in which cardinal opposites are clear.

Asymmetrical haircut variations on medium hair

Elements of asymmetry can be seen in the length of the hair of different layers or sides. The category of such types of hairstyles includes haircuts with a temple shaved on one side.

Haircut Clear geometry for medium length hair

If a woman has an oval face of the correct shape and perfect skin condition, then it makes sense to try the “clear geometry” hairstyle. She focuses attention on the face due to the even bangs and even lower cut.

Smooth lines in a hairstyle with medium hair length

There are no elements of ladder, graduation and other similar techniques in the hairstyle. It is not suitable for thin, sparse hair and curly hair, as they will not hold a clear line.

What can be done with bangs on medium length hair

Aurora haircut

Haircut “Aurora” is similar to the “cascade”. The technique of creating hairstyles also provides for cutting hair at different levels. In it, it is more pronounced, since sharp differences in the lengths of the curls are visible. Outwardly, the hairstyle looks like a kind of cap on the head, created by short hair on the top and sides.

Side bangs on medium hair

At the same time, the rest of the hair is not voluminous and hangs in even strands. In a modern version, the lower hair is shaped using the grading technique, which allows you to look in step with fashion.

Haircut Debut for medium hair

If you combine the technique of creating ladder and cascade haircuts, you can get a feminine hairstyle that will be appropriate in any situation. For every day, washing your hair and light styling may be enough.

Haircuts for all ages

Depending on the desired image, it can be focused on creating volume or a smooth effect. For the holidays, curling irons, irons, accessories for decorating hairstyles and means of fixation will be used.

Volume styling medium length hair

“Debut” is suitable for women who have a round or square face shape. You should not do such a haircut if the face is elongated, as it will visually lengthen it even more.

Creative haircuts for medium length hair

Today, the focus on creativity in the image is in fashion. You can add such a touch to it due to unusual hairstyles, the embodiment of which requires courage.

Extravagant looks with medium haircuts

If there are no strict restrictions on the dress code at work or in an educational institution, then you can shave your whiskey, and leave the length of your hair in other areas. Stand out by painting in unusual colors.

Attractive negligence with a hairstyle for medium hair

Fashionable hairstyles for middle…

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