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How to look feminine with a short haircut: 10 tips

Femininity with short hair: style features

A short haircut not only does not destroy femininity, but is also able to emphasize it. The main thing is to know some tricks and tricks of stylists.

We decided to deal with the recommendations of fashion and style experts for women who have a short haircut. You can look cute and feminine even with a hedgehog on your head, let alone a pixie or square.

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid of negligence

Charlize Terron short hair

A short pixie cut or crew cut with bangs doesn’t have to look perfect. It is important to do styling daily, but do not fix the strands with products that leave shine on the hair. Slightly tousled hair looks cute and romantic, giving the image femininity and lightness, in contrast to perfectly smooth styling, which looks boring and formal.

Tip 2: coloring

Red hair and pixie

Long well-groomed hair looks romantic in any color, but a short haircut requires a more thorough approach. Stylists recommend not giving up staining, as they help to give the image femininity. Also, colored hair is easier to style.

To look romantic and cute, you should give preference to warm shades. Chocolate, walnut, caramel, wheat, amber – all these shades are ideal for a pixie haircut.

Tip 3: Earrings

Anne Hathaway with short hair

It is a mistake to believe that women with short hair need large earrings. Yes, against the background of the open area of ​​the neck and ears, large earrings stand out. However, femininity is emphasized not by such models of jewelry.

To look gentle, stylists recommend giving preference to medium-sized earrings. They do not draw attention to themselves, but also do not allow the image to become boring and “boyish”.

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Tip 4: “childish”

Scarlett Johansson in a white dress

Most women believe that a short haircut obliges them to give preference to a classic or business style in clothes, which is why they always look overly strict and tense.

But adding femininity to the image is as easy as shelling pears – choose an outfit with light notes of childishness. It can be a funny print, a cut, handmade accessories made of colored beads (by the way, the hit of the season!). The main thing is not to overdo it. One Mickey Mays or SpongeBob on a T-shirt is enough, no need to turn the wardrobe into a children’s closet.

Tip 5: shawl, tippet, scarf

Woman with short hair and scarf

A lady with a short haircut can add femininity to a familiar office look with just one accessory. It is believed that the stole, thrown over the shoulders, looks cute, and its owner is sophisticated.

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Tip 6: Romantic Style Elements

Elements of romantic style in clothes

The romantic style is characterized by bows, ruffles, lace. Complete your wardrobe with products with such details and then each look will look feminine, regardless of the length of the hair.

Tip 7: retro elements

Retro elements in clothes

A short haircut is in harmony with the retro style in clothes. Choose a dress with a characteristic collar, pay attention to a cuffed blouse, a midi-length skirt or flared trousers. All this looks feminine even paired with a pixie.

Tip 8: small shuttlecocks

Feminine look with short hair

Large flounces and ruffles are now at the peak of popularity, but paired with short hair and metal jewelry, they look bold and defiant. And we need a feminine image!

To do this, we replace the voluminous ruffles with smaller and more delicate ones. So the image will turn out attractive and pleasant.

Tip 9: Neckerchief

How to wear a neckerchief for a woman

A short haircut for women is associated with the French style, so it’s worth keeping up the legend and taking advantage of all the benefits of this trend. One of these is a neckerchief. Complement your usual office attire with them and make sure that every second work colleague will compliment you on a charming look.

Tip 10: Sunglasses

Stylish look 50+

Women with short hair should love accessories, including sunglasses. According to stylists, they give ladies not only femininity, but also self-confidence.

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