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How to make a coffee scrub with your own hands recipes

Scrub from coffee grounds at home

If you’re looking for the perfect homemade skin care product, coffee scrub is the way to go. It will make your body soft and smooth in just 1-2 uses per week, and the effect will appear after the first application! The most important thing when preparing this type of peeling is to use ground unroasted coffee beans. Many girls, when preparing it, use just sleeping thick. But this is wrong!!! It contains no nutrients at all.

Another important rule when preparing peeling with your own hands: in no case should you use coarse coffee, only fine, which will effectively and painlessly cleanse the pores of grease and dirt. The caffeine contained in this scrub fights puffiness and aging skin.

How to make a coffee body scrub at home

Peeling recipe at home very simple, but first you need to decide what type of skin you have and learn about the rules for using a scrub in order to avoid burning and irritation and provide maximum care.

  • The agent is applied only to clean steamed skin.
  • If she damagedstop using it.
  • Work well elbows, feet and knees.
  • Don’t use it more than two to three times a week.
  • Check carefully to see if you have allergies for coffee peeling. If redness appears when testing on the arm, then you should use another recipe.
  • As with any cosmetic procedure, apply cream oily layer on the treated areas.

4Scrub from coffee grounds at home – a step by step recipe

There are a huge number of instructions, but the fastest and simplest of them: mix coffee grounds with water to a creamy state and rub in circular motions, paying particular attention to problem areas.
Also, coffee can be mixed with shower gelhaving received two in one – both a scrub and a shower gel.

Coffee Facial Scrub – Recipe and Application

Homemade face scrub can be prepared in less than 10 minutes! The main thing is to grind the coffee well, because the thin and delicate skin on the face requires special attention.

If you have dry skinthen mix coffee and nourishing cream 1: 2, add a pinch of cinnamon and any essential oil.

Whitening: you need to take coffee and mix with lemon juice and cream.

For oily the same recipe as above will do, just replace the cream with kefir or natural yogurt.

Toning mask – peeling for the face is made from any clay that can be bought at a pharmacy, diluted in water and a small amount of thick. Keep the mask for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Important!!! Do not apply the scrub to the area around the eyes and the root zone of the hair.


How to make a cellulite coffee scrub at home

Best anti-cellulite peeling for the body from coffee grounds at home, prepare as follows: two tablespoons ground coffee and coarse sea salt mix with vegetable and any essential oil. Treat areas prone to cellulite and wrap the treatment area with cling film to enhance the effect.
3Weightloss remedy – hot coffee scrub. mix coffee beans, spicy pepper and olive oil and leave to infuse for about 7 days. After the time has elapsed, apply to problem areas. Wash off with warm water.

Important!!! Pre-test the mass for an allergic reaction on the hand !!!

Coffee scrub for stretch marks

It’s very easy to do: coffee is mixed with water to the consistency of sour cream and infused for twenty minutes. Massage over dry skin for best results. It’s a wonderful way to fight stretch marks.


Do-it-yourself coffee soap scrub: photo

This safe and ecological clean product very easy to make, the main thing is to keep all the proportions and follow the recipe.


  • Two baby soaps
  • 1 teaspoon glycerin
  • 30 g ground coffee
  • Essential oil

Cut the soap into small cubes. To make it dissolve faster, heat it in a water bath.


When it becomes liquid – you can remove from heat and add all the other ingredients and mix.


Pour the liquid substance into the soap molds and wait for it to harden. If it is difficult to remove from the mold, you can help it a little – put it in the freezer or refrigerator for a few minutes. As you can see, this soap is very easy to make yourself. And most importantly, everything is natural and made at home.

From coffee and honey

Meda take twice as much as coffee grounds. Apply to the body and massage over the desired area. Duration of rubbing: about 10 minutes. This natural recipe will be to your liking and will benefit you.

coffee and honey

How to make a bath scrub from ground coffee

You need to start applying such a scrub after the second entry into the steam room. It should be applied with massage movements, especially carefully on the hips, elbows, buttocks and abdomen. Coffee grounds will gently exfoliate dead cells that have not had time to steam, giving a golden hue to your body.

The most popular and effective do-it-yourself coffee scrub recipe for a bath:

1.Mix coffee grounds co sour cream in relation to one to two. For a pleasant aroma, you can add a few drops. essential oil. Sour cream in here can be replaced with yogurt or cream.

2.B shower gel add thick and enjoy an excellent exfoliating action. Such a simple composition, but what an effect!

Coffee scrub: before and after photos

Photos after and before coffee peeling are noticeably different from each other. There is only one rule that must be observed: do such procedures constantly so that the effect is noticeable. After one or two times, you are unlikely to notice any improvement, so we recommend that you use it in combination.

3 before after

Reviews on the use of coffee for face and body

There are plenty of body scrubs from companies like “Black Pearl”, “Organic Shop” other. But the tool received the best reviews. Riche coffee bean scrub. It contains ground beans of Robusta, which is a natural coffee. It also contains nourishing unrefined oils.

scrub-4 srkab-3 scrub-2 scrub-1The price of such a scrub is about 1,500 rubles. You can also buy a massage brush, shampoo and body oil for it.

Coffee scrub for hair

This procedure will help increase blood circulation in the scalp. This directly affects hair growth. Apply the mask for 30-40 minutes, then wash your hair thoroughly. For this recipe, mix two tablespoons of coffee grounds, one tablespoon of honey, one egg yolk and one teaspoon of lemon juice.

for hair

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